Danny Welbeck’s withdrawal from England’s Under 21 squad was the only one to attract the headlines but Kyle Walker has also forgone the opportunity to add to his haul of caps at this level. As many people expected, Walker has broken through at White Hart Lane this season to make the right back slot his own and he will have a vital role to play at Newcastle on Sunday.

However, speaking to the press, Under 21 boss Stuart Pearce revealed further reasons for Kyle’s withdrawal.

“I spoke with Harry Redknapp on the same evening as well and he gave us his consent to take Kyle,” Pearce said.

“But Kyle’s girlfriend is due to have a baby very, very shortly in the next, I think, week or so and he had concerns about being away from home having been away for a week and that didn’t happen,”

It’s been a breakthrough season for Walker on the pitch and a big year all round on a personal level. Spurs fans and the manager will wish him well this week, but hope that he will be available to take his regular slot at St James’s Park this weekend.



  1. Kyle is a great right back and looks like a nice pleasant young boy but he must make the trip to Newcastle even if he must make a urgent return to London. Every game is going to be very,very important to champion’s league qualification. This Newcastle fixture away from home looks like a “cracker” a game that is a must win.

  2. With respect Charles, every game is not crucial to finishing top 4. Every game is crucial only if your aim is winning every game. Whoever finishes 4th will lose at least 8-10 matches a draw a load of others. Its a marathon, not a sprint. That said, Spurs could do with not losing, given Newcastle look a decent side and could become a dark horse in the race. If they get injuries in midfield though, they could just as easily tank down to the bottom half. Paper thin squad they’ve got up there.

    Walker should be there for the birth of his first child, regardless of football. Some things just happen to matter more.

  3. Missing a game over a baby? is he a fucking midwife?, knowing these wags its probably not even his, probably from a 12 man roasting session, dont be a mug kyle, bin the slapper, dodge the csa, and play against the deluded barcodes, who despite flukeing their way up the table, think that their a cert for CL qualification, lmfao

  4. If circumstances permit for Kyle to play, so be it. Otherwise I am certain that we can cope with the backup we have. This is when rotation can be implemented. You don’t play someone until he wears off!
    Maximum points are required if we are ambitious of the top4. This victory will be appreciated, even better than the Arsenal one.


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