Memories of promotion and a 9-0 demolition

Memories of promotion and a 9-0 demolition


Earlier this week we looked back to the memorable 1994/5 season and the game that defined Rocket Ronny Rosenthal’s career. Going back a little further, 1977/78 saw Tottenham down to the old second division, but for those who were lucky enough to witness the games, it was a memorable campaign.

Top of the pile was our 9-0 demolition of Bristol Rovers when Colin Lee scored four and Ian Moores added a hat-trick. Lee had just arrived from Torquay and didn’t seem the most inspired signing, but what a debut he had!

In the days before 500 balls were used during a game, the club had to dig out an old ball to present to Moores at the end, and the match was also memorable for commentator John Motson using the words ‘John Pratt’ and ‘Pele’ in the same sentence.

Enjoy the game.


  1. Having a striker that knows what a goal looks like would help,as much as it pains me to say it since the Bulgarian mongrel went we have not had a prolific striker who looked like he could score and actually did.Before that it was Klinsman and before that the Crooks /Archibald partnership,Chivers,Greaves sad really that for prolonged periods we have not had decent scoring strikers yet we want success,the two go hand in glove,score goasl= win games oh and i forgot Lineker.Please Dan Levy if you really do want a successful Spurs side then buy a top drawer striker but do your homework first oh and i would like Falcao but i dont write the cheques.

  2. >> Why cant we do that nowadays.

    Well – as far as that *specific* result goes, because you are in the Premiership and we are now in League 2.

    [From a Rovers fan who was there on the day – and still supports them…]


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