Many of Spurs youngsters have been given an important taste of first team action this season thanks to the opportunities presented by the Europa League. Out of those players, Tom Carroll has been made steady, if unspectacular contributions in the games he’s played but it raises the question as to what comes next.

Our next game in the group stages is against Rubin Kazan on the 20th October and with no reserve fixtures these days and friendlies at Spurs Lodge a bit thin on the ground, Tom faces a few weeks without football.

Spurs’ coach Tim Sherwood has however hinted at the club’s plans for the player: “He could possibly go out of loan but only at the right club.

“You don’t see Chelsea sending out McEachran to anyone. If we were going to send Tom out anywhere it has to be a Championship club, and one who passes it, so that narrows it down to about two.”

While the Europa League has been useful for giving these players a start in their senior Spurs career, would a player such as Tom Carroll benefit more at this stage by playing week in week out in the second tier of English football?



  1. Will he get in the Brighton or Southampton sides, he has to go someone hes guaranteed to play, how bout Sheffield United in league one or Blackpool under Ian Holloway

  2. I’d recommend him to stay & not to be loaned. We have PL fixtures which Tim,Les & Harry can cafefully select him to play against. Our experienced players do need to be rested at times & in addition they are also prone to injuries. Thats when Carroll fits in, where he slots in to experience the first team style of play. Would not get this type of experience by being loaned out. This is debateable.

  3. Yeh I think talented players can actually come down in level sometimes if they play lower league. Far better to integrate these players into PL games first to see how they fair. One at a time.

    • You obviously don’t understand football. He was very steady and assured. Very similar style to a young Jack Wiltshere and just kept giving the ball to our wide players for them to do the damage. He rarely gave the ball away and was probably instructed to do what he did in the last few games he has played. Get it and give it. Sometimes the best footballers are the ones that do the simple thing and keep the ball moving.

      • Yeah your right he was amazing! He must of got caught in posession ten times and was absolutely pants in that game. You obviously dont know fuck all. Jamie redknapp was mr sideways and he never improved any team he played for. Carroll only has a future with us if he is played in a 5man midfield, he aint a def midfielder and aint good enough to be an attacking one.

  4. Just look at our loans Mason has gone backwards Smith has bean excellent on loan at Bourmouth ,, and then he has bean loaned too Mk Dons. He should be in our Ufa squad .and Kyle Walker should not be playing Thursday and Sunday. Carrol should stay and build his physique and he is learning more playing with better players and with the players he will line up with and get used too playing with. The lad Caulker has bean injured twice and this has stalled his impressive progress Carrol should stay

  5. He should def stay till we finsih our group games in the Europa as there is no reason he cant get some more game time in those.

    We could take a view when the Jan window approaches according to who might want him, how much game time they would give him, our own squad/injuries, etc.

    If we get an easy FA cup draw he could play in that and also if our first knockut Europa draw is easy.

    However if we are in the advanced stages of the Europa and want to seriously try to win it, we probably wont play him, so he would benefit from being elsewhere rather than just being a spectator here. All the more so if Pienaar, Krank and Hudd are fit by then

  6. Palace might be an option on a short term loan he could still train with with us once a week if they agree, malcay mackoy at cardiff is very good coach and used to bringing on young players

  7. to be honest I’d love to see him back at the O’s where he’d be more likely to get starts than in the championship, where if he goes to a club and they lose a couple of games he’ll be left out. (and in spite of their position orient do play a passing game which suits him).

  8. I think it’s a bit rich to dismiss the Championship as a long ball league. Over the past few years the quality of football has risen and it’s shown by the impact of clubs like WBA, Blackpool, Norwich and Swansea in their early forays in the Prem.

    Yes they got caught once established sides learned how to play against them but the principal remains, there’s some good footballing teams down there.

    In fact league football is in good shape, as the examples mentioned (Southampton and Brighton) were newly promoted.

    Regarding the merit of doing it, Walker and Caulker stood out and earned loans to Premiership teams. Walker then earned a shot at playing for a potential top 4 side. The others haven’t done enough on loan to merit playing for us so I think the system, whilst harsh, works.

  9. When there are no Spurs games for him to play him then loaning him out is the best idea.

    Most young prospects live in a bubble with their team mates and giving them a taste of the real world is a huge plus.

    Better than hanging round a north london gym getting bored.

  10. I think Carrol should be loaned to a side that is in the Premier league which is sitting at the bottom of the table. So the loan club will play him more often & he will gain experience. To me the player must stay and be with the first team is Townsend. He has loads of talent and can play in quite a few positions. He has got pace and not scared to move forward.

  11. Yidofromberkshire – yr out of order mate! its about opinions at the end of the day. do you think Walker should be used in the Europa cos i dont. I notice you offered no positive comment!

    Re Carrol – he is too small and under developed for the championship, he will be battered and dominated by tough tackling CM players. He should be used in the Europa where we can manage him carefully while he matures.
    1st player we need to be setting a loan up for is Bostock who cant even play in Europe cos he hasnt been at spurs long enough

  12. Well said. I agree with Cat above, who says while there are still Spurs games for him to play, he should stay, which also ties in with what Davspurs was saying. Rubin who? We’ll need the time to prepare for them. Shame we’re out of League Cup but it’s a big ask to win at Stoke. But the price is fewer games. Keep him here. Sherwoods a muppet anyway.

  13. I really hope this kid makes it at Spurs. It’s great to see the Spurs fans getting excited about a good, young talent.
    He is a bit lightwieght but that does not mean he will not bulk up and make it in the Premier League.

    What has hapenned to Bostock? I had high hpes for him too! I hate to see young kids with promise lose their way in our reserve team…

    • He is starring for our under 19 in the mini Champs league and for the development squad. He would have played against Stoke but he played against Brentford in a friendly for Gallas he is getting back too where he should be and i still have high hopes for him if we stick with him he has proved what he has got its making him believe again and feel wanted.

  14. I think that’s really disrespectful of Sherwood to insinuate that only 2 championship clubs actually pass the ball.

    Even still, what is wrong with rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck in, whilst still taking that next step into getting a full season of Championship football (I believe Carroll was last on loan at Leyton Orient)? Arsenal ‘pass’ the ball – and look how much they’ve achieved recently….erm…. nothing.

    Does Sherwood actually know anything about football? Or does he want us to emulate Barcelona, without having to go through an evolutionary phase to get there?

  15. HA you call me what are you a traffic warden a man who stood on his own in play ground full off spots and boils. Try telling Caulker who was playing in a desperate defence For Bristol then Swansea. Walker and Wilthshire have both bean a success both played in the premiership sending a 19 year old who has played with Defoe Sandro and others to a lower grade is useless. Just look at Bostock he tasted Ufa and he had a successful cameo role and he wanted more he got under 18 football and loaned the rest is ongoing with him. Lennon and Hudds where both in our team at 17 and 18 all Carrol need is more meat on his bones not dirt tackles by over energised players trying too get in the money laden Premiership. Iam not against loaning players but you have too make sure the player has not tasted champagne first because it could ruin what we have nurtured if they are left sitting on a struggling teams bench. By the way this old northern Soul man will have supported the mighty Cockerel 50 years of my 60 next season.

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