As rumours continue of a third and final bid from Chelsea for Luka Modric, the first hints from within the club that the Croatian could be sold may have come from assistant Kevin Bond.

It’s thought that the final Chelsea approach could be in the region of £30m and may or may not involve players such as Daniel Sturridge but in the meantime, Bond has had this to say,

“We desperately don’t want to lose him, but everyone has a price.

“If somebody came along and the money turns your head and he did go – although the chairman is adamant he doesn’t want to sell him – then we’d have to get on with it.”

Ultimately however these words have changed nothing, but it’s inevitable that Bond’s comments have triggered off a chain of stories from newspapers desperate to re-ignite this rumour.

If the management at Tottenham must make comments about Modric, it would be beneficial if they could all sing from the same hymn-sheet. While Daniel Levy has categorically stated that Luka will not leave, both Harry and now Bond, have cast doubt on the chairman’s word.




  1. If management shooting their mouths off (and putting their foot in it) was the key to winning the league we’d be odds on.

    Please, please just shut the f*** up.

    I hope Levy has slapped him down.

    • Exactly all this negative talking is not helping the team for f***s sake. Bond needs to shut up as Modric is now ready for the new season and accepts our decision so why try and disrupt that?
      Arry as well saying how lucky we would be to get 5th.

      Its pathetic Spurs and Levy SORT IT OUT!!!

      • You lot never listened to the interview obviously, Alan Brazil asked about Modric around 6 times, each time Bond said hes a great player and how he would be staying etc, then right at the end Brazil said but if Chelsea come in with a big offer would it be hard to turn down, and then Bond said what was mentioned above, this is the press making something out of nothing.

        At the end of the day everyone in world football has a price, except Messi, Ronaldo went for 80million, if we got 50 million for Modric we would be dickheads for not accepting.

        We could get Lass Diarra 10mil, Marko Marin (just like Luka but plays wide and scores more) 14 mil and then 26 mill for any striker we wanted.

        • I wish more of our fans were like you mate…. You seem to know what your talking about. Let’s stop talking shit and digging out our club!!!!

        • dont be silly!! we will never sign any decent replacements as we re not paying the going rate in wages.. it down to Levy to sort this mess out otherwise we re going back to mid table obscurity a modric will leave, then next up bale

  2. apparently the quotes were taken completely out of context from an interview with alan brazil. effectively words put in kevin bonds mouth.

    havent heard it myself, but along the lines of “kevin would you agree all players have a price?” with no direct mention of modric.

    • No that’s bull, he said we don’t want to sell our best player but everyone has their price. It’s a fact not an insult, if spurs don’t want to sell they won’t if they do it won’t because of an interview or a newspaper headline

  3. The chairman sells the player,no one else,so Bonds comments (which are being taken out of context somewhat as he was talking about all players in general,not just Modric) are irrelevant.

    The biggest annoyance imo is how many Spurs fans actually expect him to be sold,regardless of what the chairman has said.

    I’ve stopped listening to Talksport and barely watch SSN now due to the sh1t they spout – i suggest all Spurs fans do the same.

  4. Luka Modric is leaving, either to Chelsea or United depending on offers. These offers will be in excess of £40m.

    Juan Mata is signing for Spurs, in a deal worth 20m Euros plus Giov Dos Santos.

    Both these stories will be in the english papers tomorrow morning.

    • I would take that all done long.

      I wish it were true, I will wake in the morning like a fool checking the news and there will be nothing.

      I have listened to people like you so called ITK’s over at spurs community and all summer they have been saying Mirko Vucinic is signing and now he isnt (which I am glad about)

      But anyway ITK’s know nothing, the latest doing the rounds is Lass Diarra is signed and Benzema we will get on Loan.

      Walker Dawson Kaboul Ekotto
      Mata Diarra Sandro Bale
      VDV Benzema


      • Completely agree. This is probably the same person who guaranteed Vucinic signing would be announced two Friday’s ago. Well…we are still waiting.

        It happens with everything. People so many different things that eventually they get one right and then spout off about how brilliant they are.

        Anyways, Levy cannot be too happy about Harry and the rest of the staff consistently saying something inflammatory in the press and then following it up with…Levy will sort it out. Stop.Talking.To.Media.Now!

  5. “apparently the quotes were taken completely out of context from an interview with alan brazil. effectively words put in kevin bonds mouth”

    That doesn’t surprise me. The Metro is headlining a story about Lampard saying Modric is likely to come but the quotes don’t mention Modric at all.

    It’s about time they learnt that unless they are extremely careful anything they say will be twisted.

  6. Have the papers not learned from the NoTW .. lies will kill the papers as people are fed up with them. Newspaper sales continue to fall and these papers i.e the Mail, Metro just hasten the demise. It is about time government took the bull by the horns and stopped papers and broadcasters from telling lies. They say they can self govern but the NoTW proved that cannot happen. The sooner they can only printed truth (provable) the sooner we can get on with our lives. Modern man reminds me of the old housewives in the Black and White films standing by the fence having a good gossip … that is what we have all become old woman and no better. Be men agin, stop listening to the cr*p, get down the pub and talk about real things that matter like … football and big t*ts!!

  7. Bondy and Harry need a few lessons in the art of management and negotiation. In one day KB has basically confirmed Modders is for sale which will disrupt the team with 2 weeks before the kick off immensely. And what Harry is trying to achieve by sharing with the whole world and his own players that we pay shit wages and therefore cannot compete is fucking brainless. What about keeping that to yourself and the board and focusing on getting the best out of a group of players that can still achieve Top 4. It’s called coaching ….

    • In Harry’s case it’s arse-covering, though still stupid. It won’t work though, Levy knows like every other Spurs fan that it wasn’t Man City’s money that prevented us beating Blackpool and West Ham.

      As for Bond, unless those quotes were completely made up I’m not sure how anyone can say the problem is being taken out of context. “We desperately don’t want to lose him, but everyone has a price.” seems pretty clear.

  8. My gripe is why Redknapp and Bond feel it necessary to continually court the media and are always ready for a comment.

    You never hear from Moyes, Ferguson, Mancini or Dalglish discussing speculation and rumour, but Redknapp just can’t help him self. I’m sure he got the sack from West Ham for being too vocal in public discussing private matters, so you’d have thought he’d learnt from this, but obviously not.

  9. Guys we can all read the papers with whatever rumour is flavour of the day but until the signature is on the page with someone signing for us or for another side is it all gossip and idle speculation.

  10. As much as I dont like KB, because of his miserable attitude, on this occasion it has been spinned out of all proportion, and Alan Brazil was just trying to squeeze out information and then twisted by the tabloids.
    And believe me I have seen real events close to me on 2 occasions that were twisted by the papers, bullshit tabloids all of them.

  11. I think that Assistant Coaches should button their lips and leave the people to do their own job. If Bond was so good he would have been a senior coach not an assistant coach. So please Mr Bond shut the f… up and concentrate on what you are employed to do if you can do that???

  12. Ok, Bond’s comments were twisted and he doesn’t deserve the criticism. But why was he on at all? What has the club got out if it except more effing “Modric leaving” stories and some more encouragement for Chelsea.

    Is Bond paid to appear? I expect so.

  13. Can’t understand why Levy allows Redknapp, Bond etc to talk so openly and often in an undermining fashion to the press. Levy should take a leaf out of QPR’s book!

  14. Absolutely nothing wrong with what Bond has said, everyone does have their price and as far as I’m concerned we should sell Modric for 30 million plus Sturridge and then look to buy Samba and or Cahill and shift the deadwood.

    • Why not add Messi on your list while you are at it!!! Seriously selling clubs do not attract the best players – we need to move away from being the swap shop and start being a club that keeps it’s players and signs more on top. I agree we need a defender like Samba or Cahill – but we need more than anything a world class finisher. I think Sturridge has potential but we need the finished article.

  15. Levy,please shut that west ham bum rednap up.we might be lucky if he goes down this week.he mouths off because he is part of the media,if he is not on the media payroll i would be most surprised.

  16. what we have to accept is that building a new stadium will make us unable to bring in expensive players for quite some years to come…lets just hope we can still manage to keep a strong side….im worried..


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