It looks like the Europa League is here whether we like it or not as news has come through that England have been granted an extra place via the fair play system. Chelsea currently lead the way in this respect, but with Champions League football guaranteed for the Blues, Tottenham and Fulham are next in the pecking order.

Qualification via this route would irk Harry even more, as the first qualify match would be brought forward to June the 30th and the manager is already aware of the implications.

Speaking before the Liverpool game Harry said: “I scared the players before the game by saying if we don’t win today we are top of the Fair Play League, which means we come back in two weeks’ time and start playing – they thought I was joking. That is going to be a nightmare for someone, I just hope it isn’t us.”

The answer then is to beat Birmingham and take away that option and after a great win at Anfield, the club have that chance. Thanks to the fair play league however, European football in some form looks to be back at White Hart Lane next season. If you’ve got a season ticket, your two ‘free’ cup games could be coming very early indeed.



  1. Steve, because they are next in line in the fair play standings. It doesn’t go to the next spot in the prem, it goes to whoever is highest in the fair play table.

  2. Lee: That’s what I thought, so if the results go against us on Saturday, we can’t qualify even through the FPL.

    I might be wrong?

  3. Just found the table on the Actim Index, and though it has not been updated since April, it looks like we are fighting it out with Fulham for that spot if we don’t make 5th place.


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