We all know that we have to take the majority of transfer rumours with the proverbial ‘pinch of salt’, but when one club claims they’ve agreed a deal for a player and the other remains silent, who knows what to believe?

So has Roman Pavlyuchenko been sold or not?

Yesterday, Russian outfit Anzi Makhachkala said that a £13m deal had been agreed for the striker and it was now down to him with regards to personal terms.

The Russian league has some big names in it these days and Anzi are already home to Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos. The move would allow Roman back to his homeland although maybe not to his preferred club.

The next few days will reveal how much truth there is in this story, but many Spurs fans may have hoped that Roman would be last in the queue for the White Hart Lane exit door – certainly as far as strikers are concerned.



  1. I personally didnt want to see pav go as i feel he is more important to spurs than the rest, i also feel that with an arm round the shoulder and a good run of games (at least 5 harry!) he would start to score for fun. Its going to be difficult trying to clear our squad though with the players wages as high as they are so we may have to take what we are offered in most circumstances. hopefully keane,gio,bently,hutton,and palacios will follow, this will free up alot of wages and recoup at least 20m. COYS

  2. I cant stand pav, i want him out. The problem is that the russiamm owner never said a deal had been agreed he said he would like pav if tottenham want to sell.
    I hope levy sells, the russians have the money so it would be madndmss to turn down an offer.

  3. To be honest i don’t really care on Pav ,yes he does score some fantastic goals but he also has long spells were he gets pushed of the ball or looses it.If the story is true then good luck to him and we have done another berbatov to a lesser extent as i think he has only over a year to go on his contract.The money can now go to getting Damaio in and maybe we can leave Jenas,Hutton,Bentley,Keane,Bassong,Dos Santos,Wilson,Crouch and Niko of at some unwanted players home somewhere or get some mad sod to buy them or swap us a player for them.

  4. In an ideal world we’d sell all four of our strikers as they are not up to the standard of our excellent midfield (i include VdV as a midfielder).

    Wouldn’t be at all fussed to see Pav go,for every 25 yarder he’s scorched into the back of the net he’s had twice as many games when he’s barely touched the ball.

    Having said that,he’s a lot more prolific than Crouch but then Crouch does do a job when we are under aerial pressure…..isn’t it sad when the best you can say about a striker is that he’s useful for repelling a final 5 mins bombardment when you’re defending a lead !.

  5. damn shame really, is the best of our four. Would much prefer crouch and keane gone before Pav although age & contract wise i can see the appeal of it. Depends if we can get anyone better in.

  6. Based on last season’s performances, I wouldn’t lose sleep over any of our 3 main strikers being sold. Defoe was particularly disappointing last year, but is perhaps the most likely of the 3 to come good again. Crouch is the most consistent of the 3, but is not a genuine top 4 club starter, although an impact sub and a handful in Europe where he is more prolific. Pav has the most natural talent, but frankly is a lazy f***** and too easily knocked off the ball. For around 12 million quid I would certainly let Pav go and bring in Damiaio, great bit of business. However, we still need a real No 1/star striker brought in, like a Falcao, even if Defoe or Crouch were to be sold to facilitate the purchase. VDV used “in the hole” as a support striker, his best position, would then complete our complement of 4 strikers.

  7. Pav was our joint top scorer last season with vdv in all competitions so I’d prefer him to stay over whinge a lot Defoe and Crouch! Probably didn’t start as many as those two either!!

  8. All I know is he saved us from looking like a right bunch of pricks on the last day of the season and in general I like him. However 12mil is a decent amount of money for a player you can’t always count on for consistency. But then again you could put that last sentence against Defoe or Crouch also.

  9. I don’t disagree that Pav was our best out and out striker last year (albeit in the land of the blind….)

    I also think he’s a talented player

    That being said, he’s so inconsistent, annoyingly so in fact. And there are so many times when I’ve just been watching him and thinking “what the fuck are doing – you’re adding nothing”

    I like Pav, and all things being equal would prefer others to go first. Put if we can get that sort of fee, and it kick starts our buying campaign, then so be it

  10. Sell him for 13m, palacios is said to be going for 14m. Offer that 27m to Porto before Chelsea get the man we all want. Job done


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