The Spurs XI side travelled to Queens Park Rangers this week where several of our fringe players got in some much needed match practice. The game itself finished in a 2-2 draw after a late Rangers penalty denied Spurs the win, while a now customary name was amongst the Tottenham scorers.

After Rob Hulse had put QPR ahead in the fourth minute, Souleymane Coulibaly swooped to meet a Ryan Fredericks cross and his header levelled the scores. Just before half time, Yago Falque scored the goal of the game as the Spaniard struck a low shot from 25 yards to give Spurs the advantage going into the break.

The second half was dominated by Spurs but they failed to capitalise on possession, allowing QPR to level the scores with a late penalty.

There were good performances throughout the side but our trio of summer captures, Coulibaly, Falque and Ceballos continued to impress. Aside from his goal, Souleymane hit the post twice while Falque also came close to snatching the win and it looks as if the future could be very bright indeed for both these players.



  1. It’s great to see our young players doing well. I’d much prefer us bringing in players like Coulibaly young (and cheap) and slowly integrating them into the team than paying over the top for them in 5 or 6 years.

  2. I think Harry should reward this lad with the bench e has scored goals since he arrived. Just imagine him playing with better players he could be a sensation Harry should give him his Spurs and Falque and let then be subs at Newcastle

    • Far to young and far to early, he is scoring goals against kids in youth teams, outings against some premier League second XI’s would be the next step.

  3. dat mans got some skills bruv.!!! you know me is well into the Souleyman ting…. i bet next man want to snap this boi up you kna…!!!! big up


  4. Falque and Coulibaly look like they are ready for a bigger test. What I don’t understand is why we have only taken Falque on loan for a season. What exactly does that do for us?

    He’s clearly not going to get many games in the first team, and if he does well, he’ll just go back to Italy. Can someone please explain how we benefit from this deal in the long term?!

      • I think they got him for Europa league as we are short at right midfield…….if he turns out to be great I guess we could bid for him.

        For now though he gives us good options and Harry didnt want to use first teamers in the Europa League he wasn’t to know how Rose, Townsend, Livermore, Carroll and Walker would perform this season, I am sure if he knew how good they would be when thrown in at the deep end then he wouldnt of bothered signing Falque

  5. Coulibaly is 16. He isn’t eligable yet for a professional contract. If we play him in the premier league and he gets a reputation, we’ll lose him for nothing to another premier league academy ie chelsea, city, united etc. There are no laws in place to stop under 17s leaving a club, compensation for training costs etc aside which we haven’t really paid any out as of yet as he’s only been at spurs for 3 months now. Let him carry on in the youth competitions until he’s 17 then offer him a professional contract and THEN integrate him into the side. Falque will be gone at the end of the season too as we don’t have an option to buy and Juventus have made it clear they want the player back and aren’t willing to negotiate a deal for him. Shame as he does look like a real prospect.

    • There seems little point in taking Falque on loan if we do not have an option to buy. He is taking the place of the likes of Fredricks and co, who do intend to stay. All we would be doing is paying their player to train with us, and play in meaningless games and prove to Juve that their own player is worth keeping…. That does not make sense. If Juve wanted him so much, why did they not play the bugger? With conflicting information, I’ll go with what would make sense…option to buy.

  6. Button/Ranieri…K.Walker/A.Smith-Caulker/Byrne-Bale/Naughton…Sandro/Hudd/Luongo-Parrett/Livermore/Carroll… Ceballos/Bostock…Lennon/A.Townsend…Gio/D.Rose/Falque…Coulibaly/R.Mason-Kane/Oyenuga

  7. makes ya wonder how good a kid has to be to get a break. Mason and Kane were scoring goals for fun for quite some time.
    I think it would be amazing for coulibay to get on the bench. Even better to get a run on for a few minutes once in a while.
    We have good yong players who i think would benefit from being involved around the first team. I was glad to see caulker get away from the lower league clubs. I can’t see much point being loaned to places like milwall. You’d learn more in a spurs reserve team. Both Walker and caulker have shone since they got their breaks in the prem, albeit with other clubs. Would be nice to see caulker play for spurs next season, a very good prospect. There’s always something special about a young striker though..we haven’t had many come through the ranks at spurs. I can’t think of one actually. C’mon you spurs youth

    • The pressure too win means Managers wont risk playing youngsters and having big squads makes it even harder. Last night Bostock was mentioned has a player wo shone for England in the Victory shield i remember Parrett shining also Both these players have tasted Ufa games for Spurs and both played well, sadly they where put back in the under 18 then loaned the rest is ongoing slowly.There was a few Spurs youngsters playing one of them was Oglive sadly the stand out players was Loftus Cheek Chelsea and a lad the spit of our own Tom Hudds also from Derby County Mason Bennett who scored two we should snap him up

  8. Have we got any little Ledley’s… We could certainly do with a nice 17.5 yr old defender exactly the same as the ‘king’ all fit,healthy and raring to go.

    Please ………… 😉

  9. hah..barmby, very good. Exactly the opposite of crouch! yes bostock..looks a good player every time I see him. I thought he’d get in ahead of livermore..but good on livermore. yep would be nice to see another ledley come through or even another pat jennings.

  10. I was totally ignorent of the repercussions attached after reading Steve’s comments. It’s a pity that we can’t use these youngsters against Newcastle, with ADE as a non starter

  11. Listen if VDV and Defoe start against Newcastle and both are ineffective as I believe they cant play together then I would much rather bring on Coulibaly than Pav. We paid 1.5million for Coulibaly I am sure it must be on a professional contract to spend that kind of money on him…..after all we battled the likes of Madrid etc

    I truelly hope firstly that Ade is fit, but if he is out then VDV and Defoe have got to deliver as they are on form and have no excuses, whoever plays worse doesnt start with Adebayor next match

  12. Come on guys. How on earth can we start playing a 16 year old kid against Newcastle!!! A kid who is not even from Britain and not used to the football yet, and has not even played a senior game for us!! Gervinho, Walcott, Arshavin, Chamakh and VAN PERSIE failed to score against Newcastle, but Coulibaly will surely do better…? Do not draw comparisons to Rooney, who was well ahead of Coulibaly at this age. The kid needs this season to settle in to Britain, and the style of football (as he currently is doing). Next season, he needs to get some loan action at a lower division club. A couple of years early for him right now… Peter Crouch vs Real Madrid last season shows how much a forward player can let down his team. Play someone this inexperienced, and you are risking too much. You simply cannot justify omitting a normally prolific, highly paid international in Pav (no matter how problematic he is) in favour of a green talent like Coulibaly.

    • Do people think they are doing young players a favour by saying they should start in the Premier League or calling them the new Drogba?
      Throwing a player into at the deep end usually means they sink. Throwing a kid just starting out into the first team is throwing them to the wolves and hoping it works out.
      If you just like the player then hope he continues to progress and work his way up the levels rather than trying to skip steps and fast track him and lumbering him with expectations he can never fulfill.

      • Agreed. There’s a lot of pressure on young players in such a competitive and many are heralded as the next big thing. Being given a tag like “the next Rooney” or “England’s future hope” just raises expectations to the level where they’re forcing themselves to try and play outside their capacity to meet them instead of feeling comfortable playing and learning.

        Coulibaly is a very promising prospect – like many others, some who’ve gone on to be stars, others who’ve faded completely – but no 16-year-old kid is ready to be starting in a Premier League squad. Give him a season of playing competitively amongst people closer to his level and see how he’s doing.

  13. While I’m not convinced about his teaching of defense, as far as gauging talent, Harry’s done well. There are many on-track comments above about the difficulties in giving youth first-team time. I, for one, am convinced that the brief glimpses we get are not nearly so important as what we don’t see at practice. Remember that since we don’t have the money, we need to compete with brains, Harry knows there is a lot of hidden value that is embedded with the youth and is well aware that youth is one of the few places where we can stake an advantage so he is not going to kill off the dreams of the youth and lose their value to us. There is method to how to bring them along, keep them in the system until they can play at this level, and get some years out of them before they get paid to leave.


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