Last week we looked at the prospect of Phil Jones coming to help in defence at Spurs. Of course, this week saw him leave Blackburn for Manchester United but maybe that isn’t the end of the trail as far as Tottenham are concerned.

What has been notable in this transfer window is the admission and allegations of bids from Tottenham that we weren’t previously aware of and it’s been suggested that we have made previous offers for several players including Moussa Dembele and Serda Tasci. To add to that, Harry admitted yesterday that we had tried to sign Jones before United stepped in.

“I tried to sign him, we tried to buy him at Tottenham to be truthful,” the manager told Sky.

“We were in for him, along with about five other top clubs. I think everybody was in for the boy.”

With Jones gone however, it has been suggested that Spurs may go back in for Rio Ferdinand. Harry admitted a bid for the England vice captain earlier this year so does that mean he’ll try again or are these suggestions to be placed at the more unrealistic end of the gossip columns?



  1. Why would rio when leave man united he would no way on the planet will he jones will only be a back up end of rio is the best centre back in the world and he is at the best club so stop talking wet


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