The fixture calendar has thrown Spurs and Everton together on the opening day of the new season and while we have generally had the best of this fixture in recent times, it always seems to throw up a classic.

Going back a few years, many will remember the last minute goals from Andy Turner in 1992/93 and then later on from Darren Caskey that won games that looked to be gone. Both Turner and Caskey looked to have bright futures at Spurs but like Deam Marney, another player who had an impact against Everton, it never quite happened.

Of course, the 1994/95 fixture saw Jurgen Klinsmann’s home debut for the club which he marked with two classic goals.

Sadly, it seems impossible to find any of these videos online, now but there is this one from 2002/03. Another dramatic game that seems to typify Spurs v Everton encounters over the years. The quality isn’t great and the speech bubbles are a little annoying, but it’s worth watching Robbie Keane at his best in this 4-3 win.



  1. Hi hope you don’t mind Evertonians posting on your site, but would like to share with you my memories of a game at White Hart Lane.

    My first ever away trip 3rd April 1985 aged 11, I had pestered a friend Damian Malone whose Dad was taking him and they agreed to take me. Everton and Spurs Championship decider.

    Everton scored after about 10-15 mins Andy Gray the Everton fans ecstatic it was at this time myself and my friend were crushed towards the front and a Spurs steward let us out to sit with the disabled fans behind the goal, thank you if you happen to read this.

    The atmosphere was electric and the game was very open I think Graham Roberts equalised with a pile driver 1-1. The noise was deafening and the game finely poised, luckily Everton again took the lead with Trevor Steven scoring 2-1
    Evertonians ecstatic including me and my friend behind the goal, another steward arrived trying to eject us from the ground again our saviour the other steward explained the situation, but the other steward insisted on chucking us out to which the other steward threatened to batter him and he quickly left us alone.

    The game was not finished Mark Falco had a chance and Big Nev made a world class save. Everton victorious and as good as Champions a great first away experience and a excellent impression of Spurs fans thanks to the steward.

    Hopefully we could be challenging again next season I doubt for us both but memories when both teams could out play anyone with excellent football.

    Good luck next season and use Peanuts more he is a little grafter.

    Toffeeman 1985

  2. I am also a blue with a tale to tell about this fixture. I was a teenager staying in South London in 1976 and my brother and I travelled to White Hart Lane to see our beloved Everton. With the game almost over and the blues losing 2-1 we left to beat the rush to the tube. A taxi driver asked us the score and we told him Spurs had won it and he jeered at us mouthing off that we were no match for the mighty Tottenham. That night we watched Match of the day and were flabbergasted to see the game end in a 3-3 draw! I never left a match early again, and i often wondered what that cab driver thought of the 2 stupid scousers who leave the game early and dont even know the score


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