It seems that Spurs and Juventus have crossed paths over several players this summer including Giuseppi Rossi and Mirko Vucinic and there is an interesting story emerging over Hamburg’s Dutch winger Eljero Elia.

Elia plays as a left winger or as part of the front three and fans may remember some cameo performances that he put in the wing for Holland at the 2010 World Cup.

The stories have picked up on the suggestions that Harry Redknapp is frustrated at the latest injury to Steven Pienaar and may see Elia as a more able back up to Gareth Bale. The player also has a decent scoring record and could be a better ‘like for like’ replacement when Bale doesn’t feature.

Talks between Juve and Hamburg have broken down and the suggestion is that Spurs could step in and hijack the deal. Once again however, the fee will be an issue and whereas the Turin side were looking at £15m, the Germans were holding out for more but Elia looks an exciting player and more like Gareth Bale in his wing play.



  1. This is bad news Crouch and stoke are in talks i hope this is rubbish because this would be a stupid mistake to make playing Stoke with Woodgate Crouch Palacios Points none trust me this will happen. Last year we got six points through Crouch stopping the ball with the long throws i can see why Pullis would ring his mate Harry this will be a sad day Keane and Pav would be my picks not Crouch the season just got bad for me and is typical Harry sell a player when he hits form.

    • I can’t tell whether I agree with you or not. The lack of punctuation makes it incredibly hard for me to read.

      Anyway, at this point, we need to sell some people off and if that means Crouch and Palacios both go to the same team…fine. As for Elia, I like him a lot. He is a very good player. I just can’t see us paying $15 million for a backup when we won’t pay that amount for a striker.

      Whatever happened to bringing in Ibrahim Afellay? Still no action on any striker, so disappointing.

  2. Ill drive Crouch there. He has cost us many more points with the misses he makes and the long ball we resort to.The amount of freekicks he gives away. The lack of ability to jump or head. The only reason he causes a problem once in 20times he jumps is because the defenders havent a clue where the ball is heading. The reason for this…….One look at crouch looking into the air and behind him answers this…..Crouch hasnt a clue where its heading either. Disgrace of a player.

  3. There are many that don’t like our legged master. You’re correct about his defencive attributes, only once letting us down against city.

    Pav Keane and jenas for. Jenas going will allow Livermore to develope. I’d keep wilson and play him with Livermore in Europe and carling.

    Things are a foot, it’s incredibly difficult to balance the squad.
    Looking forward to some master strokes by levy and harry,

  4. Morgan – Clearly you know nothing about football or how to judge a player. How did we get to the Champions league at Man City. (6% of VDV’s goals came form Crouch) Get realistic, even if he has a bad game he graftys, I suggest you watch players both off and on the ball. Pav is not even close to him.

  5. All Crouch supporters need to realise that when he is in the team we are tempted to play long ball, rather than proper football that martin Jol first brought back to the lane. Crouch has to go if we can sell him and the same for Wilson. its clear that we must sell who ever we can so we dont get stuck with them all wasting away

    re Ellia – sorry but i think this is rubbish!

  6. Let me explain to Tj who wants me to pucnhuate him Torres came from a club who got reported for finishing second on false energy or Kolo Juice has its none now. Crouch suffered the same has all attackers from energised dfences surley you must have suspected when DJ Cambell and Adams both bought for less than 2 million scored 20odd goals between them combined they would have won the golden prem boot. Torres scored no goals for 50 million pounds Zdecko scored one illegal goal for 27 million both bought in January to secure there place in the top one teams captain failed a drug test fro eneregy giving drugs. we failed to score against the best and worse defences eight times West Ham Wigan Utd City and conceded four Goals against Bolton Wolves bottom beat Utd to stop there unbeaten run and Drugba scored 11 goals and Anelka 6 Malouda 12 Kalou 12 so why are you calling Crouch Defoe when they had a revolving defence and Midfiels all season oh and a new system four strikers amd only one used mostly Crouch and Van. One word regrets i had a few. Woodgate and Crouch will prove me right if we sell the big man one of only two that big not playing union. TJ TAKE THAT PUNCTUATION ON YOUR CLEVER IGNORANT CHIN

    • Aww….thank you sir, may I have another?

      I don’t care about what other players like Torres haven’t done. I care about Spurs scoring goals and getting back into the top four. In my opinion, our current strikers didn’t get it done last season and probably won’t get it done this season.

  7. Crouch must go so what if he scored the goals to get us cl!! When he plays we pass ball to dawson and he hits a 60yard diagonal to crouch who flicks and hopes someone gets on end of it THATS NOT THE SPURS WAY. We need someone strong who can hold the ball (crouchy always reminds me bambi when he tries holding) and can finish someone in the mold of drogba. I also believe defoe will have a lot to prove this year as he had a poor season but I believe he’ll smash it


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