Reports coming out of Spain suggest that Real Madrid could provide the answer to Spurs’ striking problems, but it will come at a price – and that price is Gareth Bale.

Spurs have been linked with Lassana Diarra at various stages throughout this transfer window and while the player has said that he wants to stay at Real, his employers may not share that view.

Meanwhile Karim Benzema is another man who is mentioned occasionally and while the Spanish giants may not want to see him depart on a permanent basis, it’s thought that a season long loan could be arranged.

The key to the deal is with Gareth Bale and the reports suggest that Real will want first option on the Welshman in the January transfer window of 2013. Is it worth taking this offer if it were made available or are the Spaniards taking advantage of our perceived desperation in this summer’s transfer market?



  1. It’s worth it if it’s a first refusal. That doesn’t say we HAVE to sell. It just means when Levy decides to cash in on Bald he will go to Madrid instead of an English rival! And that’s IF he goes.

  2. Yes. Why? Well, IF we don’t get CL, footy next season or sthe following, why not sell him aboad and for a tasty sum? Keeps him out of the arms of United, Chavski and Citeh.

    We get two excellent players from RM, two players we really need.

    • i agree if we dont get C.L.footy next season modric will surely go,and i think bale will want to follow,at least this would keep one of them out of the clasp of the vultures,so why not,its only first refusal.

  3. First option on Bale- so does that mean if Bale WANTS to leave spurs in 2013 then Real Madrid will be the first to know about it? Well if it is then why not- who said Bale would want to leave Spurs in the first place- with Benzema up front and Diarra in our squad- we will be as good as Real Madrid come 2013! And i would rather he go there than to a team in the Premier League! Saying that, i wouldnt really want to loose Bale at all and plus hes showing loyalty- its quite a hard choice really.

  4. I second the above comment! Face it he’s gonna go eventually, might as well make the most of it now without actually losing him! We can’t compete with the big boys when it comes to salaries.

  5. This story is supposed to be from the metro but i can’t see any mention of Benzema only Lassana Diarra. Can someone post the link. Think it’s total BS anyway.

  6. So…Real gives us Benzema on a season long loan and Diarra in a transfer in exchange for the right to talk with Bale in the summer of 2013? I am kind of confused about why we wouldn’t do this. If this deal was a 2-for-1 swap, I would say absolutely not. But they appear to just be asking for the right to talk with him. Let’s be realistic, if we don’t make it back to the Champions League, we will probably need to cash in on Bale/Modric (if still at Spurs)/Sandro (if he keeps improving). We could sell Bale to Real and get him away from others in the EPL. If we do make the CL again, Real can talk to Bale first and we can tell them to bugger off. Who knows, probably just more rumors. Didn’t one of the “In the know” posters claim we would have Mata signed by now, I’m still waiting.

  7. well who said we’d be able to afford the wages these guys are on. I for one think bale is irreplaceable to us espescially with our budget so unless we can get benzema and diarra on a deal whereby RM cover half their wages , i wouldn’t mind letting Bale go…but only when we’re ready to sell him. definitely not in january. perhaps in 2-3 seasons when we need something fresh he can go then. I don’t personally think levy would sanction the sale of Bale anytime soon. quite happy he hasnt taken the pressure of the chavs about modders as well. I don’t even think we need diarra however benzema would be handy to have up front. let’s not get pressured by the big guns. we’re on the up and need to start acting like a big club…..1 star striker please though mr.levy……

  8. It sounds like Bale didn’t even consider a move until it seemed like we weren’t willing to compete at the top level. If we bring the players in (and Benzema would definitely count!) that shows intent — I don’t think we’d have to worry about Bale leaving.

    I’m not so interested in Diarra — although we could use a top CB but getting Benzema would be huge, especially if there was the possibility of a buy later on. And if all we are offering is the option to talk to Bale? Go for it!

    From Real’s perspective it makes sense either way. I imagine they’re just as worried which players strengthen Barca as join them. They’d probably love to have him, but would just as much hate the possibility of him talking to Barca… just a thought.

  9. Are we so easily lead to believe each and everything we hear and read in various newspapers and spurious reports irrespective of which ever country these reports come originate from?
    Having fairly recently bought Benzima, can any of you see Real letting us have him on loan for an entire season when they will need all their big guns firing againast their rivals in the Spanish league especially arch rivals Barcelona. Equally important, would he want to come to us and miss out on the possibility of winning the Spanish league and even the CL? The sams can be said of Diarra. Ok, lets assume for a moment that this news is true, I for one would welcome it with open arms why? because both Diarra and Benzima would bring a winning mentality to the team plus they have undoubted skill also, all Real is asking is first refusal on Bale. We can always tell them bugger off providing we qualify for the CL. If we dont, Bale along with anyone else worth their salt, will make waves about leaving and chances are they will get their wish. So why not give ourselves a great chance with this deal if it is at all legit, I have my doubts though. Afterall, the best deals are done without the press being all over it.

  10. Bale is one of our best players, and is still young enough to develop into something truly spectacular. In no way should we sell him. We need to be building, which means we need more creativity, finishing, and defenders. We have Sandro as a DM, and he is great, Huddlestone is a solid backup. Why should we pay big money for a position that looks to be solid for now? And I guess Benzema is a great striker, but I don’t think his wages would fit in with our structure.


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