While Harry Redknapp stated at the weekend that Spurs will have to sell before they buy, we’ll have a look this week at some of the fringe players in the squad and ask whether they should be offloaded or whether they should be given one more chance to prove their worth at the Lane.

The most frustrating of this surplus stock has to be Giovanni dos Santos and at the weekend, the player highlighted that perfectly once again. At international level, Gio has clearly shown the class that is there and he turned in a man of the match performance finished off by a wonder goal that sealed the Gold Cup final for Mexico.

At White Hart Lane however he looks lost and completely out of his depth but you feel if he does return to La Liga, he’ll be putting in his best form week in week out.

So should the enigma that is Giovanni Dos Santos be given one final chance at Spurs, or should we cash in on the considerable form that he has shown for Mexico this summer to put some money in Harry’s transfer funds?



  1. Gio is class. I honestly don’t think he’s been given a fair chance at WHL, and wish he would stay and given some steady action. He’s young, fast, and as you saw in that video, possesses some mad technical skills. Being a Yank, I hate the Mexican national team, but I hope Gio stays.

  2. Bloody marvellous. If we sell the driftwood then all our future signings become overpriced as the selling club know we have the cash. How on earth do the “skint scousers” seem to have millions to spend and we don’t. For god’s sake Levy/Redknapp, get out there and do a deal, pay over the top if necessary, just show some sort of effort.
    If we hadn’t stuck our heads in the sand last winter and actually brought in a forward capable of scoring goals then we would have qualified for CL and we wouldn’t be in the proverbial now.
    That decision to wait until the last minute has caused all this Modric/Bale/Lennon/Sandro leaving scenario. We apparently offered stupid amounts for anyone or anything at the last minute.
    Don’t wait, get it sorted and sell the driftwood after.
    Are you listening up there?

  3. Its a difficult one… something is obviously not clicking in training… but he always proves on the international stage that he poseses of skills!!
    If he is not going to be given a chance then we have to sell… no point loaning him again!! But would like him to at least rival Lennon for the right side!!

  4. You can’t leave players on the bench and then complain that they’re not in form. If you’ve got a player that clearly has what it takes, you’ve got to show that you believe in them so that they’ll have the confidence they need to perform.

  5. we gave GDS a chance pre season last year i didnt think he done to bad but then wasnt given a chance we wasted money on piennar when we had a player of better quality out on loan, harry seems to onlu have a few players he would actualy play in a game even his subs are usualy the same each game, id like to see young players like kane and townsend getting a chance in europa leauge and carling cup

  6. Spends most of the game on the fringes,even at International level and one very good goal in a final won’t change that.

    Not suited to the Premiership and too fond of a night out by all accounts.

    For all his talent he just isn’t right for Spurs and anyway his only position seems to be on the right side of a front 3 – a system we don’t play and if we did VdV would play that position,and he’s in a different class to Gio.

    A must sell – but still a shame his talent hasn’t really found a place to shine.

  7. Even before his exploits with Mexico at the Gold Cup I believed he deserved a chance. Not just to train, but a proper chance. Actual matches. It is time ‘arry put the proverbial arm around Gio. He can help Spurs across the midfield and definitely in attack. He has skills, he has pace, he loves running at defenders. Let him challenge Lennon, it may light a spark up his arse. If anything, it won’t hurt, and could save us addition millions.

  8. He won’t stay whether or not we want him to, and who could blame him. If he took the risk and turned down a new club, he could easily find himself not playing again.

    And I don’t think Redknapp will change his view either.

  9. The relationship between Gio and Redknapp is beyond reparable in my opinion… similar to what has happened with Niko Kranjcar unfortunately.

    Harry seems to have fantastic relationships with players when they are in form, but they fall out of favor very quickly with the relationship spiraling to the point of no return.

  10. Let lennon go to liverpool collect 20 mil play dos santos in lennons place and spend it on cahill,Get Loach from watford and huntelar and wickham up front

  11. Obviously Spurs should not sell Gio – who has never, repeat never had a fair chance at WHL and is still criticized for his party loving lifestyle when he was not even 21. Right now he is almost as good as Lennon, whom I think we also need to keep. If Lennon goes to ‘Pool then it would be sheer lunacy to sell Gio.
    But that’s probably what will happen, because when Harry makes up his mind about a player he rarely changes it.

  12. If we let Lennon go, Dos Santos go, Bale go, Modric go…….then you lot better get used to that scrap and scrape for just finishing in the top 8 again…..we’re showing no ambition right now as a club to us fans and it’s a bit of a p*ss take really!

    EVERY top 3 team are after two of them, there will be no shortage of suitors for Gio, and Liverpool have made it obvious they want Lennon…while at the same time our manager has pubicly canoodled with Phil Neville, David Beckham, Joe Cole, brought in Pienaar (wtf?!?!?)….can you see where this is going and he doesn’t like to be called a wheeler dealer, I haven’t even mentioned those worldy decisions of hardly ANY squad rotation last season, all the snide digs he loves to have at us fans and even his own players in the media!

    Support I will though, through the joy, frustration and pain!

    Audere este facere

  13. Yes 100% we should while someone will take he off our hands, then we can buy a player who will graft as well as having the skill.

  14. Spur4life i tend to agree with you i like a lot of other fans and maybe a few board staff am getting fed up with Arry and his ways.The same team all the time its beyond a joke.The players he is now trying to sell are players(at least some of) he brought to the club.Don’t get me wrong he has in the main done a fantastic job however it has not been without some falls along the way.I question like others the need for Pienaar and i don’t or have not seen a fan on any forum say different.It is always tried and tested players he has bought before or knows can do it for him and when he falls out of love with them its time for them to go no matter or not if it is for the good of the club.In the case of Gio i sadly think its time for him to be sold on while we can still get money for him.I am just worried who Arry will want to bring in thank god the board have the final say and not Arry.

  15. Gio is another unpolished gem (once he got the chance, he will explodes like Bale). He is still young and Harry should give him a last final chance to show his worth.

  16. Fuck u u just hate on gio because ges mexican he like on of the best player n sell him u dont deserve him …later in the future wen hes the bedt u will see ur mistake dummy..learn to use players thats y totenham sucks ..i think racing is better hahs

  17. Obvious talent. I think there is a lot behind the scenes we don’t know. If he goes we should be asking for far more than we are reported to be.
    I hope some of you back in the UK got to watch this final on Saturday night. Probably the 2nd best match of the year behind the champions league final. End to end amazing stuff and brilliant atmosphere.


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