While many fans are starting to feel that our same four strikers are going to remain at the club this season, there were many stories at the weekend linking Peter Crouch with a possible move to QPR.

Crouch left Spurs for QPR back in 2000 and spent a season there before moving on to Portsmouth and while his record at Loftus Road wasn’t great, it’s thought that he could give Rangers the experience and hopefully goals that they need to survive.

The newspaper reports at the weekend suggested that Spurs had given Neil Warnock and his club permission to speak to the player and that the fee involved could be as little as £6m pounds. The reports continued to suggest that Crouch is happy to move on, but wants to stay in London, so the move could be a good one all round.

Any further developments or possibly denials are awaited, but maybe it’s not too late to shake up this misfiring strike force. Would you let Crouch go for £6m, or is he the one striker that we do need to keep hold of?



  1. get shot of him. nice guy but when hes in the team the style of football aint pretty. sure he can head the ball but he gives away free kicks like wenger gives children sweets. im bored of this transfer window. Spend some money!!! strikers are the only area we really need to improve. i guarantee HR is gonna buy 3-4 midfielders and no strikers again!!! tsk

    • Your sweet comments are vile and disgustiing and you along with anyone else at the club with the same attitude are the reason why we are not moving forward.

  2. I would certainly show Crouch the door and if QPR are mugs enough to cough up £6m then we should have their arm off. if we could get them to take Defoe, Keane, Bentley, Jenas, Bassong and Hutton too then that would be a great bonus

  3. I would let him go for a whole lot less. Apart from being good in the air, he is useless with the ball at his feet. Cost us plenty this past season. He is also the reason that other strikers couldn’t find form or maybe it is Harry’s fault for persisting with him and messing with our formation. PLEASE SELL HIM NOW!!!

  4. He is the one striker that I am sure won’t be going anywhere.
    We will buy another big guy up front who can hold the ball up but if you are a goal down with five minutes to go, then you want to send a big man on to pump the ball up to. All clubs do it and Crouchie is the tallest of the lot. I’d keep him.

    • I agree with you, this is the reason I think he won’t leave either. Trouble is, given we have such a talented midfield, working the ball up always seems like it should be a better option!
      Away from replying, I would be happy to see Crouch go. Never seen any striker with a weaker strike than him, and although he is quite good with his feet for such a tall fella, he just isn’t good enough. Caroll/Llorente put him to shame.

  5. Please just sell this bloke who masquerades as a footballer.
    Worst ever man to wear a Spurs shirt and we’ve had some shit in our time!

  6. It’s not my money so would give him away. Like the guy, wish him all the luck in the world but unfortunately he is not a top premiership footballer. As I ahve said before do not expect an inlux of top quality strikers to the Lane cos that ain’t going to happen. We will not make any marquee signings that is why it is imperative we keep Modders, Levy knows this hence he is reluctant to loose him.

  7. Let Crouch have whatever he wants. I don’t rate him highly but his goals are the reason we beat City in 2010, why we overcame Young Boys at WHL and why we beat AC Milan. He’s an ugly player but he’s been there at some of the club’s most important moments.
    Of course, he scored an OG at City last season but it was all over long before that anyway.

  8. People presume Crouchy is good for heading…..but hes not! He wins probably 1 in 5, and hes 6ft f***ing 7! So in reality he isn’t useful for pumping the ball up to, and he cant score, so £6m is a brilliant deal for us. However did grab some aluable goals in CL but seen as though we’re not in it this year and aren’t likely to be in it the year after, then hes useless.

  9. i would pay them the fine price of jermaine jenas and alan hutton if they would take crouch on a free…waste of wages the lot of them

  10. For me, I think that he is the most useful of our strikers. He is the one I would sell least. He is also the one we would least likely sell. However, we clearly are having problems shifting a striker, and if his departure made space for another striker with someone with more pace and power, then I’d probably do it for the sake of the team. Whilst Crouch is one of the strikers I would keep, his age means that we would have to get rid of him sooner or later anyway. At the end of the day, I think that it is a made up story. Why? Because journos link players to their old clubs, old managers (Defoe & Jol). Ain’t happening. Focus on getting Keane out of the door & sign a good replacement.

    • Btw I said “useful” and not “best”…. Good for Europe, cup games against lower league, he is not a confidence player, would be happy to sit on bench – unlike the other 3.

      • Totally agree, one reason why we may keep Crouch is that we’d get more money for either Defoe or Pavlyuchenko, and Keane and Defoe are less likely to tolerate a squad role than Crouchie or Pav. I don’t see us spending >£15m cash on any player this window (though p/ex could bump up that figure) so reckon we’ll be doing well to bring in 1 decent striker and keep Pav & Crouch as backups. Crouch works well with VdV, is good against opponents who haven’t sussed him out (hence his success in Europe, Internationals, and cup games) and is a good impact option if we’re chasing a game. We might aswell let him see out the next few years with us as a squad player.

  11. Not sure i agree with the early posts. What are his assets: Height, positive demeanor , good for team morale, experience and probably the fact he is a senior player.
    Weaknesses: Can’t head the ball, very slow, does not score goals. We go route one when he plays.
    The only reason that he played so much last year is that the rest were underporming or shite or both. He should be an impact player and no more and for that reason i’d keep him. However if we sign another tall striker e’g llorente we should sell crouch straight away.

      • Matt, you love Crouchie so much, have you seen in him in training recently ?? No, I’ll fill you in. He can’t hit a barn door with a cow’s arse…yes, he’s that shocking. When you look at the rivals around us: Man U: Rooney, Hernandez, Berbs, Owen. Man City, Tevez, Aguero (linked), Chelsea: Torres, Neymar (linked before Real M.), Arsenal: V. Persie, Gervinho…and we’ve got…Crouch ?!?! WTF ? It’s small-minded people like you that are holding us back. There is np justifiable way you can back him up, the simple truth (one you won’t accept) is he’s not GOOD ENOUGH. Which bit of that don’t you understand ? I suggest to get rid of him and leave the space for a world-class striker…If you don’t like it, go support QPR or someone !

        • I am not a Crouch fan. And I did not want to sign him. And yes he has a poor shot & needs to score more. But people go too far in criticising him. Fact: If you add up goals and assists, Crouch comes THIRD. Behind VDV and Bale. So you are wrong in there is no justifiable way to back him up. That is far from useless. You need four strikers and you need one who is going to be played less, and won’t moan about it. In my opinion Keane and Defoe should be the first ones out of the door, not Crouch….yet. Also why you comparing our 3rd best striker against Man U & Arsenal’s best? Compare Crouch to Chamakh, Bendtner, Vela, Santa Cruz, Jo.

  12. Our problem is the manager he has no backbone he should round up the following players keane Hutton crouch Defoe jenas Santos bentley and say right you lot don’t bother turning up for training go sit down with you’re agents and find other clubs you are not wanted here at spurs none of you will start in the 25 man squad and we intend to half your wages if you refuse to move on

  13. I would let him go for 3 million – a complete waste of space in my opinion. Crouch changes the way we play and doesnt score enough goals. He would struggle to get in a mid table team. Get rid of Jenas, Crouch, Keane, Santos, hutton, palacios, Kranjcar and Bassong and buy 2 new strikers!!!!!!!

  14. Must say I’m slightly surprised by people’s lack of memories on here. People saying he is the worst player we have ever had is harsh at best. The guy scored the goal that got us in to the CL and the one that took us to the QF of the same competition (which no doubt all the haters on here cheered) and provided quite a few assists to VdV last season. Good squad player, not good enough to start any more but a useful, route one squad player. I would let him leave but out of the 4 he would probably be the last one I would let go.

  15. No wonder speck saver sell glasses there is a few who need to visit them on hear . Let me explain something you all have not taken into account. Crouch made a good few of Vans goals and when Huddlestone got injured our strikers also got affected by his passing and creating space. This space went scarcer has more teams got sucked into a relegation dogfight that included some big clubs Liverpool Everton Villa to name a few. No team could have finished in the top four with all the injury’s we had during the season and all long term we never had a truly fit side and never played the same eleven twice running. Lets look at our strikers the season we finished fourth Crouch and Defoe scored 28 goals between them Crouch got us over the line and he got us through to the quarters and then fell for a Moreno trick of getting rid of a big threat. People should look at what defenders started doing when Huddlestone was missing Van started going deeper and Leaving Crouch to take some heavy knocks in his back and most of them where fouls . Harry said when Bale went missing with his bad back mystery Crouch is back was worse and he played the lad is unique with his 6ft seven height and is one of two at that height like i say the space he and Defoe had the year before was getting less by the shock week and defenders where turning in outstanding performances even weakened ones like Blackpool Wolves West Brom and others . This meant when Spurs where next up our great nights in the Champions league and reputation for attacking went before us and the teams we played made sure there Tempo rose dramatically. The word tempo and work rate was used in record amounts during games and after by commentators and experts in the summing up of yet another shock result. This happened even though teams had bad results before they played Spurs . You should be asking why and Why Kolo Toure and a Goalkeeper whose job it was to stop goals being scored failed drug test i took the time to find out why and believe me the premiership is faster for reason that are kept quite and Kolo was a drug test i believe was leaked because the FA don’t normally name and shame and this was why his B sample was kept back till City got in the top four . So when you call Crouch just remember this is the players who is stopping him scoring very fit or using energy like Paddy and Kolo and others have done?

  16. We have to refresh forward line for the sake of the club. I like Crouchy, but would take the money, sell PSB, and get a top notch striker. Convinced that Defoe could have a cracker of a season, would rather it be with us. Keep Pav and give Kane a chance to be a squad player

  17. i would sell for 3m and give crouch 3m to sign for them, pav is better in the air, say what you like about his important goals, they dont matter if you score so little for the rest of the games. would rather see a younster played than Crouch, simply not good enough without any doubt. mid-table player!

  18. As a QPR fan, I’d be happy to see Crouch return this season, but it aint gonna happen…
    Our 2 F1 owners are absolute imbeciles, who have no idea how to run a football club. We still haven’t spent a penny on any new players this season, despite promotion as Champions.
    Indeed, it looks like we’ll go into the Guinness Book of Records as the only team ever to gain promotion to the Premier League and not buy a single player! It looks like the ‘owners’, following their increasing season ticket prices by 40%, ticket prices on the day increased by nearer to 100%, and no idea where the promotion lucre/tv money is going, are pulling in every penny they can for themselves before jumping ship before/after we are demoted in 2012. It should be ‘Happy Days’ at QPR, reality means it’s going to be a repeat of our 1968/69 debacle with record low points, unless St Neil (Colin to his detractors) pulls off a miracle!
    Good luck to Spurs this season, by the way… Cheers 🙁

  19. Good riddance..cost us too many times last season. He couldn’t hit a barn door..even his highlight of the season winner against ac milan was scuffed and only just missed the post and that was an easy chance! Sell him and keane, keep defoe and pav bring in one world class striker and bring through harry kane.

  20. Yep agree with the majority, 6 mill thank you very much just need to get rid of a few of the others aswell. If i was Levy i’d accept whatever i could recoup for players like jenas keane bentley hutton pav and others whom i’ve failed to mention, otherwise they will be quite happy to sit in the stands and let their contracts run unless they get a helpfull shove out the door!

  21. the money being offered for that lanky moron is irrelevant, he is shite, give him away, although petes boyfriend matt84 truely loves him because hes scored 4 goals in 3 years wtf , matt has a pendant around his neck with an mp4 of crouchies “goal” against shitty, which btw, hit him in the face, he knew nothing about it, maybe matt is just joking, or his downs has returned, either way mug, ure wrong


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