It’s been interesting to see the transfer rumours this summer and in particular the ones that come full circle and try to let us believe that we’ve never seen them before.

Over the course of June, the links with Jermain Defoe to Arsenal, Aaron Lennon to Liverpool and the possible arrival of Serdar Tasci from Stuttgart have appeared, disappeared and subsequently appeared once again. In fact, the Defoe story seems to have started a third round this morning.

That aside, the story over Lennon is an interesting one. There were rumours of frustration from Redknapp last year which culminated in the winger’s non appearance in the first leg of the Real Madrid tie.

Moving on from this, Tottenham have been linked today with a move for Valencia’s Spanish Under 21 star Juan Mata.
So could there be any possible truth in these rumours? Furthermore, should Aaron Lennon be moved to the ‘not for sale’ pile along with the likes of Modric, Bale and Sandro?



  1. The answers is a no brainier yes he should be marked has a no sale especially to Liverpool and if we had to sell Lennon or Modric it would be Modric and the reason his you cant buy teach pure pace and he also does his fair share of defending and intercepting the ball and the possibility of Walker and Lennon is mouthwatering

  2. Nothing against Lennon and on his day he’s great but he’s not in the same class as Bale,Modric and VdV while Sandro is also going to be a much better player than the little man.

    So the answer is no,he shouldn’t be marked ‘not for sale’,especially if you can bring in someone like Mata for almost the same money we’d receive for Lennon.

    It’s all about improvement and Lennon,much as we all like him,is the weakest player in best our midfield (and the least consistent/most likely to go missing away form home).

  3. lennon is a genuine match winner and would get a game in any team in the pl not so long ago i remember teams would soil themselves when lennon was in form and double team him he may not have had a good year last year but a lot of players were down last year if we sold him it would be the biggest step backwards with bale and lennon we have the most dangerous wide players in the league

  4. I agree with top D that he is not the same class as Bale, Modric, Sandro and VDV, but we will not be able to sign a better one without CL-football… If we should sell him, please not to a PL-team, why would we make the rivals stronger? As for all our midfield class players: if we have to sell, we should sell to foreign top teams with the ability to give us players in exchange we couldn’t get otherwise.

  5. Lennon is going no where nuff said! Juan Mata on the other hand- he is a wonderful player left footed and would work with our football philosophy! COYS!

  6. the only player close to being as dangerous as lennon is Adam Johnson but their is no way i would sell lennon he is my favourite player cant believe people have forgotten how good he was the other year when we finished 4th

  7. Don’t want to seem overly critical of Lennon as i like him and appreciate what he has done at WHL.

    However to be a top team you need all of your players to score goals,especially the wingers,and the truth is Lennon’s goal stats are appalling.

    How many goals did C.Ronaldo get from the wing,or Ryan Giggs or even Nani ?.How many will Ashley Young get ?.

    Our own G.Bale scored 11 in 40 games last season.

    Lennon has 21 goals in 236 games for Spurs (1 in every 11 odd games).

    Even the abysmal D.Bentley averages a goal every 10 games (6 in 62) for us while Kranjcar is 1 in 5 (10 form 50).

    Running very fast and putting in mostly decent crosses is great,but the best wingers do all that and score goals as well.

    • he is still only 23 or 24 and has plenty of time to improve and he is loyal i have never heard him say he is interested in a move

  8. I love the boy but the rumours about a falling out with Harry persist.

    I’d let him go if the money was silly (none of this £15 million rubbish) and charge a premium to CL contenders like Liverpool who have demonstrated that they are willing to pay stupid money.

    NB I would only let him go with a guaranteed quality replacement. I’d plump for skill over pace though – in Lennon’s case he is never going to get any faster than he is at 24, whereas skill and reading of the game never leave you.

    Mata and Johnson are exciting but unlikely. Downing although left footed can play right and cut in, and is a more rounded player than Lennon (BTW he was Villa’s player of the year playing mainly on the right this year). What about Nani if Manu now have a fit Valencia and Ashley Young (dreamland I know)?

  9. I totaly agree! But you kan add that he have some injury problems that keeps him away from some games per season and another games to get “in shape” and preform at his best!
    But i have to say that Lennon have been my favorite player since he got to the club:)

  10. why would you sell him when he plays well we win he has such an influence on games and even when he isnt playing well he is still solid defensively

  11. i think people are over reacting we dont need to change our team unless we can add world class players we probably dont need another striker either cause i very much doubt defoe will play that bad for a season again. My prediction is defoe will score 18 goals this year and bale van the man will add 10 each lennon will have 15 assists and a couple of goals himself and the big hudd will have a blinder this season

  12. He is a vital weapon for us, there is no way we should let him go. The raw pace he has is a rare commodity. Hutton affected his game so much last season, and his normally excellent partnership with Charlie also struggled. He will need to have a solid and consistent RB partner next season. Tommy was the guy who used to release Lennon at the right times, and his absence caused Lennon to struggle. Also factor the forwards, (especially JD, who he had a great understanding with) havnt done the business. No way sell him!

  13. Seems he splits opinions… I wouldn’t be bothered if he was sold, I like him but in all the time he’s been at the club his game really hasn’t improved, still a very poor success rate on his crosses and often tries to pick the wrong player out. There must be better options out there…

  14. He puts in 3 times as many crosses as almost anyone i have watched, so of course his success rate isn’t great. Almost always looks dangerous, draws a foul or a corner. Hutton did effect him, he does need to add goals to his game. The season before it looked like he was improving that side of his game, so it’s a shame this year wasn’t great for him. No way should we sell. It will cost £30m to replace with better. I thought Bentley was a good player, until it became so obvious how much we missed Lennon everygame he wasn’t playing.


  16. If last season taught us anything it’s that 4-5-1 doesnt work with our current strikers. We need to be playing 4-4-2, which after all was the formation which led us into the champions league. Our problem is we have too many good midfielders, and until the rules change to allow 12 on the pitch something has to give.

    It’s all very well to say ‘sell bentley, keane, pav, corluka, hutton, gio, wilson, jj etc, bring in falcao, drogba, eto’o’… Realistically the players we all want to shift aren’t really worth that much, and the players we want to bring are too expensive to buy and/or pay. Let’s face it, a genuine world class striker will not be signed this summer.

    Considering this I think the way forward is to revert to a 4-4-2 formation, which then begs the question which of our supremely talented midfield five will have to move over to make space for a second stirker. We will have to sell as none will be content to sit on the bench. Bale, modric and vdv are top, top drawer and cannot be sold. end of. anyone blaming this season’s failure to finish fourth on vdv’s inclusion in the team is, in the immortal words of ‘arry ‘an idiot’. that leaves sandro and lennon fighting for that last midfield place. lennon’s pace is great to watch but rarely results in anything. look at his assists and goals – these are what a winger must be judged by, and they simply arent up to par.

    we can’t forever hoarde midfielders, and i think dropping a midfielder for another stirker would have meant a lot more goals this season. If we could get 20m for lennon then we should take it. great bit of business. i’d be sad to see him go, but if we need to sell before we can buy then better to get 20m in one go, than spend three weeks scraping together the coppers raised from selling 5 or 6 fringe players.


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