Tottenham’s last two league games have attracted headlines for different reasons: Failure to reach the Champions League, a fine win at Anfield and the return of Ledley King. In the midst of all this, our only major winter signing quietly went about his business.

Steven Pienaar seems to be a player who doesn’t attract too much fuss – preferring to let others take the headlines while going about his job. Thanks largely to injury, we haven’t really had a chance to see the player at his best, but in the games against Man City and Liverpool, there were glimpses of his capabilities.

Rather predictably, some Everton fans have asked whether Pienaar himself is happy with the move and there seems a chance that he may fit the Kranjcar role completely by spending most of his time on the bench. Whether you feel that Niko Kranjcar is a better player with a keener eye for goal seems irrelevant:  Pienaar is here to stay while Niko is a certainty to move in the summer.

So is it too soon for a half term report on Steven Pienaar, or has he shown some of the qualities that made Harry so keen for his signature in January?



  1. Good technical player. He’s got more defensive qualities than Niko which is probably why Arry bought him.
    Also he was free. We got Niko cheap and might get £6-8m for him if we’re lucky

  2. My theory on Pienaar is he was bought in as a potential replacement for Bale in the summer. Obviously no-one can replace Bale, but if the club realises a significant amount and sell Bale in the summer, it is likely any replacements would also have inflated price tags.

    Levy is a shrewd operator and has bought in Pienaar to counter this should Bale leave.

    My opinion on Pienaar: I think he is a good player that can play across a lot of positions but would not fill the avoid of any of our better players.

  3. Actually he has not spent most of his time on the bench…he has started more times than been on bench…but not by much. Not long enough time to fully judge. But he is a far more versatile player than Kranjcar, and I believe that he will be more useful in the long run.

  4. IMO i think he has been average…
    I thought he gave away some silly balls in the game against Liverpool. I thought he did play better in 2nd half, but really nothing to fuss about. I actually thought in the short period that Krancjar was on that his movement was better, and think he should be given more of a shot.
    I guess ‘arry looks at it from the perspective that he defends better, but i still think Krancjar makes more of an impact and probably shouldve been played more on the left when bale was injured, and filled in more in the games we were down or struggling to make an impact.
    I dont know how a player can go from his status last year, where he scored crucials goals to keep us in the hunt for 4th. To now not being able to make the field most days because he’s being held out by a player that has jermaine jenas qualites (well slightly better)…

    • Agree, alot of play broke down with Pienaar, but no worse than Dawson’s hoofs. Niko should’ve replaced Rafa every time he was subbed this season. Too early to judge Pienaar.

    • It is all about the defensive ability. Kranjcar is “silky-smooth” but he is slow and doesn’t track back. Because of that he is the back up for Modric and VDV.

  5. I think he’s a decent player who always puts in the work. I’m hoping he’ll settle more with the team in the pre-season and really bring something next term. I’ve always been happy that we signed him. He looked rusty the last few games he came in though.

  6. simply he a good player that was available at a good price. If we sell him we can at least double our outlay. A hard worker which probably appeals more than Niko and a good squad player. A win win situation.

  7. He’s not a bad player but I don’t see what he brings that we didn’t have already and I don’t understand why he came either.

  8. A very average player at best. A harder worker but not a fraction of the player that Krakjar is. Not a player for a club with champions league aspirations. Sometimes cheap is cheap….. The only use I could find for him is to sell him at a profit during the summer.

  9. Good player but it is a signing we realistically did not need as we have Kranjcar. I think Kranjcar has more goals in him than Pienaar. Maybe it is the fact Pienaar has a longer running engine in him.

  10. We need the pace of Bale and the goal instinct of Niko, not having a go at the lad, but why bring him in when not needed.

  11. He is just another Harry mistake. Niko should have played when Bale was injured. Unfortunately, Harrys team set up this season has been pretty bad. He doesnt understand how to fully utilize the players at his disposal by rotating and keeping them fresh, so as to avoid getting injured as much.

  12. I think he was brought in on basis that we got him at a bargain. But there is no doubt he is and will be a good player. He will need more playing time but I think he could do well. I still don’t understand why he came to us considering he was a first choice player at Everton and now he’s a regular substitute but he get better with time and a good pre-season. I think next year will be good for a few of our fringe players if we get Europa as it means we can rest our 1st 11 and play the kids and subs until the later stages and bring in a few 1st teamers the more we progress.

  13. very average… on the one hand pienaar works hard and defends quite well. against pool he also showed signs of a good understanding with modric. on the other hand he’s slow, hasn’t shown much skill, and gets caught in possession. altho they are very different players, kranjcar is a much more intelligent and effective footballer imo and i actually get excited when niko comes on. had he got the game time this season that he did last there’s no doubt he’d have made a difference.

  14. I like him but he just has not proved himself at us, I do think that he will eventually get going at spurs though and eventually play just as well as he did at Everton.

  15. Solid but nothing more. He could fulfill a similar role to Park at Man Utd maybe? I’d go Krancjar over him every time but i think with VDV an Modric in your team there really is very little room for another creative ‘hole’ player. Financially we cud get 6-7m for Nico an we bought Pienaar for 1.5m so there’s business sense. But lets face facts, in a tight game with 20 minutes to go I just dont see Pienaar making an impact.

  16. i think he is very average i would play nico everytime instead of him. He is a player we didnt need why we signed a midfielder when we were crying out for a striker is anyones guess!!!!

  17. Definitely not a Tottenham player. All effort and no results that would fit in well at clubs like Fulham or Birmingham. Worked well with Moyes but doesn’t have the skill or the pace to make a difference. Honestly, I think Jamie O’Hara is a better player. Cannot replace Bale as he cannot beat a defender. Actually reminds me of Malbranque but with less skill.

  18. looks a shadow of the player he was at Everton. Slow, unimaginative and poor distribution. Tracks back well but inclined to make the odd sloppy tackle. Malbranque is a decent comparison. He has less skill and is a bit more tubby, although he hasnt scored an own goal like Steeeeed’s yet. Niko has been unlucky not to get a decent run

  19. Bench player at best on a contract that is unmovable. 4 more years of paying him, probably not so much of playing him. Really we need better. He offers no width as he’s always inside. Is not better than either Modric or Sandro so he won’t be in the middle. Passing is woeful unless sideways or back. Shooting is worse. Basically Jenas that doesn’t make you shake your head every two seconds. Good hair competition with BAE. That’s about it. I’d rather see Rose or Townsend on the left than him. Kranjcar, offensively is much better and 5 years his junior. Oh yeah and paid appropriately for a bench player. I guess any bench player now gets what he gets. Utterly unnecessary and inevitably inflationary. COYS

  20. Nico everytime for me and i am sure if we had known what Rose could do earlier we did not need to buy peanut.feel
    sorry for nico came on twice and won games for us

  21. not bad player real issue should be who do get rid like to keep o’hara but his wife not keen on staying at spurs too many memory i see him ending up like nicky barnby players like jenas should be shipped out to west ham , keane ,bentley if we got 10 million for both good deal as for woodgate like to keep but how many games he bit of sicknote

  22. I would like to see us play a 4-3-3 formation in a similar way to which Barcelona play. In this formation I think we could play Bale as a wing-back and Kranjcar as a forward.

  23. Don’t see why all the vitriol towards Pienaar. Decent squad player, keeps the ball well, defends well, more to come I think. Niko is slow, doesn’t track back and is never going to be first team so wants to leave. No arguments. Pienaar signed knowing he may not be first choice but still went for it. Take some cash for Niko and wish him well.


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