Souleymane Coulibaly got his Spurs career off to a flying start with a goal inside ten minutes of his debut as a Spurs XI drew 2-2 with Brighton in Portugal.

Brighton went 2-0 up early on but a long range effort from Andros Townsend pulled one back to see the youngsters go in for half time one goal down.

Coulibaly then came off the bench and after 55 minutes, fired in from close range to bring the scores level at 2-2 and while both teams had chances to win it, that’s how it remained.

Strangely there are no comments on the Spurs website as yet, but the Brighton site singled out Coulibaly, Kane and Townsend for particular praise. Yesterday, the official word from Spurs was that our new Ivorian striker had some way to go before he would be considered for first team action but if he keeps scoring, he will be hard for Harry to ignore.



  1. havent seen anything on the lad yet, but apparently he looks great on youtube, early signs are very promising. hopefully turns out to be a new Drogba or suchlike as buying him at such a young age will save us 15-20m. maybe we could ask the lad to coach Crouchy on how to shoot 🙂

    • his goals in the under 17 world cup are top class!!
      seems to have a lot for a young lad… pace, skill, strength!! very promising indeed!!

    • I once saw a one legged, blind lizard that had been shot several times score a hatrick against Italy in the Copa America.. Thats one lizard who’s going to be as good as Zidane, hey I reckon this could very well be the new Zidane!!! On a slightly more serious note, this kid does look strong, fast, confident, seems to have great instinct and first touch,but only 16. Hope a few youngsters get played in league cup and europa. Got to be an upgrade on current pile of self obsessive, over hyped, sunderland-esque forwards…. Id take the lizard over our current ‘stars’ on 50k+ a week…

  2. bearing in mind that alan hudson made his debut for chelsea against spurs when he was a teenager .it is not impossible that coulibaly could do the european and domestic cups. it would be ideal chance to see how good this youngster is.

  3. Youtube can make anyone look great, as people just show the best parts, even defoe looks great! yet if you look at his career stats it shows he struggles to get into double figures each year for goals,

    • it was the highlights of one tournament not the best bits spread over many years like most YouTube….Let yourself get excited, the boy looks good

    • Well his youtube video is him scoring goals from various different angles, right foot, left foot, headers overhead kicks etc so it is quite convincing. His stats aren’t bad either by the way 4 games 9 goals equalling the record for an appearance at the U17 WC.

      Please take your pessism to the emirates mate this kid is the next PELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well we hear all talk about Harry not playing youngsters (a degree of truth there) but the fact is if the guy keeps scoring, he will be impossible to ignore. Especially if you have a 4 goal Crouch and a 4-goal Defoe as alternatives. Combine that with pace & skill, then he would be similar to Rooney – able to be played at 16. He still is an adolescent, in a foreign country, and he is from a non-English speaking country – mainly. So there is lots for this kid to get accustomed to. So softly softly.

  5. tottenham mugs modric is gone vdv is goin to follow its all down here from now and u know it.i didnt include bale cos he only has 3 r 4 good games a season

  6. ‘yet if you look at his career stats it shows he struggles to get into double figures each year for goals’

    this must be worrying, considering the player is 16??? LOL

  7. anto go back to your arse forum,you look pretty worried and deluded mate.Career stats???The lad is just 16….he’s been playing for siena academy.And no the you tube clips do not make every player look special.He scored 4 fantastic goals against denmark and Brazil,if that’s not promising i don’t know.UP THE SPURS!!!!!!

  8. Why not test him in the first team while they have there chance at the pre-season:) If you look what he done in the under 17 world cup… Now that’s something for the future!!

  9. Word just in from Trashburton Grove, Wenger is planning on planting Potatoes around the pitch, so the players have something to lift at the end of the season

  10. at least were in with a chance of liftin sometin wen did u last win anytin??/ invincibles were the best team ever in english football.FACT.

    • I believe 2008 was the last time? Am I right? Yes, Yes I am, and who did we beat in the semi finals? Arsenal? 5-1? Thats what I thought so feck off. You’re most likely a deluded 13 y/o ‘fan’ who supports them due to previous cup success, or simply put ‘glory hunter’ (although now adays Arsenal fans can’t be glory hunters)

  11. I think the comment on career stats. Was in relation to Defoe’s stats. “You tube make defoe look good” But his career stats. I could be wrong, but its not known often haha

  12. Y’all shud rmba tat he’s african so he’s NOT 16….he’s probably 24 or 25…he shud learn d language wch I suspect he knows nd he shud b starting regular come december!!!!!!!!

  13. what a bunch of fuckin inbred cunts, firstly the guy sayin he struggles to get into double figures is obviously talkin about jermaine defoe as SC hasnt played a first team domestic game yet. Secondly Kaye what the fuck in gods name are you on, “hes african so hes NOT 16” so what happens in africa, u go from bein 15 to 24, jus skip out most of you teenage/youthful years? you fucking retard.

    • Hahaha made my day dumbcuntseverywere. The awkward moment when you go on another footballs clubs forum tyring to take the piss and fail.

    • Lol…ure jes ignorant! U fink drogba’s 33??….wake up!!!!! He’s close to forty! Its called “FOOTBALL AGE” dumbass!!! Africans USE IT!!! Southamericans too. Y do u fink ronaldo delima can’t run again when Giggs of “equal” age is still playing well! DUMBASS!!


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