One name that keeps appearing in the rumour mills is that of Ryan Shawcross and over the weekend, Stoke’s centre half has been firmly linked with a move to Tottenham. Some stories also suggest that Spurs will offer Sebastian Bassong to Tony Pulis as part of the deal.

Shawcross was on the books at Manchester United before making his way to the Potteries via Belgium. He is obviously known for his physical presence which has been somewhat overblown following the Aaron Ramsey incident, but his style of play is well suited to Stoke and he has also converted a few of their set pieces to help with the goal tally.

The centre-back has been called into the England squad and it’s thought that he may seek a transfer to help restart his England career, but would it be a good move for Tottenham?



  1. I think he would be an obvious upgrade of Bassong. Is he better than Dawson? Doubtful. Is he better than King for 20 games? No (of course, we probably can’t get 20 games out of the King). Is he better than Khumalo or any other young player we have plans to bring into the squad? Maybe. Is he better than Gallas? I think by the middle of next season, yes. So…in my opinion, this is a good move dependent on the price. He is a solid player but certainly not a difference maker in the central defense.

  2. Well he ain’t going anywhere. But if he was he’d would easily be a central defender that Spurs ain’t got. He hasn’t actually scored many from any set pieces that has been down to Robert Huth, whose name thankfully isn’t cropping up in the rumours as he is a central defender than ANY team would kill for! Ryan is a strong and committed CB who would make pretty much any 1st team in the Premier league.

    This said Ryan isn’t the finish article of that there is no doubt and however in a couple of seasons he will be a permanent fixture in the England team in but as things stand being captain at Stoke and playing all games means a lot to him. As he has recent stated on the Stoke official website.

    Anyway anyone who wants to try and sign him from us has to understand that Fergie has a choice to match the offer and 1st refusals should he leave . . .

  3. He is a good upgrade for Bassong who has warmed the bench and under performed, but if he is more then 7 million then we should not buy him as we need to concentrate on keeping our top players like Modders, VdV, Bale and Sandro and to buy a new striker.

  4. What a load of rubbish. Shawcross is a talentless thug that has no place on a football pitch and would be better off fighting in the pub on a Friday night.

    • Blinkered fool! He is no more dirty than a certain Jermaine Defoe, at least Ryan is commited, I admitt that sometimes he goes in ‘full-blooded’ but I’d much rather that than these players that go down after a challenge like they have been shot.

  5. Ryan Shawcross will be a class act, one day. He is a very good Premier League Centre Back now, but will, in time become world class, of this I have no doubt.
    However, if floppy chops thinks he’s going to get him on the cheap then he can think again. Even if Ryan wanted to join Spuds (and I doubt it very much) then the bidding would start at about £15M (of which Bassong would equate to abou £1M of). Plus, Man Utd have first option on any potential deal anyway i.e they have to be given the opportunity to match any acceptable bid as part of the transfer deal when Ryan joined Stoke.
    In short, I think you’re going to look elsewhere boys!!

  6. a) I do not think we need a CB. b) I don’t think even that Shawcross is an upgrade on Bassong. Bassong started 25 out our 38 games in our 4th-place season. That shows that the guy has something. He may still may not be the main CB, but Shawcross has yet to prove that much. 2 England U-21 caps. Rejected by Man Utd as a kid. I am not saying that he is useless, I just do not see what the fuss is about…. The ideal CB partnership needs at least one of them to be the pacy one. If we sell Bassong, and sign a CB, then we need to replace that pace. If Bassong goes, then Shawcross ain’t than man.

  7. Shawcross is aerially dominant and would improve us when defending against the weaker sides, but I wouldnt fancy him in games against technical teams

    Basically Kaboul is much better, but this is Redknapp so he probably wants him, Remember in that bbc documentary when he admitted he wanted Andy Todd when he was Portsmouth manager…..he said he wanted him because he was a nasty bastard………..Redknapp is whatless and signs players coz he wants to fuck them up the arse

  8. Think shawcross wud be good for spurs as they dont have a really good CB( apart from dawson) and i think stoke cud swap him for bassong but extra money for shawcross as he is probably better than basson.

  9. Shawx WILL be a very good player. I would though prefer Shawx to leave over Huth. I can’t see him going this summer….

    In his 1st season we got promoted, the next two we established ourselves in the prem, reached an FA Cup final last season and can offer him Europa football as captain of the ship next season.

    Spuds are a massive club compared to us but he would have to uproot his young family and move to the big smoke for what??

    Stoke won’t be selling him cheap and the very fact that he’s English and does not count towards the foreigner rule will add even more zero’s to his price tag.

  10. @tonyrich shawcross wasnt rejected as a man utd player when he was young he was sold to stoke and man utd put a clause in his contact which states any club puts a offer for shawcross then man utd put in the same offer then man utd will get him its called smart thinking by sir alex and shawcross is a good centre back for stoke sure he hasnt been scoring the goals this season but he has the other seasons in the prem. he is only young with very good potential and can handle pretty much everyone in the premier league to be a captain of a team in the premiership at such a young age means he will be a good player and the only reason he hasnt been picked for england cause capello hasnt been to specsavers, he picks milner but yet cant pick shawcross. plus you have ferdinand and terry in the first team two top class defenders. he would be a great signing for spurs in years to come he would be one of the best centre backs in the premiership or in europe he has come a long way but an addition to the spurs squad is a most deffinatly.


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