Earlier in the week manager Harry Redknapp indicated that Heurelho Gomes could be allowed to leave the club in January after confirming the decision to make Brad Friedel Tottenham’s number one for this season.

Several likely destinations are already being suggested and it seems that the erratic Brazilian could be about to head home to link up with Corinthians. Gomes started his career in 2001 with Cruzeiro before moving on to PSV in 2004.

After four years with the Dutch side, he moved to the Lane in 2008 and has enjoyed number one status until the start of this campaign when Harry finally lost patience with his catalogue of errors.

It seem almost certain therefore that Gomes will be allowed to leave in the next transfer window with the only question being whether Harry brings in any more cover, or alternatively whether he decides to promote Ben Alnwick to number three.



  1. Harry is an absolute idiot, for the way he is treating Gomes,we all remember the bad over the very good he has had for us.
    Harry cannot put the blame soley on him, as Harry`s tactics were more to blame for us not reaching 4th than Gomes was.

  2. Gomes is a keeper I’d be excited about for a team in the lower half of the PL. If we’re going to challenge the top 4 we need someone more consistent.

    I’m not forgetting the good — he’s made some incredible saves, but that is offset not only by some incredible mistakes (which don’t happen too often) but also by the lack of confidence he gives to the back line.

    Friedel is looking good so far — is there any talk of keeping him on as a coach after this season? I think it’d be a step too far to ask him to keep playing at this level much longer.

    We have the veteran experience and should use that to influence and shape a promising young keeper.

  3. If we let him go and get no replacement then Harry needs his head examining. If he goes and we sign a world class keeper then it’s understandable. Love Gomes and even though he had some horror shows he made a lot more world class saves and was a true fans fav

  4. Its the defence that is letting us down! Gomes is world class. Friedel lets in 8 goals in the first 2 games and all says its not his fault. What gives? Spurs would have lose these games if Gomes had played but all blame will be on him instead of the defenders. IMO, I would prefer a 30yr GK than a 40yr Brad.

  5. wise words Daniel – agree entirely with you. Gomes is a good shot stopper that would fit in well at mid-table club. look at the mistakes fergie made with keepers. he bombs em out as soon as he realises they are not good enough
    Taibi, Barthez,Foster,Howard,Carol – is gomes any better than these – NO so we should be looking to buy a potential no1. As for World Class, take up comedy mate! yr more of a clown then Gomes. there are not many World Class keepers around. In Prem I would now say Cech and Reina. Hart and De Gea will be. Gomes couldnt lace their boots, and I am a spurs fan. Friedel is not the future but he is safer this season then Go-mess . COYS

  6. Spot on Daniel. He turns me into a bag of nerves at times. Need a solid, dependable keeper – not one who neccasarily makes world class saves. World class saves are a bonus as they pump players up, terrible mistakes deflate everyone


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