If you read all the transfer rumours then you may have been forgiven for thinking that Robbie Keane’s Spurs career was shortly to be brought to a conclusion. However, it seems that Blackburn’s valuation of the player is well wide of the mark.

The rumours over a move to Ewood Park surfaced over the weekend and quickly began to gather momentum. If you believe what you read it suggests that Blackburn have gone in with an offer of £2.5m. Spurs have apparently put their valuation down at £4.5m and are awaiting further news. While it has been suggested on here that Spurs should take what they can and move forward, £2.5m may seem a little too derisory.

Meanwhile, Newcastle and Sunderland have also emerged as possible destinations while the Fulham link also remains strong so it would seem that whatever happens, the transfer could happen sooner rather than later.



  1. I think most Spurs fans know how amateurish Spurs deal with their transfer issues.
    Because running a football club correctly according to the business books is something different than dealing successfully and in time with transfer issues.

    • Not sure what you are talking about really. Spurs have handled the transfer market well. Much better than most clubs. Running the clubs according to the business books allows you to have more money to spend in the long run. Look at Villa. They went and spent more than they had, and ended up in debt. Then as an act of desperation, the went and signed Bent – for more than what he is worth. Every knows that debt breeds debt. Amateurish is certainly not a term I would use to describe it. Somewhat rigid maybe, but we need to be.

    • sadly up here at blackburn we have new owners that share the same attitude towards running a club as your owners seem too, they think they can run a football club the same way you would run a regular business,

      • But gradually people are beginning to realise that that is exactly how you do need to run it. What people don’t realise is that Tottenham can maintain a quality squad because the are not in debt and can therefore afford to go out and buy players or borrow sensible amounts to do so. West Ham, for example, paid more in wages than Tottenham and are now massively in debt and cannot afford anyone; ditto Leeds, Newcastle etc. etc. Bolton are now £94m in debt – how do they manage that? The whole of football has been changed by the nonsense that goes on at Chelsea and Manchester City. If the 2 rich owners left, then we could get some sort of normality and sensible transfer fees, wages etc. Until that happens fans will want to continue throwing money that doesn’t exist at the problem. Just look at how many premier league clubs have sunk into the third tier. Tottenham are doing it the right way and I suggest that Blackburn probably are as well. We just need the rich owners to go home and we would have a great league again.

  2. I am lucky enough to know what Tottenham get for their transfers and some of the amounts we have received for players is extraordinary. Don’t forget that we made a profit of over £35m for Carrick and Berbatov and fleeced Sunderland (amongst others) regularly for players we don’t want. We have sold Chimbonda for a profit twice! The problem is that we simply cannot pay massive transfer fees while Man City and Chelsea exist unless we want to be the new Leeds. That means we appear to miss out on players and everyone gets annoyed. Unfortunately that was why moving to the Olympic stadium was so important, but that’s another story…..

  3. I think the problem we have, is that our fringe players are not playing enough, and this has a bearing on their value.
    For me the likes of Kranjka is worth a minimum of 12 million, but we will be lucky to get half that, especially when clubs know we have to sell be fore we can buy.

    • But we bought him for £2.5m. How would his value have gone up 5 fold. The only reason we are talking about these ridiculous figures is that some idiot at Liverpool has bought an average player for £20m! But I get your point. Having said that how can you get your fringe players to play more!? The likes of Niko and Pienaar will stay for 1 to 2 years and then move on. Luckily our scouting is excellent and we pick up bargains – Huddlestone, Dawson, BAE, Walker, Lennon, Carrick, Robinson, O’Hara (nicked from Arsenal and sold for over £5m!) Niko, Pienaar, Rose etc. etc. Long may this continue.

  4. RE: the olympic stadium. Sure we might cut some corners and afford bigger wages a couple of seasons before we can now…

    But then we wouldnt have a Tottenham Hotspur FC anymore.

    • I think that argument has been done to death. I personally think you would, but I totally understand why people disagree. Sadly, it’s going to be the difference between keeping Modric and Bale etc. and I know what I’d prefer, but it may be safer to stop this getting too controversial. COYS

      • Problem being, buy the time we move to the OS, those players will have either already committed or left. If plans are confirmed as going ahead for a new stadium, we can start slowly increasing wages across the squad for the top players. I could not imagine going to a home Spurs game with no atmosphere..

  5. well we try and get the most from our players,and try and buy as cheap as we can.if we didnt act like a business,we would be out of business,like so many other clubs.we dont have an arab owner,i for one dont want one,we have a budget,and we cant waste any money as a club,so buying players like the way man city or chelsea do isnt gonna happen.but its up to levy to try and do the best he can

  6. The term “amateurish” means that you don’t make the proper planning for the players you want to offload so you can handle properly (which means getting at least the right price) and in time in order to be able to buy also the players you have targeted before someone else buys them.
    This has nothing to do with salaries.
    You target (always in time) only those players who you can afford to pay.
    The key issue is to find affordable to buy and to pay players who can produce a similar end product with the established ones.
    Because in football you have well known established players who of course demand a high salary but also young (mostly) or unknown players who an appropriate scouter or/and DoF is able to spot who can produce a similar end product with the well known ones (see Falcao, Hulk, Sandro, Gameiro, Götze, Pastore, Inkoom, Cavani and others).
    Actually it would be more correct to say that you make profit when you sell a player at a higher price than that you bought him and in the same time you can replace him by a cheaper player who can produce a similar end product.
    Otherwise that profit is concerning only the books and not the team.

  7. I don’t know about anyone else but I am sick to death of our transfer dealings! We have just come away from one of our most succesfull seasons in years and yet we won’t buy the players we need until we sell players. That’s one of the reasons we can’t compete with the other teams above us. I am also worried about the players redknapp has brought in over the last two years – Defoe, kranjcar, crouch, bassong, keane, and kaboul – although I rate some of these players highly, I wonder why he’s trying to sell them all??? I am concerned with both levy and redknapp if i’m honest.

  8. Not trying to sell Defoe but cannot guarantee games; not trying to sell Niko but he won’t play; not trying to sell Crouch but will for right money; not trying to sell Bassong but he won’t play; Keane is past it at the top level; will not sell Kaboul. We don’t need to sell before we buy, that is just the press. It is very difficult to buy anyone at this time of year because every player is on holiday hence Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal have not bought anyone. DO NOT LISTEN BELIEVE THE PRESS IT IS ALL MADE UP TO SELL PAPERS and keep the faith. Levy has bought players to the club against all the odds and will continue to do so. We do not have a sugar Daddy; we do not have a big ground; we are not in the Champions League.

    • Big Mal, I’m a longtime Spurs fan, journalist and ex-pat over in LA. . .heartening to read your logical lucidity, mate, amidst so much emotional, nonsensical drivel on many of our sites. Glad I found you here mate. COYS!

      • Pleased to hear your response. Without giving anything away (!), I know a bit about what’s going on at Tottenham. Levy is incredibly ambituous and knows exactly what we need to be successful, but he won’t risk the long term future for short term gain. The amount of work the club are doing around the world (especially in South Africa, for example) to raise the profile of THFC is fantastic; he is getting sponsorship that is rivalling the so called (and outdated) big 4; he is moving hell and high water to source a new ground. Fans want big signings NOW, but they have to realise it doesn’t work like that, but it’s worth mentioning that Tottenham recently signed VDV, Modric and Sandro who most clubs in Europe would sign tomorrow. And, be patient everyone, there are more to come. COYS and always great when someone in America responds.

  9. I agree with the above. What I struggle with is how the board have not sorted the stadium issue before. Historically only Man Utd and Liverpool have a higher average gate than Tottenham. Surely you would think the club, ie the company, would pitch their business projections accordingly. I have been arguing this for 20 years or more ever since we went all- seater. I can’t believe I’m the only Spurs fan who has felt for a long time that a ground of 36000 is a little inappropriate for a club the size of Tottenham!

  10. Guys,

    sign Keane! He is vital for the offense for Rovers!! Put the bid up till 4.5MM GBP..This guy will solve massive problems in the attack..With 1 more striker signing & 2-3 good signings in the midfield especially and then 1-2 for the defense defense we are on for really promising year

    Get Robbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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