When it came to the player of the season awards, Benoit Assou-Ekotto was a surprise candidate for many fans and although Luka Modric was a clear winner in most polls, BAE was a strong challenger for second place.

Fans like consistency, and aside for one or two isolated shaky performances, Benny showed a level of form throughout that saw him make 45 appearances in all competitions for the club last season.

“I played a lot of games, 45 and I think I played well,” the player said on the club website.

“When you play one game and do it well, it gives you confidence for the next game. After 10 you have even more confidence and that’s good for the whole season.”

Harry Redknapp added his praise: “He’s one of the best left-backs around,” the manager said.

“He’s quick, strong, aggressive and has amazing ability. His body strength is unbelievable. You watch when he goes for a 50-50, players bounce off him.

“There aren’t many better than him, for sure and you certainly wouldn’t want to play against him.”

BAE has now made over 100 appearances in the side since his debut in 2006. So far, left back is the one position where you haven’t seen any transfer rumours this summer and that is testament to the club’s belief in him.



  1. You were consistent BAE as compared to some of your other colleagues. However, there is still more room for improvement in the one ,two area between you & Bale.

  2. Very happy to see consistent quality finally recognised.
    Calm, assured and classy defending combined with intelligent passing ability has rightly secured BAE first choice LB in starting 11.

    BAE is a professional athlete and provides a suitable model for his peers at THFC and all aspiring professional footballers.

    Danny Rose’s improved form will keep BAE on his toes next season.

  3. The problem is that Ekotto isn’t consistent. He can be brilliant and then lack awareness all in the space of five minutes. His brilliance and, often unnecessary, showboating hide his lack of concentration to those dazzled by the spectacular nature of his performances. However talented he may be, and I’d suggest his talent is beyond dispute. he is not reliable, and if the Club wants to progress to actually winning competitions, rather than looking good while losing, then a talented but more reliable alternative must be found. There are at least two such alternatives already at the Club in Bale and Rose.

    • Bale is not moving back to LB. Rose is an option but I see RB as a far more pressing issue than LB is. Bale is a midfielder now and unless there are extreme cases of injury, Bale is going to stay a midfielder.

  4. We have 7 playable full backs in our ranks. Sell a few of them at least. Glad to see that Benny is finally getting noticed. His consistency is outstanding. As for Bale, he is officialy a LM now.


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