Gossip has finally turned to news of some kind with reports that Chelsea have made a bid of £22m for Luka Modric. The club doesn’t seem to need a manager to sort out their squad for next season, which says a great deal about their set up and needless to say, the offer has been rejected.

To be fair, even Chelsea fan sites are acknowledging that £22m is derisory and if Jordan Henderson is worth £20m then maybe they can start by doubling that for Luka. Meanwhile, Harry Redknapp and the club’s resolve will be tested further as the Stamford Bridge outfit are expected to return, while the Manchester clubs are also interested.

It’s only mid-June and there is over two months to go before the end of this window so this one isn’t going to go away. Recently Harry said, “If we sell Luka we are just a selling club basically,” and while it remains to be seen if Luka does have a price, the figure certainly isn’t £22m. The only question is how high will the bidding go and is there a figure that we will eventually accept.



  1. if i was DL i would tell them they’re wasting their time by coming back! I would say to them, “make a £200m bid and listen to me reject it. That should give you some idea of where we stand on this! FUCK YOU CHELSEA”

  2. “Gossip has finally turned to news of some kind with reports that Chelsea have made a bid of £22m for Luka Modric”

    News? All the media are just repeating an item on Sky Sports News. Just the same way last week they all repeated a supposed Modric quote in the Star, which didn’t say where they’d got it from.

    Obviously something is going on, but it would be better if Spurs sites didn’t make it worse by repeating every little rumour.

  3. ….28-million won’t get him, 38 might, but my gut says he will be with us one more season….2011/2012 is a make or break one for Spurs, the season which will reveal whether we are a selling club or one with ambitions to go all the way. I’m sure Levy wants top spot, and we wont get that by selling our best

  4. No news here guys jog on please. Modric will not leave unless we miss out on CL footie next season again. Then we sell to Barca or Inter but not in the country.

  5. As a Gooner, and seeing the price for Modric, I just can’t seem to work out why Barcelona are offering around £22 mil for Fabregas? With all due respect, isn’t Fabregas another level above Modric? Fabregas scores goals too?

    Transfer prices are nuts.

    • Sorry but your not right, when Braca offering 22 million for Fabregas, it doesn’t mean that Fabregas is only worth 22 mil because they dont sell him for that money, they have to offer much more.I think a real sum for Fabregas would be about 45 mil.Same thing with Modric if Chelsea offering 22mill,that’s not enough everybody knows that Modric is more worth than that.In my opinion Tottenham would let Modric go for 30 or 35 Millions, whats near the real value of the player

  6. Even 28m is nowhere near enough, even if he was for sale….which DL & HR say hes not……………dont even bother taking the call if its below 40m plus, and i cant see Chelsea offering that.

    Just sort the strikers out Harry….world class needed, NOW

  7. I agree with Spursforme…!! Also, £22M is an insult to Modric and to Spurs. Bidding should start at £40M in 2012 but only if we miss on CL again…

  8. Just a thought, its this not like offering a woman £10 for her virtue, only for her to say i would want more than that. So its just a matter of price then!

    We say NO NO NO NOT AT ANY PRICE that is a clear message that tells everyone Modric is staying even if hell freezes over.. if we simply say that`s not enough, then it just becomes not if but when Modric goes and how much we get.

    Like the woman who knows she should just say no not at any price and keep her virtue in tact otherwise every one knows she is simply a whore, just a more expensive one. We simply say NO

  9. Some read a report showing that redtop record on transfer were poor they had 20% success rate with transfer rumour with that in mind last week papers said modric was done deal with him going to Manchester united for 20 million this week it’s Chelsea securing his services at 25 million i believe the owner won’t sell for less than 40 million .. Chelsea are desperate for players without the likes of players like modric their doomed i also had light bulb moment Chelsea may already have new manger he’d may have said i’ll join but only if you get modric as part of his agreement which may mean harry could be joining Chelsea with Carlo Ancelotti coming to spurs remember Henderson going for 20 million and all saw him playing

  10. Cant see it happening, dont want to see it happen! Harry says we aint selling, Levy stated we aint selling and Luka has said he will only leave, if spurs accept an offer for him, so if thats all true we havent got a thing to worry about!! Obviously with our form of the last few seasons, we have headed in the right direction and its only natural, that our better players will get linked to other clubs, time for spurs to prove we dont sell our best players at the 1st wiff of some cash, lets not forget theses clubs wouldnt sell us their top perfomers, so lets not sell ours. If we are to improve, we have to add quality to our squad, not improve someone elses!! Having said that if it were Bentley sell him!!!!

  11. I guess the obvious thing is the ” NOT FOR SALE” line….Harry & Daniel, if thats true, then stand by it..NOT FOR SALE means NOT FOR SALE, not bump up the pice and we might….Time for Levy and Harry to speak up i think.

  12. Would love to get modric. Would not even flinch at a 50mil price tag. Cannot understand why tottenham would let him go for any price. He is their main man. Sell your defoe’s, crouch’s and others but selling him is insane.

  13. finished two blinding seasons without him. used a ageing E Davids who also introduced a world class standard at the club, no offence to the emotionally attached, but don’t get me wrong, but u used to suport a club first and its players second. these sites like the rest of the media coverage on football and politics is driven by hysteria and magnification of lies and twisting of the truth…basically, if he goes then so what?! Teemo Taino – Jenas – Egyptians Mido – ghaly gardener all played a mojor part in those times, modric like harry can and eventually will be replaced !


  14. I honestly dont think we will suffer if he leaves on the field he was our main man when Huddlestone was missing for four months . He failed to get us fourth, we missed Huddlestone killer passes more than Modrics . Having said that he is a great player and too let him go to a team who we now consider one of our rivals and who i believe without Drugba will not finish fourthis maddnes no matter how much they offer. Chelsea and other teams no next year they wont be able to buy players because there finances wont allow it so we can just hold out like Arsenal did and if he is throwing a wobble season in bench him till january we have Van to replace him looking at Rodwell he is in a crisis of confidants. We fans should not allow Lewis to trade with a Russian oil robber who has made football unstable with is spoilt ambitions

  15. His agent covered it, he said “IF an offer came in that was acceptable to club AND player, then we may look at it, he is very happy at Spurs”………

    simples then, first we would have to accept an offer, and weve said “NOT FOR SALE” then the player would think about the move, and he said “IM VERY HAPPY AT SPURS”……i think the papers and so called ITK are making an issues out of nothing…just wish Levy would say i too

  16. There is rumours Joe Lewis wants out of Spurs and he wont bankoll sSpus anymore this could open the door to a big black Oil slick taking over Spurs and the petrol pumps charging us 2-00 a Litre to pay for the Premiership Oil League. We nee to sat a face book no to Selling any of our stars because if he goes Harry wont be able to saty has manager because of what he has said about Spurs selling our stars and going for the League Modric should only be sold abroad.

  17. Abramovich will get the 50 million pound cheque he offers to Harry and will get back ‘NUTS’ as he stuffs it up his Mafia running ass!

  18. if it comes down to it sell him to inter in exchange for Eto’o and money.. sign young striker(L. Damiao). VDV Sandro and Huddlestone should do well, maybe we could even convince Kranjcar to stay and give him some much deserved playing time…
    If Levy chooses to sell which looks more and more imminent, DO NOT sell him to another english club.

  19. haha will he stay or will he go? new bids apparantly £50 million has been bidded, if he dnt go it doesnt matter coz mata is a beast!!!!

    poor tottenham, it dont matter you will finish 4th or 3rd anyway 🙂


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