While the retirement of Paul Scholes shouldn’t really have any bearing on the future of Luka Modric, writers of football’s gossip columns have put two and two together and come up with about £25m for a United move for Luka at the latest count. As a result, a story that was already doing the rounds has gained even more momentum following Scholes’ announcement.

Those rumours started after Old Trafford Chief Executive David Gill promised supporters that the club would be more active than ever in the summer’s transfer window and they may have started with the Daily Mail, who never seem to be slow to seize an opportunity to put the boot into Spurs.

Needless to say, there’s been no official word from anybody and no specific denials as yet which suggests that all parties concerned are either on international duty or on holiday. Spurs however, are still expected to reject any approach for the supporters’ player of the year.

When Luka joined us from Dinamo Zagreb in 2008, his place was ultimately taken by Milan Badelj and he in turn is supposedly being lined up to step in at Tottenham. Badelj’s career mirrors Modric’s early years in many respects and he looks a great prospect. However, as far as all Tottenham fans are concerned, Luka is the one player in our ranks who is simply irreplaceable.



  1. I fucking hate the Daily Fail

    Lazy journalism at its finest

    and £25m??? WTF! Seriously, if he does go (which we wont) Danny boy will squeeze at least £35m out of them…AT LEAST!

  2. Sadly, Luka has left the door for a move slightly ajar. There’s no mistaking his interest in a move, he’s not 100%

    Quite frankly he is irreplaceable and will now look to Spurs to show their desire to once again challenge for cups and top 4 with one or two top signings.

    Failure to show ambition will ultimately leave the ambitious to go elsewhere.

  3. Modric isn’t going to leave. These headlines have been made up without these people thinking twice about it. Harry once again has just confirmed that he is NOT selling his best players- which do include Modric.
    Modric as mentioned above is irreplaceable and we can’t afford to let him go- however i don’t think there is any chance that he is going to leave Spurs though.

    BTW- we need to sign 2 strikers as i really don’t want berba back at the lane- preferably Aguero and Damiao.
    We also need a striker as Gomes is too injury proned and no offence to Friedel but i feel he is pretty awful compared to the likes of Reina and Cech. We MUST sign one of Lloris and Stekelenberg as Gomes isn’t good enough any more.

  4. If we sell to them again then why bother trying to catch up with these clubs. we`ve improved almost every year since Jol so i know most players if they want to go theres not much we can do but signing a 6 year deal 6 months ago Luka must be happy but he needs to be told he will not be sold to any english club, he`s under contract so fuck him.

  5. The only way we are going to keep any decent players is to splash the cash and improve the club. why would Luka want to stay around if we still have the same old faces next season,because lets face it with the currant squad and an improved Man City the most we can hope for is Europa League qualification.
    I hear Harry has already said he wont buy anyone unless they are better than what he already has and it’s this attitude that is going to be his downfall because things need to be shaken up to stop the squad going stale.

    • Harry saying he won’t buy anyone unless he can get better than what he already has – well that won’t be hard in the striker department ‘cos Defoe, Keane and Crouch are about as much use as chocolate teapots.

  6. If we sell Modders then we are so screwed. And +, 25million?!?!?! Thats a bloody insult. The mans a genius!


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