After a long and uncertain summer, Luka Modric settled down to business and opened the scoring with an early contender for goal of the season in yesterday’s 4-0 win over Liverpool.

Tottenham’s player of the year in 2010-11 was back to his best in all departments and manager Harry Redknapp has called on Daniel Levy to move to offer Luka a new contract,

“Luka is fine now, he’s just getting on with it. I think the chairman will sit down with him and discuss his contract,” Redknapp said.

“That’s what I’d like to happen.

“The chairman has said he would give it six or seven weeks, sit down and have a chat with him.”

Speaking about his contribution yesterday, Harry added,

“It was a great strike. That’s why we were offered £40million for him, because he’s a top player.”

Whatever the future may bring for Luka, it was a relief for many to see him back at this best and if the form from yesterday continues, there’s no reason why Spurs can’t achieve a higher finish than the men from Stamford Bridge at the end of this campaign.



  1. A great strike??lets not go over the top . he scored a goal thats all. I see players every game since 1961 score goals at all levels and the modric goal was just a par goal in golfing terms. ricky villa scored a great goal in the final with man city. greaves scored a great goal in 5-1 win at he lane against man utd.gazza in semi final at wembley against arsenal was almost great. so lets get things into perspective, great goals are scored now and again. all the other goals are either good, or very good. . in these days sky sports say a goal is great and the scorer wants a pay increase. great goalscorers do it all the time . not once or twice a season but see the same goal on sky sports every week , its a sad thing how sky destroyed football.

  2. I agree and disagree Jurgan.. It may not be a goal of the season, but he didn’t half strike it sweetly, first time, is only a little fella, with the modern ball too. It doesn’t deserve a pay rise but at least he looks like he’s still interested in putting in a shift, which is a positive, even if for just this season..


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