You don’t have to look too far for a daily dose of nonsense from the Daily Mail and today’s story suggests a three player swap for Mirko Vucinic involving David Bentley, Robbie Keane and Niko Kranjcar. It may not surprise anyone to learn that Roma’s coach Luis Enrique isn’t interested in any of the players involved.

The rumours over Vucinic had been gaining momentum all week and some of us were finally beginning to hope that there would be some real transfer activity at the Lane. While the story may seem ludicrous, if there is any shred of truth in the suggestion that Harry has attempted to negotiate some form of swap deal then it will come as a disappointment and it could see Vucinic end up at either Juventus or Atletico Madrid.

It was believed that Kranjcar was interesting Serie A clubs, so could this possibly have any basis of truth, or is it more madness from The Mail?



  1. There are some stories that are just so stupid they aren’t worth bothering with,and todays Daily Mail’s story is another one.Like we are so short of money we can’t afford a £15m deal for a striker without trying to throw in 3 players,Chirpy and a box of half time oranges.

  2. I have decided not to comment on media speculation. Their main objective is for you to become an antagonistic agent to the club you support

  3. I for one hope we go for him (maybe along side another striker, maybe Leandro Damião). People say Vucinic isnt the one we are looking for, but from what I have seen of him he seems quality and has everything we are looking for in a striker. 1 in 3 scoring records isnt at all bad and that is when out of position, playing from the left wing. Home many players score 1 in 3 from the wing? Not that many at all if they dont play for Barca / Real M.

  4. he would be an excellent signing, has the quality we have lacked since Berba left, we need players than can hold up, create, and score – he fits this mould. the swap deal isnt worth mentioning. hopefully we can offload Keane soon to accomodate Vucinic. He will link up excellent with Rafe, Modders, and Bale! COYS hurry up and get the deal done

  5. Regardless of whether the Mail story is accurate or not, why is it now accepted tha Vucinic is THE answer to our striking problems. Before his name was raised in the rags in the lst few weeks no one had ever heard of him, no one was pushing his name forward as our saviour but now its a given that he is top quality and that we have to buy him and if we fail to we will have blown our chance of improving.

    No one can say with any certainty that he is better than what we have. He hasn’t exactly set Seria A alight, an inferior league to the EPL.

  6. We don’t need the best strikers, we just need someone who is better than what we have. We were not tremendously far out of the top four, but we do need more productivity up front.


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