The deadwood report: Should we sell Keane?

The deadwood report: Should we sell Keane?


There have been many rumours of a move for Robbie Keane during this transfer window and over the weekend, Bolton Wanderers became the latest club to be linked with our Republic of Ireland striker.

Robbie is one of the club’s all time leading scorers and he performed consistently before leaving for Liverpool back in 2008. Since his return a year later he has never made the same impact and after two loan spells, he looks set to be on his way.

Keane will be 31 later this week and he remains a prolific scorer at International level but his performances for West Ham last campaign may have been more telling. However, there is no shortage of premier clubs potentially showing an interest who believe that he still has something to offer at this level.

With that in mind, is there any value in keeping Robbie at the Lane? Could he still perform as a fourth striker if he were given more opportunities or is this really the end of the club’s relationship with the player?


  1. On a slightly linked note, I have just seen BAE ‘linked’ with a move to PSG. I am delighted to say that this now means our entire squad has been ‘linked’ with a move. Bingo, I win. Congratulations to all the pathetic ‘journalists’ for making up these ridiculous stories about our great football club. And yes, we should sell Robbie. Was my youngests favourite player, but even he things it’s time to go. Great the first time round, pretty average the second. Thanks Robbie. All the best.

  2. Even if we had that “2 points in 8 games” issue that prompted his return in the first place… we never should have brought him back. We already had Bent, Pav, and Defoe was brought back a whole month before Keane. Those three would have been enough and all three had the addition of youth on their side, whereas Keane was only a year off of 30 (yes, he was 28, but only 6 months off 29 and as thats awfully close to 30, his resale value as Levy would see it would be affected).

    Anyway, his return was nothing but maligned and all he did was inherit the nickname PSB with good reason. The addition of Redknapp as manager alone and Palacios who gave us that aggression we needed in the middle of the park would have been enough to keep Spurs up and we could have signed a younger, more eager striker in the summer. Oh sorry, thats right, we did… we got Crouch.

  3. His wages are far too expensive to use him as a fourth striker, Gio Dos Santos would be a much better option as a back up striker, allowing us to get Keane’s 65k a week off the books and bring in some real quality elsewhere.

  4. No – once he was my favourite Spurs player, now he’s past his sell-by and just a ‘little-boy-lost’. We should send him off with a big cheer whatever happened over Liverpool, though.

  5. Btw, he was known as PSB for years before he left for the bin dippers, hes shite, just give him away, good riddance to bad rubbish, pikey twat

  6. Will go down as a legend at WHL. Scored some cracking goals along the way. But with the march of time not on his side, everything has to come to an end.
    Lets remember him as one of the greats as we bid him a warm and fond farewell.


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