Moving into midfield, there are several candidates for the honour of being Tottenham’s player of the year and for many supporters, the winner was always going to come from this category. Two of the club’s newest arrivals start us off.


At Christmas it would have been unthinkable that our young Brazilian would have been anywhere near such an award. The infamous mix up over travelling to a Champions League match was swiftly followed by some early, rather forlorn performances.

Sandro showed his capabilities at the end of January, but his season was largely transformed in the San Siro and from there he was never the same player again. The word that keeps being attached to him is ‘immense’ and that’s certainly deserved.

As a handy bonus, he suddenly looks capable of adding a few goals as well and has a thunderbolt shot that matches Hudd for power and maybe improves slightly as far as the radar is concerned. From a shaky start, Sandro is a player that Spurs simply have to hang on to.

Rafael van der Vaart

VDV arrived on the last day of the August transfer window and important goals made him an instant hit. Injuries and an apparent inability for Harry to effectively accommodate him saw a bit of a fans backlash that is almost impossible for supporters of other clubs to understand.

Recent goals against Arsenal and Liverpool may have won us back over and it’s suggested that the manager should build around him with a contingency plan in place for his rather frequent injuries.

Tomorrow we’ll look at other midfield candidates.



  1. It’s gonna end up being Bale isn’t it. Which is shame because Modric and Sandro have been the foundations for our most industrious play all season.

  2. Modric and only Modric, followed by VDV then possibly Lennon who has been far more consistent than Bale and produced far more assists!

    Sandro cannot be included, 10 games does not make a season

  3. Modders!!!!! The creativity, tenacity, steadiness and passing skills of Luka Modric have helped him evolve into one of the better midfielders in the league. I love Bale but he wasn’t healthy for the back half of the season. Sandro was great….for ten games. Lennon was good enough but he wasn’t a mainstay in the starting 11. VDV is a good attacking option but he drops too far back way too often for him to be midfielder of the year. Midfield is a strength for us and Modric is the strongest of the unit.

  4. lads, sorry but its no contest. Anyone who truly enjoys football and in particular the yids can see that Luka is a cut above anyone else. He’s the best all round player we’ve had in the last 32 years ( my life). If only we could get Lennon and Bale to perform consistently we’d have an even better midfield. I do agree with the comments that VDV drops way too deep at times. He takes Luka out of the game sometimes. I think Harry will go for Parker too which would give us even more options.

  5. Sandro is bloody amazing! Bale debatebly the best LM in the world at his best which is rare to say the least. Little Luka and VdV are certain contenders with the most assists and goals between them but Sandro is damn gd!


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