Harry hails best ever Premier League season

Harry hails best ever Premier League season


Harry Redknapp believes that yesterday’s match at White Hart Lane was a fitting finale to what he claims is Tottenham’s best season ever. In a manner befitting of the season as a whole, there was drama until the end yesterday as Roman Pavlyuchenko scored with virtually the last kick of the game to seal fifth place for Spurs and confirm Birmingham’s relegation.

“It was a good win and another good performance,” said Harry after the game.

“We wanted to finish with a win at home. We won at Liverpool last week, played really well and we wanted to finish fifth.

“It was an amazing finish to the game. Pav hit a couple of great strikes. He’s capable of that, he’s a great striker of the ball.”

As for the season as a whole, Redknapp is certain that we should be hailing it as our best ever in the Premiership.

“It’s been an incredible season – the European adventure, beating Arsenal for the first time, going to Liverpool and winning. We’ve had great games and this has been far and away the best season in the Premier League that Tottenham has had.”

“Anyone who has got any brains will know it’s been an amazing season at Tottenham and that we’ve played great football. Anyone that does not enjoy it should go and support someone else.”

It was certainly a great end to the campaign but was 2010-11 really our best in the Premiership?


  1. League wise, last year was obviously better as we finished 4th, not 5th.

    Anyone who disagrees with that is an idiot.

  2. Disappointed with 5th? I believe that’s progress!
    Yes we had our chances to repeat the 4th of last season, but too many draws, not enough goals from our strikers, injuries to players and the extra games of playing in the Champions League. These are not excuses but facts.
    Our team played with great heart, but we are punching way above our weight in regard to clubs with real financial muscle!
    Even Arsenal have slipped to 4th and Liverpool 6th. We are now regarded as a top 6 team which in my opinion is a compliment to be proud of. We only lost 1 more home game than Man U, but too many draws against lower teams that we should have beaten.
    We won away at Arsenal and Liverpool, lost to Chelsea by 2 bad refereeing decisions and to Man C by an own goal.
    We are still going to be playing in Europe next season all be it in the 2nd tier competition which certainly needs revamping, but will still bring in revenue and we realistically have a good chance of winning it.
    Progress has been made but will be tough to maintain without the revenue from a much larger stadium.
    We have to have a clear out of certain players and definitely need new blood in the striking positions, but a balance has to be made that we do not disrupt the overall teamwork and playing ability.
    For our size we are a financially secure team and have to buy players that we can afford, remember the lessons of the past LEEDS for example.
    Disappointed with 5th? I’m not!


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