After Spurs completed the signing of Souleymane Coulibaly, the rumour mills continued to link the club with young players from across Europe.

Whether this is a significant shift in our transfer policy or not, some of these names are definitely interesting and Alan Gatagov is one who could make an impact in the Premiership.

Gatagov is just 20 and plays in midfield for Lokomotiv Moscow where he has spent his entire career to date. While he has yet to break in to the full national side, he has played on 13 occasions for the under 21’s notching an impressive seven goals.

It’s thought that Harry had the Russian watched at Bournemouth and is currently considering a £5m bid to bring him to England. While it’s also rumoured that Chelsea could also be interested, other stories suggest this is merely linking one Russian with another and that Spurs are in pole position here.

While this would represent yet another punt, Alan Gatagov is a player that will have a bright future somewhere.



  1. am unsure as to what type of midfielder he is but we are over-loaded in midfield so surely unless the fee is a lot less than 5m, this is not going to happen until we clear Palacios,jenas,bentley, etc. No harm in looking though

  2. In case you haven’t noticed, Chelsea and Citeh are both backed by billionaire sugar Daddy’s writing blank cheques, and we’re not. That’s why we aren’t offerring £35m for players. You don’t see Arsenal doing that either, nor Villa, as they’re similarly well run. You did see West Ham, Newcastle and Leeds offerring silly fees and wages, and you saw what happened to them. Liverpool evidently think Man Utd’s policy of running up £750m of debt is a great idea, which is why they’re paying silly money for middling players.

  3. @ craig: Man Utd didn’t “run up” £750 million of debt by buying players – middling or otherwise. Their debt is solely attributable to their having been bought in a leveraged buyout. In practice, it is the Glazers’ debt that has been foisted upon the club.

    As to Spurs not spending big amounts of money, I’m quite certain that we would if we could persuade the players to come. After all, there was plenty of talk (albeit only rumours) of Spurs having late, panicky bids of £30+ million turned down for Rossi and Aguero in January.

  4. remeber the days when the only news I read was factual. the term news was geared towards expanding on events that ‘HAD’ already taken place..imagine that, discussing actual events!

    i like the next man feel taht we should all be able to express our opinion, but these sites ‘ news now ‘ only offer wild speculation and gossip chambers like I’ve neber seen before.. all contributing towards the de masculination of us ‘ regular dudes ‘. Guide: Man up, take pride in what you do or say, make intelligent informed observations, stop blogging evry minute just for the sake of it

  5. sorry typo, news has always been open to truth distinction, but what we have now are people with no grounding or accountability writing head line grabbers..reckon I need to rediscover ‘ a life ‘ and only visit these shi*W*** once a month, or maybe things could change and we return to only given though to things, events that are proven to exist (bring back God I say !11



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