Harry Redknapp has today emerged as the new favourite with bookmakers to become the next manager of Chelsea.

The Spurs boss is trading at odds-on to move to Stamford Bridge. It could all be speculation, but few Tottenham fans would be surprised if Harry took the job if it were offered to him.

It would allow him to link up with his nephew Frank Lampard next season and mount a serious bid for the title – which if you believe Redknapp, is a feat currently beyond Tottenham.

With our manager likely to be among the favourites to becomes England manager when Fabio Capello leaves the post, some people would say that we might as well let Harry leave now. Ancelotti as his replacement anyone?



  1. he would only get 1 season at the blues as if he did not win the double and the cl he would be out on his ear….the bookies are trying to milk it….Mind you people are now talking about rafa coming to spurs…If so mr levy he can have his season tickets back……..

  2. Take him. I want a manage who can take us to next level instead of saying “it’s good as it gets” What sort of ambition is that!

  3. Why would anyone follow him out the door. If he were to leave, his history of loyalty won’t preclude it but I’m just not that lucky, he will be there for one year before he takes the England job. So where then for Modric, Bale etc. COYS

  4. As has been said before, he’d get one year at Chelski then off to manage England.. I say let him go and go get David Moyles, at least Moyles has the desire to achieve the same as Levy. Don’t be fool’d the only club Harry showed any loyalty to was Pomey (the 2nd time around) when he knew that Newcastle was a sinking ship. Harry will always do a deal thats best for him, if its true then cheerio.. the knig is dead.. long live the king.

  5. aint gona happen. He may be an unloyal twit but he still got us 2 the champions league quarter final. Give him a load of credit. If he goes then he will get sacked after a season and Mod VdV and GB will go. Then we are screwed!

  6. Well looks like silly season is well and truly under way.
    The bookies may well be parting some fools from their money but Harry’s going nowhere. Lot of mischief making in this story. Our dear manager has already spoken of his ambition with Spurs and about mounting a title challenge within the next few season. With Levy he knows which side his bread is buttered. Not so at Chelsea.

  7. Chelsea or England – he’s leaving one way or the other. Moyes as his replacement? Moyes has done a lot with nothing, time for him to step up to manage a quality club!

  8. I don’t think I like him anymore. He’s been slowly winding me up fo a while now. He call’s us idiots for expecting us to beat teams like Wigan, Westham, Blackpool and Wolves? Teams that everyone else seems to beat. 17 points dropped from those four teams alone. Those points would have had us finish just one point behind Man U.It was him bigging us up in November, I didn’t read any of the “Idiots” posts then about us being champions or winning the champios league, we were just enjoying the ride. It’s obvious to all that he would snap up the England job or even the Chelsea job. And to be completely honest I couldn’t give a toss if he does fuck off, in fact I hope he does. COYS

  9. lol.. don’t hold back Mikey, say whats on your mind.
    ‘Arry has made the club see what it is capable of, so he should stick around and prove it to himself on what he saw. He turns good players into great players and great players into brilliant players. Thats how his man-management skills work. just ask Diarra at Real or Muntari bought by Inter he gets the best outta people.
    If you would like us to start again with a new manager then it’ll be another five years before we see CL football again. Harry will be able to sell the club to players, keep the ones we have (perhaps not Modric though the money will be too much for Levy) and bringin a quality striker for a damn good push into the top 4 next season.
    Fingers crossed and here’s hoping

    • he turns good players in to9 great players, does he do this before or after walking on water….Jesus mate, you left out the fact that he never manages players that are naturally great or us aside, has never managed a good or great club, just thought Id point that out

  10. Harry’s problem is he tries to manage everyone’s expectations so he looks like he under-promises and over-delivers. Secretly he was probably pissed we dropped 17 points at those shite teams, but he just doesn’t want to get the media on his back.

    I don’t mind that, I think it’s quite smart but the gripe I do have with him is half the reason for our dropped points at lesser opposition, injuries to and frustration of our players is because he doesn’t know how to use a rotation system. He’s got arguably the deepest squad in the premiership and never used it to it’s strengths. Never knew why he always played VdV and Bale when they weren’t 100% when we had Kranjcar who could play in either role? He only makes changes when players are injured and when he does, he finds that they are actually pretty good! IE. Danny Rose!

    He needs to mend bridges with Defoe, Kranjcar, Bentley, Bassong, Hutton, etc… get them to stay, sort out a proper rotation system and play them in the Europa league because VdV, Bale and Modric can’t play every game.

  11. Word up to that! Let the bugger go if he wants. Top man manager but tactically clueless. Don’t think he will go though. Chelsea job is too high risk and he is one-year away from the England job which he has made no secret of craving.

  12. Yid – Get a grip. He took us to the next level.

    Mikey – He called you an idiot because that’s what you are!

    Redknapp is the best thing that’s happened to Spurs in years and just because we lacked a bit of consistency and never got into the Champions League people want to get rid.

    How many teams did we come back and win from losing positions last season? I guess that is nothing to do with the manager!!

    • How many times did we lose or draw from winning positions? Like Harry, before you call someone an idiot, try putting your brain into gear first. Bale would have been shipped out ages ago had Benny not got injured. Kranky never got a sniff yet Pienaar often had a non productive game. Kyle Walker should have been brought back to the club when Charlie, Kaboul and Hutton where injured. The sarge had to get injured for Sandro to get his chance.
      We should have signed a stricker in January but apparently he didn’t like the look of Suarez.

    • yeah we did get quite good at coming back from losses I agree, but why was it that we were losing? how many draws? how many times did he play players that were not fit, how many times did he make substitutions that one games?

      Mr Easton calling your own fans names makes you the Idiot Fact!

      yes on the surface it would seem he has done a good job, I like the way he only works out players capabilities by accident, that is an achievement in itself. Thought Bale wasn’t good enough, but Crouchy is, thought lennon was the best right winger in the country, but Harry doesn’t, Defoe played how many minutes without scoring? Luckily for him, Bale VDV MOdric Lennon Sandro PInnier and HUdd alll knew y the ball was round, without his ‘genius’…..if the shit he bought leaves with him, then show him the door. Club over mug all day


  13. This situation needs to be sorted out fast for the sake of both clubs.
    Players need to be bought and sold and no quality player will come to a club with either no manager or manangerial uncertainty.
    Knowing Harry’s past history of loyalty Levy needs to publicly put Harry on the spot for a decision regarding his future plans for what its worth.
    I would also think that Harry also has his mind on other things at the moment with the little matter of a court case against him for tax evasion

  14. What exactly is ‘THE NEXT LEVEL’ that another manager would supposedly take Spurs to?? It’s about competing in the transfer market that will take us to this ‘next level’ or bringing in more quality to the team and keeping what we’ve got. Ancelotti would not improve us unless he bought well in a very competitive market, what makes anyone think he could do any better with our current squad? I know he wouldn’t…

  15. I’ve changed my mind…I hope that Harry does go.

    But, that’s only because it might make the so-called Spurs fans wake up and realise what a good manager we had.

    Were you all moaning when Crouch scored at Eastlands to put us into the Champions League? or calling him tactically naive when he took us from having just 2 points from 8 games to almost qualifying for Europe in just over half a season?

    If he leaves and we end up with someone like Benitez or even Jol (who was tactically naive and couldnt take us to the level we’ve got to under Redknapp) then we will all be sorry…very sorry.

  16. No one can doubt that Harry has done a great job at Spurs during his time with us. My main concern with him is that he seems to have favourites (e.g. Crouch) who play no matter what their form, whilst others (e.g Kranky) wonder what they have to do to get a game.
    If he were to go, then l think that David Moyes would be a great replacement; he has worked wonders with hardly any money at Everton, so think what he could achieve with our squad.

  17. Dont wont Harry to go, but if he does than I’d favor Martinez (not sure of the spelling, so the Wigan manager)


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