Kevin Gameiro is the latest name to be linked with a move to Tottenham in the summer and it’s believed that Harry Redknapp and Kevin Bond have both watched the Lorient player in action.

Gameiro is 24 and after a slow start in French football with Strasbourg, he moved to Lorient in 2008 where he averages just under a goal every other game. So far he has earned just three caps for his country although that tally is expected to increase under Laurent Blanc.

Gameiro is just 5 foot 7 in height and slightly built, so he naturally has to compensate with pace and agility which he has done to good effect in France. It’s believed that the player could be available for a fee in the region of £12m and while he is alleged to have hinted at a transfer to Spain, Spurs are definitely believed to be interested in acquiring his services for next season.



  1. id like to see him, and that damio come in plus an experienced van nistelrooy or klose, without defoe, crouch and keane gone

      • I dont really think he is for us, sounds like a inexperienced Defoe.

        I do agree though Leandro Damaio looks great, same club as Sandro and look how good he is, plus I think we have a realistic chance of getting him due to our deal with internacional, Barcelona want him but they have signed Rochemback, Geovanni, Quaresma etc, young players from abroad and they havent fit in, thats why they tend to go for Spanish players or players from there academy.

        Van Nistelrooy as he is free and proven, never had pace really just great at getting on the end of crosses, I would then go and sign Demba Ba who would be happy to rotate and we are done in the attacking department

  2. Damn i hope we get him. Perfect for us! I think that he would link perfect with VDV and Modric through balls:D

    I like trains

  3. yeah i would like to see gameiro, damaio and gervinho come
    and keep pav.

    in this day and age 442 is to predictable, playing with 1 striker and 2 pacy advanced forward wingers supporting, a 10+ attacking mf behind, with 2 centre midfielders deeper, 1 passer and 1 holding player to cover centrebacks.
    with full backs that can get forward and supply crosses.

    This is exactly how that really succesful chelsea team played under mourinho, and i think the best formation for us.
    _______________LeandroDamaio (prolific tm)__________
    ___Gervinho (Pace)__________________Gameiro (Pace)_
    ________________Van Der Vaart (10+)______________
    ________Modric (passer)________Sandro (hold)_______

    subs: Pavlyuchenko; Marin; Lennon; Pienaar; Huddelstone; Parker; Cuddicini


    what do you think, that chelsea team ripped teams apart on the break with its pace, predatory striker and goals from midfield, also a solid back line and good keeper. but i definately think its how we should play. Dangerous on break and never get outnumbered in midfield and provide good defensive cover.

    your thoughts please??

      • nothing to do with football manager was making a point regarding a tried and proven formation adopted by a very succesful chelsea team , relies on pacey wingers and a high scoring attacking mf – which we have. so just seeing peoples thoughts on it really as i think it would work well?
        as for the personnel i selected, we have been credited with interest in all of them and scouted them and they are all valued less than 15m by their clubs if reports are accurate.
        LeandroDamaio 12
        Gervinho 12-15
        Gameiro 12
        Marin 12-15
        Parker 10
        Thats about 60m (considering chelsea paid 50m for 1 player/ carrol 35m)
        i think the above represent bargains and with all the money we are gonna make by selling the dead wood , im sure the books will balance.

        • i think the bus you mention are pretty good, particularly marin and damiao. but who is going to buy the deadwood? and even more important, who would buy enough deadwood at levy’s valuations, for us to raise 60m?

  4. I usually laugh when people predict formations and players as it often gets ridiculous, but MattyYids team does look good and I agree is something that could work, I personally would sign 2 big centre forwards (Damaio n Van Nist) and play Lennon and Bale wide.
    Walker Gallas Daws Ekotto
    Modric Sandro
    Lennon VDV Bale

    I would love us to sign Marin this season though to replace Lennon who can be used on a rotation basis, Foster for our home grown rota and Jones from Blackburn for his youth and versatility

  5. He is a quick, intelligent, able to be in the right place at the right moment and with a high level ball technique striker.

  6. He has nothing to do with JD.
    He is intelligent with a much better ball technique and able to operate as a sole striker.

  7. To be fair though, if you made a montage of Pav’s goals this season, it would make him look like a £20m striker. He’s scored some belters.

    I once saw a video of Tainio on Youtube before he joined Spurs and he looked like Gerrard! I dunno, maybe it’s just in my nature to be sceptical?

  8. Gameiro is a great striker and he does resemble Defoe quite a bit (which isn’t a bad thing i believe Defoe is 19th in all-time premiership scorers).. but, i don’t think he’s the right guy for us this summer. Imo we need a big physical striker who can provide a target for Lennon and Bale. Lukaku would be ideal but unfortunelty i think every team in the premier is trying to sign him.. Damiao looks feasible and if he turns out anything like Sandro we’d have ourselves one hell of a sign.. Jose Rondon, 21, of malaga also seems promising, scored 14 goals this term and kind of reminds me a Kenywne Jones, strong, pacy, powerful head.. but maybe just a bit to unexperienced.. all in all sign a big man up front, keep Defoe/Pav for competition for first spot and Crouch for his aerial threat, unfortunatly i think Pav/Defoe(depends on who we sign) and Keane have to go..

  9. Sell Pav and Keane fr starters and get about 12 mill for both of them. This frenchee is just another Defoe. Gd player, gd movement but short and weak. Not for us.


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