There seems to be a focus on young striking targets as far as the transfer rumours are concerned and even after the acquisition of Cristian Ceballos, the stories linking Spurs with a whole host of youthful talent are refusing to go away.

The latest name to come under the spotlight is Ivorian Souleymayne Coulibay who has caught the attention of scouts across the globe at the Under 17 World Cup where he scored no less than nine goals in four games including two hat-tricks. As a result of all this, guess what – he’s being called the new Drogba.

Coulibay is still only 16 and is currently on the books at Serie A side Siena where he awaits his first senior appearance and apart from the recent under 17 world cup games, there isn’t much else to judge him on thus far.

Real Madrid are also thought to be interested but the suggestion is that Harry could be ready to put him straight into the first team squad. Although two years younger than Cristian Ceballos, Coulibaye looks as if he just might have the credentials to offer something as a fourth striker?



  1. 16 with no professional experience, I still think he would do alot better than our strikers.

    Why havent we sold Defoe and Keane yet, I thought Defoe was off to Newcastle

  2. He may be very young, but our current strikers look past it….particularly Crouch and Defoe. So how could the kid be any worse at putting the ball in the net?

  3. Been a long time since Spurs brought through a top striker from their youth ranks so,with only Harry Kane looking anything like another ‘star’ it seems reasonable for us to buy a few young talents in the hope of bagging a new Drogba – especially as all the really top strikers are out of our reach at present.

    I’d rather sign these lads than be signing players form Dulwich Hamlets like Pleaty did (around the same time i had to endure watching The ginger Pele,Rasiek and some Sheffield reject playing up front for us as well – God those were horrible times!).

  4. Why are they all the next Drogba? Is it a prerequisite to have black skin, young, come from an African background and play football to be the next Drogba. I bet at his age he has the confidence but not the skill of Drogba. Why can’t he just be Souleymayne Coulibay? Anyone know if he is any good?

  5. Have a look on youtube ~ I think he’s one of this generations pint size maestro’s, short-ish & stocky, good strength with two good feet and one with a rocket in it……..
    So like already mentioned, can’t be any worse than what we currently have, (Pav excluded!).

    On the flip side to all this, a thought crossed my mind, if (And that’s a BIG IF!), we did keep hold of 2MP & Defoe, would their game improve knowing that they are competing with a couple of youngsters, coz if they ended up behind these two, what effect would that have on their England places/careers?

    Remember both Rooney; Owen, Giggs, Scholes, all started at a relatively young age, so IMO if their good enough, their old enough……..

    Good luck fella’s & do us proud…….

    In Arry & Levy We Trust



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