It seems that while Alex McLeish is desperate for a right back to help in his new reign at Villa Park, he is determined to take that man from Spurs. Having been told that Kyle Walker was unavailable, there were strong rumours that he was after Alan Hutton and Spurs fans rejoiced.

However, there has been no news on that front for some time now. McLeish was interested in Hutton while at Birmingham, but after that transfer collapsed, it seemed logical that he would follow that interest through for his new club.

Stories this week suggest that he is turning his attention to either Vedran Corluka or Kyle Naughton. The only possible good option for Spurs with that is a loan deal for Naughton, similar to Walker’s from last season.

Aston Villa need a right back and we have right backs to spare. If we can’t sell them Hutton, then a loan of Naughton that would see him pick up valuable Premier League experience, would be the next best result.



  1. We do need a RB, and yes, you do have RB’s galore!

    Truth is I don’t know much about Naughton but would not be against a loan if he’s as good as (or has the potential to be as good as) the hype suggested when you signed him.

  2. I’d much rather us sell Hutton to Villa and tbh i’m surprised that a club with cash would rather loan a promising youngster than buy (at a fair price) a solid International player.

    Lets face it,the potential for it to implode at Villa is reasonably high at present so for Villa’s sake it would be better to take Hutton who has far more experience and who can handle some pressure.

    From Spurs point of view do we really want a promising youngster going to a club who may have problems (obviously lost a few top players,manager hardly the fans choice).If they started badly,and if Naughton made a mistake or two,there could be huge pressure on him and the team/manager.

    Better to loan him out to a different club with lower expectations for the first few months at least.

    • Could not disagree anymore. A defender needs to learn how to deal with the tough situations, make it easy on them and they learn nothing, then stick them in a Spurs back four and see them crumble.
      He needs to be in a bottom table team of the Prem league, where he can play against the best players in the world, and see lots of action. ANy how, even though Naughton is right footed, he normally plays left back. But I’d rather we saw Danny Rose pick up on that spot.

      Get rid of Hutton to any club, dont care, just get shot of him.

  3. Top D

    Our squad isn’t as bad as people are making out and understand you concerns for Naughton to go to a club without as much pressure…but name one! all teams are under pressure from the first kick, you included, would there not be pressure if you had injuries and Harry put him in any league game. I also believe he was on loan at Cardiff who were pushing for the prem. Walker came into to a side who had a change of manager, injury ravaged and in a relegation battle for most of the season. Harry has appreciated what this has done for him and now understands more about the player than he ever would at lower league level, and rewarded him with a new five year deal and incresed his market value. A win win, he was great for us and you end up with a future England top class fullback. Harry may be tempted to test him to at a club who has an excellent reputation of grooming good home grown players….think about it

  4. Naughton is going to Norwich, much better fit as he is not quite as develpoed as Walker and would benifit from being firstchoice at a smaller club.

    Hutton could still go to Villa but the manager said today he only expects 1 more player in and he is trying to replace players that have left….Nzogbia?


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