Reports have been coming in over the course of the day suggesting that talks are about to begin with a view to offering Luka Modric a new contract at White Hart Lane.

Initially, there were some headlines his morning claiming that Harry Redknapp would have been happy to see the Croatian leave for Chelsea as part of a £40m deal but for the time being at least, the manager is relieved that the transfer window is shut.

“Luka will just get on with it – the chairman will sit down and discuss his contract and make a deal,” said Redknapp after Saturday’s 2-0 win at Wolves.

“We are looking to make him a good offer. The transfer window being shut now makes my job easier because he has to just get on with playing.”

Whether this will make a difference in the long run remains to be seen but the signs are that Luka will indeed ‘get on with it’ and after an unsettling summer, he retains the ability to help Spurs to a successful campaign in 2011-12.



  1. Its good to know that he,ll get on with it, if i was on 50 grand a week i,d get on with it as well, thanks to the chavs for fucking up the start of our season, hopefully we will punish them on the pitch when the time comes.

    • As much as I would like to blame the CHAVS for disrupting the start of our season. I think the blame lies nearer to home.

      Harry Redknapp and Kevin Bond have been equivocal over the potential transfer of Modric to Chelsea. They initially stated that he would not be sold at any cost to he might have to be sold for £40 million, in the space of a matter of weeks.

      It is fair to say that Harry appears to struggle when dealing with the press. An illustration of this is when he was asked a question by an ITV4 reporter regarding the signing of Adebayor, (prior to the home leg with Hearts) he was unaware that he had actually already been signed.

      This suggests that there is a lack of communication between the Manager and the Chairman which leads to conflicting statements emerging from the club.

      The Manager and the Chairman must ‘sing from the same hymn sheet’ on transfer policy. This will end unnecessarily long transfer speculation, which is damaging to the morale of team mates and ultimately the success of the club.

      We do not want all this nonsense starting again in January!


  2. I dont believe he deserves a new deal, these should be given as a reward for loyalty. However if we insert a min fee release clause of £37m this will stop this nonsence happening again, we then just do as the spainards do and say “meet the buy out clause”
    being positive Mods is still a class act and the best we have to create,link up, and dictate tempo so lets hope he knuckles down

  3. I like the buy-out clause idea. You could even dress it up for Modric and say if you sign this, everyone is protected and it goes down as a gesture to the fans on his behalf.

    He is basically then saying “I have ambition, so if the club can’t give me what I want, I still want to go, but I want the club to get a fair fee”, which is fair enough.

  4. Modric was part of the squad that failed to qualify for the Champions League this season. If he wants to play Champions League football next season, he should prove his ambition and loyalty to the fans and start reproducing his best form for Spurs.

    As a separate point, Spurs are never going to get back into the Champions League if they sell their best players to top four rivals.


  5. Look at Rooney last year. Football works in ways that fans will never really learn to love. In short it is all about money whatever we wish for. Personally I got no problem about Modric earning a lot of money because he earns it. He is one of the best players around. My beef is more with players who take the money and do not deliver.


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