It’s all about VDV this morning with several quotes appearing concerning the Dutchman’s displeasure at being played out of position and at being substituted in Sunday’s win over Arsenal.

Last week, Spurs’ manager Harry Redknapp claimed that Rafa sometimes asked to come off due to an on-going issue with his hamstrings but that may not be how the player sees it.

“In my opinion he made a mistake in making his comments about my most recent injury,” said VDV.

“He took me off because he did not want to take any risks with me. I can understand that but I am convinced I could have played for 90 minutes.

“I was amazed to be taken off. I felt I’d played a great game. I scored and also three times put team-mates in one-on-ones with Arsenal’s keeper.”

However, speaking in the Sun, Rafa takes his issues with Redknapp much further: “I have definitely had a series of irritations.

“You want to play in the position where you do best. But if I have to chase after an attacking full-back every time, I can’t play my own game to my best ability.

“Sunday was not the first time I have played out wide and I was given the freedom to move infield. But you could see from the goal I scored that my strength lies in the centre of midfield.”

VDV is a big dilemma: Does Harry play him where he wants and build a team round him, bearing in mind his less than perfect injury record?

The issue has been with the club since VDV joined and maybe these latest comments could even hasten a January transfer for the player.



  1. I like Rafa and I really enjoy watching him play. However, he needs to shut it. We are on a four game winning streak and he is getting minutes. We have a very legitimate chance at finishing in the top four and returning to the Champions League. We just beat the evil scum.

    I understand his frustration but where would he go if he only played in central midfield? Would he play in place of Modric? In place of Parker? Absolutely not. I think he will play in the CAM position at times in a 4-4-1-1 right behind Adebayor. But right now, the 4-4-2 is working for us and the partnership of Adebayor and Defoe with a central midfield of Luka and Parker is winning and that’s what should matter. Harry and VDV both need to keep this crap behind closed doors.

  2. He has every right. It’s about the fans. We want to know what our players and management think. Also, If Harry doesnt want players talking about the club and themselves. He for one needs to lead by example and shut the hell up! Remember tho. this is all press talk and words get changed

  3. He is a twat…thinks is better than he really is…talented yes…but for me a luxury, cannot tackle, cannot chase or defend, is not a team man…move him on he is not good for the team, or the attitude…he needs benching for a while…but the man will not deal with that he will trow his toys out the pram

    • My God – what on earth are you on ?.

      I can only hope that you never turn up at the stadium,no doubt you are the sort who would boo the team at half time if they weren’t winning.

      I’m guessing your favourite player was Steffan Freund ?.

      • I agree with peter, vdv is a luxury who should shut the fuck up. I would rather see dos santos play in the hole or on the wing instead of vdv, or lennon.
        Vdv plays for his ego.

        • Dos Santos in the hole over VDV is a joke. Talk about a bad attitude and not giving a shit about the team! Maybe out wide if he worked his ass off in training, injuries came, and he got his chance and took it. I am not saying VDV isn’t untouchable, he is for the right price, but can everyone stop with Dos Santos. Showing flair against the USMNT & other CONCACAF squads doesn’t put you in the same class of VDV whois legit world class and has scored some big time fuckin goals for us!

  4. Yes he is out of order, only one man should pick the team. Arry has seen all this before & as long as VDV keeps scoring & effecting games he’ll be around-unless we buy a Damaio, or get a Tevez on loan!

  5. The prime objective is for Spurs to achieve its goals & earn max. points in every game. The manager therefore has the option of playing his players in the manner he deems fit to achieve this goal. VDV is not a 90 min player & as such we cannot compromise a winning result at the expence of a persistant player. In conclusion, it was wrong for him to go public, but should rather work towards improving his fitness levels.

  6. Rafa showed an impeccable attitude as he left the pitch on Sunday,shook hands with Harry and the on coming player with no sign of histrionics.

    Dutch players have a history of speaking their mind in the media so nothing new about him speaking out,but then again Harry isn’t short of things to say either.

    Tbh It’s a shame you’ve even brought this up as it’s a complete non event imo – typical of the media who can’t find any other way to knock Spurs at the moment due to our superb form on the pitch,so they try to make an issue between Rafa and Harry where none exists.

    Absolutely guaranteed that Harry won’t be bothered by it and i can’t say i am either.

    Forget it and focus on all the positives around Spurs at the moment.

  7. NO,
    He is a contridictory person, he made this statement recently.
    “For the long term though, I am focused on a defensive position in midfield” With regards to how he plays for Holland.
    He does have a role to play, wherever Harry wants him to play, thats the price you pay for beinga well payrd footballer.

  8. Peter….he clearly loves the team, everything he has said and done since he has been here has led me to believe he loves it here.

    He definitely runs himself ragged the whole game. He is being played out of position – a position he clearly is not built as a footballer to play in.

    I dont think he is particularly correct for coming out and saying what he did but the content of what he said is 100% on the money.

    The good of the team is dependant on him playing as often as possible.

  9. To be honest, I think he needs to pipe down. The facts are there for all to see. He struggles with injury and against Arsenal we were fielding a more tackle minded team so someone had to go. He is a luxury at times and that is why he was taken off. It is a team game and I do think that is his biggest problem sometimes. He seems to think that when he is fit he should be playing every 90 minutes of every game. Trouble is, he does that and he spends 20% of the season on the treatment table. Shut up VDV and just keep scoring goals and stop moaning like a spoilt brat!!!

  10. What do you mean he is played out of position… he never stays in a set position? I am re watching the game again whatching defoe passing to VDV from the wing? I have seen him in the center and Ade stepping back … he is NEVER where he is supposed to be.

  11. Surely the point is here that if he was tracking their full back correctly through out the game and for their goal, he would most likely have not been taken off. I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done you have to respect the manager’s opinion, and the result justifies the decisions made by the manager.

    Rafa is a great player but he doesn’t really suit 4-4-2, which is a tricky problem to solve. We could have played him up front behind Ade, but that would obviously have meant that we dropped Defoe, who deserved to be starting with his form thus far this season.

    With Lennon picking up a knock in the week, and basically being sh1t this season we have limited options on the right side so Rafa should be happy to help out for the good of the team.

    If I was Harry I would leave him on the bench against Newcastle to send a message to the VDV and the other players. You know that’s what Fergie would do.

    • Buzz – in your first paragraph you say if he was tracking back properly he wouldn’t have been taken off – which is true.

      But you have to realise (and many don’t seem to) that if you ask VdV to track back constantly then he wouldn’t have been in the position to score the goal,or play in several players for one on ones.

      I thought Harry had picked the correct starting XI/formation before the match but with 20 mins gone it was clear he hadn’t,as we were getting overrun in midfield.

      Had Harry set the team up differently,without Defoe and with Sandro holding alongside Parker,this discussion wouldn’t be happening.

      If you want the class VdV brings to a team you have to adjust accordingly (or at least against better teams playing 4-3-3).It was Harry’s fault not Rafa’s,he’s 28 years old and been playing the same way all his career,not rocket science to think that he’s unlikely to change now,you either accept him or,if you’re Real Madrid,you get rid – and we are not Real Madrid.

      • Sorry but that’s bollox. Rafa was in a good position to track the run of Song for their goal but basically did it with no heart and no desire to actually win the ball – he was just going through the motions. It’s basic stuff. Granted Walker should have come and closed Song down, but the lack of effort from VDV was not acceptable in any park game, let alone the NLD.

  12. Rafa needs to play just behind Adebayor or be on the bench. As Defoe is on top form, then Rafa should be on the bench. Spurs should have bought Xherdan Shaquiri as cover for Lennon. It may be worth trying Townsend on the right wing, until Lennon gets back to form. Also Ceballos is so gifted that he could slot in on the right easily, although it would be better for him to play attacking central midfield.

  13. I have to agree with him, but also think this is just the media stoking up the story. If he just said this in conversation, where would the story be? Every comment has to be a confrontation according to the papers.
    Having said that, I would prefer he stayed up front where he is most effective. We would be in a very different position without his goals and assists.

  14. Prob just more “journo” crap because there hasn’t been anything worth putting on the back of today’s paper’s. “Today’s news, tomorrows bum polisher”

  15. Fuck VDV, he’s far too full of his own pissing importance and has far too much to say for himself. If he was that great, he would’nt have been shown the door by so many top clubs. For sure, he is a good player but even the Dutch National team coaches are reluctant to play him ahead of others and he very often warms the subs bench and you’ve got to ask yourself why. If he continues to use the press, he could find himself out the front door at Spurs with a great big boot up hir arse. The press love a mouthy gobshite like VDV because he’s very good for a derogatory quote or two and the sooner Levy puts a gag in his trap the better. We dont need bad press, leave that to Arsenal.

  16. Harry was wrong to talk about VDVs injury, it was irrelevant, But Harry has shown he loves to gob off at the media to serve his own purposes.

    VDVs got a point, he is clearly not kitted out to be defensive and Arsenal spotted this weakness and exploited it. VDV is a luxury but he is also a worldclass player, so play him in his best position in the middle whenever we can to inflict maximum damage and score goals. Lets not forget his contribution last season when our strikers couldn’t score for shit!

  17. I think he was voicing a concern that many fans shared when the team was announced on Sunday but the alternative isn’t any better. Sandro, Parker, Modric and Bale are first choice, then its a toss up netween Defoe and VDV for the support striker role.

  18. Rafa – yes u were in the wrong position – but did you know what your position was ? You scored from the position you were planned to be in ? Don’t think so… the beauty of having a class player like you is that you can drift in and out of position w/o much negative impact on the team – but we need the players good/knowledgeable enough to cover you when you drift…. I think JD covered for you several times on Sunday – however when you have a supporting forward role you tend to drift into midfield / back without anyone covering you up front…. So please play the game as a team because you are great at it despite your upbringing… come on Rafa help to bring the trophies in and finally please be quiet! ….. COYMS!!!!!

  19. I don’t have a problem with him talking — let him talk, especially as he’s just clarifying his position.

    He’s also right — his best position is just behind the forward.
    The problem is that’s not where he’s most needed.

    He’s best suited to a 4-5-1, but with our squad Modric is the best choice as the AM with Parker and Sandro holding in back. That leaves RM for VdV or the bench.
    Even if he can play for 90 he’s only really effective for the first 60 and is a natural choice to sub in an impact player (Lennon would be great for that with his pace)

    I really like VdV but with the team we have right now he’s a luxury. We Need cover for CB and Adebayor and need a top, starting RM/RW since Lennon hasn’t realized his potential over the past few years.
    VdV is decent for RM even if it’s not his strongest position but in reality we need VdV OR Modric in the middle, but both are too good to be a cover on the bench (Kranjcar and Gio are good for that, though).

    As much as I like the guy I’d sell him and use the money to be a top RM.

  20. I accept that VDV is wrong to air the teams dirty washing but so is Rednap. He has repeatidly spoken out of time about several Club arrangements like the Modric saga and the new contract. We have been lucky to have a good player to play in the hole and produce goals regularly which is what we want. What more can we ask for? Rednap will be sorry if he sells VDV especially if he finishes with a team that will play against us be it in the UK or on the continent especially if we make it in the champions league. So please Harry use the man in his best position and VDV please keep your comments between you and Harry. Thankyou


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