The nominations are in and it’s time to have your say as to who should be Tottenham’s player of the season for 2010-11.

Was Luka Modric the right decision by the supporters or do we agree with the PFA that Gareth Bale should lift our own award? Sandro had an incredible second half of 2010-11, but was that enough to mount a challenge?

Elsewhere in midfield, VDV had an injury interrupted season, but scored some important goals during the campaign.
At the back, BAE was a surprise candidate but he was Mr Consistency as was Michael Dawson after returning from an early injury. Our final candidate, William Gallas became a fans’ favourite after arriving as a free agent and put in some immense performances throughout the season.

The candidates are here so please cast your vote.

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  1. Modders is a different class to the rest, we don`t even need a poll as the result is a foregone conclusion, unless you want to know who was second best.

  2. VDV in first place and Bale in second were the only Spurs players who with their individual performance could have a crucial and efficient impact on the team and could win a number of games for Spurs.
    That’s why those two players are among the best players of the world (VDV 6th and Bale 58th )according to all official rankings.
    Sandro is rapidly becoming also a player who can have a crucial impact on the game of Spurs.
    Modric had played better in the last games of the season.

  3. @Ioamx, what are the official rankings sorry? VDV is closer to being the 6th best player at Spurs than the 6th best in world. Modric is some way better than the rest

  4. Michael Dawson has saved us so many goals and points. He puts his head in where it kills game in and game out. Surely Dawson has got to be near Modders and VdV.

  5. Modric – easy choice.
    But most improved player? Sandro is my vote. Useless back in the early season and in the carlig Cup but immense in the second part of the season and in the CL.


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