The Leandro Damiao story has taken a few twists since Spurs were first linked with the young Brazilian striker this summer. Now it seems that those fans who were keen on this transfer going through will have to wait until January at least if Leandro is ever going to line up in a Spurs shirt.

An initial bid was supposedly rejected but Tottenham were still hopeful of securing their man for around £12m. Now it has emerged that his Brazilian club Internacional are resigned to letting him go but for now, they intend to keep him until the end of their domestic season in December.

In addition, it seems that talks are underway over a new contract between the two parties and that could take the asking price to around £20m. If that is the case, Spurs may well be priced out of the deal and a striker for the start of the English season remains a priority in any case.

Those Tottenham fans who are just starting to get frustrated may now have to resign themselves to the fact that a deal for Leandro Damiao is starting to look like another non-starter.



  1. 4m above our record transfer for a kid with one season under his belt is far too much. Obviously. Would I wait? No. Would I pay 20m for any striker? No.

  2. In truth,to be the team we want to be we need to change ALL of our strikers.

    So i’d make a big name purchase (if possible) now and would happily wait for Leandro in January.

    Yes he seems expensive enough but he’s a Brazilian International,improving all the time,has the right size and shape for the PL and,at a whooping £20m he’s still £15m cheaper than Carroll who Liverpool seem to think he’s the new messiah yet he arguably has less experience under his belt.

    Must be signed imo.

  3. Shouldn’t pay £20m. If he is 1/2 as good as Sandro then of course we should wait. Teams often strengthen in Jan so do the deal now at the £12m mooted then welcome him in jan. Not to say that we shouldn’t get other strikers in in the meantime.

  4. We can’t wait for Damiao. Not for someone who is available only in Jan and one for the future. Its establsihed stars like Guiseppe Rossi and Fenando Lloronte that we urgently need. Bring in these 2 la Ligue stars and we can think about shipping Palyuchenko for Damiao in Jan

  5. All our strikers do not need to leave! They had bad seasons but they were part of the reason we got 4th in the first place. Fine they all had bad seasons last year but it does not mean they all need to go! The strikers we currently have cannot get any worse and if we added one 30 goal a season striker to what we have now we would have won the league! I think we have need to keep Pav, Defoe and Crouch and buy Falcao. We have no time to wait for Damiao. We need results now! Our team is so close to being soo good, we should not spoil it with loads of new signings and giving players unnecessary pressure. We play the right way, we are run the right way, we just need to push that bit forward. I think we should sign Falcao/Benzema/Rossi, Parker which is kind of inevitable, Mata who will add more flair to our team and give Lennon a good kick up the arse and Stekelenburg because i still believe Gomes needs to go- made a mistake in every big away game we had last season! Thats what 4 signings which i am sure we can make!COYS!


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