For some reason the David Beckham rumours are doing the rounds again this morning following on from suggestions over the weekend that the England midfielder may be on his way to QPR.

It may be however, that with the transfer window over, the newspapers are desperate for something to write about because the stories conveniently forget the player’s own words at the start of the summer.

“I have always said I have played for the biggest club in England and I wouldn’t like to play against them,” Beckham said. “I am 36 and still feel good and fresh but I can’t see it happening.

“The Tottenham thing didn’t happen for a reason. I only want to be known as a Manchester United player and that’s the way it will stay.”

The stories could well gather momentum over the next few days but overall, it looks like a non-starter.



  1. But… He wants to play in the Olympics and Man U aren’t gonna give him a contract are they?

    You know Harry will want him too

  2. this doesnt look likely – He has already stated that he wouldnt play for another club in England after Man U.
    Wouldnt offer competetive comp to Lennon as he cant run. expect HR would like him as he signs pensioners but very unlikely Levy would allow this too.

  3. Well i cant see him coming to Qpr , and i would not care in the slightest. I think with his relatives he be more at home at spurs anyway.


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