With several players still linked with Spurs as we head towards the last 24 hours of this transfer window, it looks like being a far busier day for Tottenham than it was 12 months ago.

Meanwhile, there is much hope that some of the deadwood will be off the books and the first to leave could be Wilson Palacios with news of an £8m deal to Stoke expected very shortly. It’s thought that the Potters were also looking to take Peter Crouch but Spurs have resisted any move.

Elsewhere, Wigan are the latest club to be linked with Gio Dos Santos as the Mexican, who hasn’t featured at all in pre-season or since the campaign began, is desperate to move before tomorrow night.

There may also be some definite news on Alan Hutton who has been linked with a move to Aston Villa for some time. It was suggested this morning that Alex McLeish was only looking to take the right back on loan – a situation that wouldn’t have suited Spurs. However, latest reports indicate that Villa are prepared to part with £3m after losing former Spur Luke Young to QPR.

News of arrivals will hopefully follow, but it’s equally important to finalise the departure of some of these players before this window closes.



  1. So…we are going to manage finally sell off Hutton, Crouch, Palacios and Gio and we bring in Adebayor….on loan. Tremendous work from Harry and Levy. If you can’t catch the sarcasm, trust me, it’s there.

    • And we’re bringing in Parker on a permanent deal, perhaps Cahill too. Are you honestly suggesting you didn’t want any of those players to be sold? I think they’ll have done well if they manage all those deals by the end of tomorrow.

      • I wanted them sold, no doubt. I have been disappointed in our lack of players bought. We haven’t done anything to improve our team long-term. Adebayor is nice but it’s a loan. Parker will be helpful and Cahill would be wonderful (it’s a rumor right now). Compare what we have done to Liverpool (who we need to be comparing ourselves to in the battle for CL) and honestly tell me you are happy with our transfer season.

  2. I agree it’s been disappointing TJ, especially compared to the likes of Liverpool who should be our equal (not Man City and Man U), but looks as though Parker and either Cahill or Samba may well arrive (and hopefully Leandro though I may just be dreaming) so all is not lost yet. These are players we needed to clear anyway and would be no great loss even if replacements weren’t found (along with Bentley and Jenas if we can get shot of them) so good business if we can recoup some of the money on them, especially since it will give youngsters like Livermore and Walker a game, both of whom look promising.

    • I would be disgusted if we’d spent the money Liverpool have on those players. Saurez aside, they’re complete, over-priced dross. Thats ‘King’ Kenny for ya – refuses to manage without a bottom-less pit… Ole Harry’s never had such luxuries, and to be fair, usually makes good money on players. Remember, he signed Walker.

  3. Just hope we snatch Chelsea’s hand off for Modric. He’s no more than a 10-12mill player and I’d be happier seeing Scotty and Diarra in the midfield.

  4. And Bentley survives this clear-out? Incredible! But then again no one wants him, even on loan. Anyone know how many more years left on his contract?
    I’d get rid of Pav as well and bring in someone half decent.

  5. Palacios looks certain (only £6m loss harry:( ), as does hutton(if young leaves for £2m how come hutton is only costing £3m?). very much doubt we ll get rid of Gio (cos we always ask for too much) or Crouch harry keeps saying he’s a good player and using the useless lump. I hope we sign the young Brazilian as we certainly are recouping enough and clearing the wage bill so no exuse for the board. please, please, please no bellamy or any other has been/or nearly has been.

    • Cahill would be a good addition. I don’t think Diarra will happen. Leandro perhaps in January, if we put a marker down now. How I wish we can get him now.
      Pav will go in January to Russia.

  6. I dont want Gio to leave, why wont harry play him? But will play Crouch…..Harry you have lost it, ill thank you now if we sign Parker, an even more waste of money. Redknapp has no balls at Spurs, Levy controls everything, for two seasons Spurs have needed a quality striker and what happens? Adeybayor on loan…what a result!?!?!….why cant you (Redknapp) tell/advise Levy to sell Modric and buy a decent striker with the money or dont you really give a **** as the England job will be available soon.

  7. Easy Steve…..Gio doesn’t play because he likes the nightlife too much. It shouldn’t matter, but that is the reason. He is talented and should play, but won’t. He will be sold. Levy is the chairman, he SHOULD control everything (financially). Adebeyor on loan is a good bit of business because it can become permanent. I agree we should sell Modric if the 40mm is true, especially if we have Parker and Cahill lined up. It’s a no brainer. Start complaining tomorrow at 11:01pm.


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