Lille forward Gervinho is the latest player to be the subject of a rejected Spurs bid although his club’s director of football Frederic Pacquet has given some hope to Premier League sides by saying that the in-demand forward will not be sold to a French club.

“We received an offer of €12m (£10.6m) from Tottenham which was refused,” Pacquet reported over the weekend.

It is believed that Spurs will need to up their bid by about 50% to get their man, but Pacquet has said in the meantime that the player will not be joining PSG.

“PSG recently enquired about Gervinho, but they were told we do not wish to sell him to a French club,” the director of football told the French press.

“Gervinho’s future is uncertain. He could join an English side, or he could stay with us.

“He has to decide exactly what he wants. We are not opposed to the idea of a transfer, but the agreement has to suit us.”

So a further Spurs bid has been rejected in what has started to become a fairly familiar pattern this summer, with Arsenal today being rumoured to be about to beat us to sign the Ivory Coast forward.



    • Let him go to the asylum seekers. He aint all that, tottenham dnt need him and is a total waste of money. He should fit right in at arsenal with all the bredrins and brothers already there!

  1. Not the sort of player we really need, He is more of a wide attacking sort of player rather than an out and out striker, Plus didn’t harry say while he was in France scouting he watched a few players (Gervinho included) and said they wasn’t that good and not as good as Pav !!

  2. Yeah hope he goes to the Scum.. It’ll great to see him and Sagna together.. A nice finishing touch would be the addition of Serena Williams… Lovely.

  3. Spurs are the biggest joke in london of course arsenal are going to get him because we are a big club with history thats two things that harry chequebook redknapp can never buy!

  4. Honestly all you small dicked spurs fans make me laugh.Oh we have a great team.Hmm thats why it took you lot 50 years to get to champions league.I cant wait for the day redknapp leaves the spuds for a big club and his farewell gift will be a shitload of debt which they wont be able to pay off and as a result will see them relegated to their rightfull place in the championship!

    • talk when you win something! plus the champions league hasnt been around 50 years, you stupid prick!
      cant wait for next year for another sight of wenger on his knees frantically pulling fake grass from the side of the pitch as he completely loses the plot.

  5. Haha succesfull and spurs are two words that will never be said in a positive way about spurs.Oh i feel sorry for you lot,lets be honest the only reason there are any spurs fans at all is because all the seats at the emirates are full…good luck in your empty stadium.

  6. Dude, SPURS got farther in the Champions League than you lot….and we beat you at home. Please, save me from the “bredrin and brothers” foolishness. Leave us SPURS to develop into a dynasty within the next 10 years. Every club has it time and ours is coming round full circle. COYS!!!

    PS- Notice how Arsenal are slipping further and further down the table each season?


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