In case you haven’t been anywhere near a TV or computer today, our home game with Everton this Saturday has been called off due to the recent disturbances in Tottenham and across London. While there had been some assurances that the game would go ahead, this isn’t a great surprise to anyone but the frustration was summed up by Spurs skipper Michael Dawson.

“It is frustrating as we worked for six weeks trying to get fit and unfortunately the first day of the season isn’t going to be happening for us,” said Dawson.

“But the most important thing is the safety of all the people involved, the police won’t have called it off too lightly.”

The move caps a frustrating summer for Spurs fans who had hoped for a little more activity in the transfer market and it means that our first two league matches will be Manchester United away and Manchester City at home. Suddenly, a tricky start looks even tougher.

There’s also bad news for fans of the traditional kick off time. Our next encounter that takes place at 3pm on a Saturday comes on 3rd December when we face Bolton Wanderers (subject to change).



  1. As soon as we qualified for europa I think everyone knew Saturdays would be a distant memory. It’s pretty much Thursday night’s and Sunday’s or Mondays for us this year. A shame but this is PL life for a club in a europa season.
    Re: transfers, I hope we don’t see last day desperation as usual. At least this summer we have been overshadowed by the transfer issues going on at our rivals down the road. I just wonder if Harry is giving it his best given the fact that next August he will probably be England manager after the euro champs are over.

  2. am gutted the everton game has been called off, and i agree that our start looks even more difficult now. re the fixture congestion, every cloud has a silver lining and i will now get to watch most games on the TV as they wont be 3pm kick offs 🙂


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