A fee of £8m for French under 17 international M’Baye Niang may have seemed like a lot of money so have Spurs taken that into account and really secured the services of a cheaper striker from South America?

Young Mexican forward Antonio Pedroza claims that a £1m deal has already been agreed between Spurs and his home club Jaguares and he has had this to say on the subject,

“I can announce that my transfer to Tottenham has been arranged.

“I am very happy and satisfied having played for an important team like Jaguares. Now I have the chance to make a dream come true to play in Europe.

“I have spoken with the officials of Jaguares and they have confirmed to me that everything is OK for me to leave and be transferred to Tottenham.”

Pedroza is qualified to play for England and Mexico and he is reported to have previously had trials with Arsenal and Chelsea. He has been likened to Javier Hernandez but then again, so has everyone else who is young, Mexican and plays football.

There is no word from Spurs on this although some of the bigger websites are reporting it as a done deal and his Wikipedia page has been updated if you take that as any form of confirmation.

If you’re already not very excited, there is also a suggestion that he will be instantly loaned out to a championship side – possibly Leicester who were interested in signing him.

Whether this is news or even a hoax, it doesn’t seem to have answered any of Spurs’ striking problems just yet.



  1. we already have a Mexican striker. infact we have one half of their best 2 forwards but redknapp doesnt like him. so instead gets one that cant get in their team. dont worry though we still have crouch

  2. congratulations to everyone at spurs for beating the mighty leicester to this signing. Why are we not competing with liverpool and manure for players?

  3. This guy wasn’t even in the squad for the Gold Cup, whereas Gio Dos Santos was the best player of the tournament. Chicharito scores goals, Gio creates them AND scores them.

    In the words of John Lennon: All we are saying, is give Gio a chance

  4. Dont understand this signing if it is true of course !!! but agree with you other guys If Dos Santos cant get into the squad, why do Levy and Arry think this guy can.???

  5. How are these guys going to get us champions league football next season, surely this £8 million should have been spent towards bringing in at least two top strikers in.

  6. I think of myself as an articulate man……….but this f***ing of signing is utter b o l l o x!!!

  7. delete *of*. I’m so angry that i can’t even string a sentance together now. Thanks for that Levy.

  8. Another riddle at Tottenham. WTF is going on? Some strange decisions being made at our club and i am beginning to think we need a change in management and board. It’s crazy what is happening to us. We keep looking at midfield players, players nearing retiring age and young players who never get a chance at Tottenham. Why can’t we sign players we need with some sort of chance of being with us for a few seasons? It’s like Redknapp is looking for a quick fix that will just see him through for one more season then he’s off to manage England.

  9. Spurs are waiting for star Wars to finish Chelsea Man City Man Utd are having a big ego fight with Barcelona joining in by sending a Spanish fleet to snare the master step over Sanches who is at the Concaf tournament playing for Chile . We are buying of the bottom shelf all because Man City and a Drug cheat have taken are place. This will mean next year Chelsea Man city and Utd will be in massive dept under the new rules starting from the 1st of June this year. These Teams will be kicked out of the champions league if they still occup there places for the Wembley final. My grandchild’s dad live in France and he has spoken to Blatters Poodle Mr Plattini and he is watching these clubs buying players and giving obscene wages and he said all three will be kicked out and replace by teams finishing 5th 6th and 7thi cant wait. So be patient when we sell our broken Missiles we will get new weapons to fire us up the table and be in great shape on and off the field. this was a none factitious tale by DAVSPURS but the ending is right

  10. The problem is I think Levy is not going to let Harry spend 40+ million because he’s not got going to hang around at Spurs for long. He has always stated that if the England job came along, he’ll go. So I suspect Levy will wait till Harry’s out of contract, which is not that long? I think Levy already has someone in mind and will bring in a long term successor. So Harry’s job is to trim the team, get rid of expensive flops and bring in one or two players who can make a difference.

  11. yeah but why get rid of dos santos? he isnt a flop at all, he is a future super star. he needs game time!!! he’ll be worth over 20 mil in 2 or 3 years time if he gets fulls seasons

  12. Dos santos. Hmmm, if he was good enough, he’d be on the pitch. He’s know to have a lazy attitude to training and managers cannot sanction playing lazy training players, what does it tell the rest of the team. and investing 8m in a youth player is fine. We all hope he comes good.


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