As we’ve said before, while we all have our list of players who we’d like to see leave the Lane before the start of the season, not all of those are going to depart. Either through lack of interest from other clubs or because Harry will stubbornly hang on to them, not all of Levy’s streamlining plans will turn out how we would like.

A year ago, there was reported interest in Jermaine Jenas from Serie A. This summer, there are little or no rumours linking JJ with a move away from the club and the ones that have surfaced have aimed considerably lower at the likes of QPR and Fulham.

Jenas joined the club in 2005 but has hardly featured over the last two seasons. Over the course of that time, his form has fluctuated and lately he has hardly been at his best.

If he does leave this summer what would we remember him by? His part in the winning goal in the Carling Cup final? A decent free kick at Old Trafford?

With little interest so far, would we want to keep JJ at the Lane and if so what could his role possibly be next season?



  1. JJ the nearly man. Has lost the plot and it’s time to move him on. Undoubted ability but little application.

  2. I will remember him for all the backwards and sideways passes, for all the times he gestures for the ball then passes it backwards when he gets it.
    I don’t want him in the team or even on the bench. He’s just not good enough and lacks the intelligence or mentality to make the best of what he does have.

  3. i’d get rid of him in a heartbeat. All i’ll remember of him is swaggering about the pitch thinking he’s gods gift before side footing a simple 10 yard pass straight to an opposition player. Dreadful.

  4. I am getting a slight hint that jj is not the most popular player among the fans. I could be wrong but i normally pick up on these things quite well!

  5. these blogs get more stupid and pointless by the day!!
    (no disrespect)
    of course you would sell him… nothing has changed from the last 2-3 years!!

  6. I actually like him, BUT he will NEVER reach his potensial at Spurs, Cause He’s not good enaugh to Get regulere playtime. I would love for him to go to QPR, and become the signing of the season.. I wish him the best of luck, He’s been a great sport, Even IF we didn’t play him that much. But the answer to your question: yes , for his and Our best:-) coys

  7. I can see why Harry called some of our fans ‘idiots’. When called upon last season JJ came in and did a great job. The author says JJ has hardly played for the last two years, where did you get that from? 28 games last season, 23 the season before, 39 the years before, 45 the year before. I could go on – can’t you check wiki before writing such crap?

    He played well when called upon last season playing in the win at Arsen*l, game at Werder Bremen, Inter Milan etc

    As for you other plonkers, think back over the last six or seven years to your favourite Spurs game… Arsen*l 5-1, Chelsea CC final 2-1, Arsen*l 2-3, Inter Milan, any more? Who played in all of those games: JJ.

    Vastly under-rated, can play AM or DM and a good squad player to have, why sell him because so many Spurs fan son’t seem to understand football.

    • Christ you know nothing about football. This man has been carried for far too long. We play with 10 men we he’s on the pitch.
      dreadful. And so are you for not recognising it! You idiot!

    • Well this is how we treat most players which is why pre season training has started again and we have brought in nobody. Who wants to play for a team when you get hated if you don’t play every game/season as expected. Lots of top clubs have players like JJ but their fans don’t slag them off like us. These are probably the same fans that think Palacios is a really good footballer and had a good season last year. I think JJ has had his best days with us and the competition is too strong now but without him we would have never come back to draw 4-4 at Arsenal or won the carling cup or even got to the carling cup final. He should be respected a little bit more for what he has done but at the same time I agree that it is time to move on.

  8. i will always remember him for the fact that he did usually score against Ar5ena1, the curling shot to make it 4-3 in the dieing minutes of THAT 4-4 draw was pretty special, i could however count his good games over the past 5/6 seasons on my fingers which pretty much sums him up, occasianally brilliant, consistently mediocre! i still think he would walk into most teams in the bottom half of the prem thou!

  9. for the right price – yes.

    But for the right price we’d sell any player. That’s why it is called the “right” price.

    If we don’t sell him we have a versatile player who can play across the midfield and who has done a lot of good work fror us over the years.

    If we do we’ll have cash to bring in a striker, which might be a bigger prority than CM at the moment.

    Hardly a major issue either way though.

  10. Give him to one of our rivals. He has one great game for Spurs and a few OK games. How many times do you see him burst throigh the midfield only to either loose the ball or blast it towards the corner flag. He is like to many boys I have had, quick out of the traps but not idea what to do when he sees it open up for him. I’d ride his face though()HHXX

  11. jenas is the defoe of midfield (in case harry is reading this – he is shit). Pay for someone else to take him (them) and get on with things already.

    • What a top ‘fan’ you are. I bet you watch games on some rubbish stream or listen to the radio and make your judgement based on that.

      You can always tell a fan who doesn’t go to games because they just say: him, him and him are shit, and him, him and him are great.

      No logic, no thought, no understanding of what may have affected their game or their form.

      I hope they all stay and then you can fuck off back to supporting Chelsea. No doubt you only started supporting Spurs last season when we qualified for the CL.

  12. Hey everybody, forget the frustrations of the transfer window, lets all slag off Jenas!

    Tommorrow, Alan Hutton.

    • 🙂 There should be a “like” button!

      Mmmm, maybe if I concentrate on hating Jenas enough I can make it to the end of the summer transfer window without noticing we have sold or bought anyone worthy of any recognition and have just loaned tons of players out for the season that we will realize in November that we actually needed!!!!!!!!

  13. Sell him he’s crap, pay Modric what he’s worth, and buy a decent striker before Modric, VDV, & Bale all decide to leave.

  14. Yeh sell him give him away what ever and give Modric his wages that should keep Modric happy, did you know Jenas is on £40k a week, Arry resigned him on a new five year contract just over a year ago. Arry obviously thought all that talk about Mourinho wanting to buy him was true. Nice one Arry !!!!

  15. I read today that Spurs after Liverpool’s “star” Joe Cole.
    For haven’s sake Jenas is way ahead of Cole as are a number of other ‘fringe’ players in the squad. Give it a rest–Jenas is certainly a useful player to have in the squad.

  16. Wow, and there was me thinking it would be a divided debate! Jenas..Mmm, could’ve been, should’ve been, but alas isn’t. Great goals against the Goons though and cheers for that!


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