Yesterday, Harry Redknapp revealed that the Tottenham board needed some convincing before agreeing to the Scott Parker deal. In his comments, Harry said that he persuaded the club of what Parker could bring to the club this season and during the next campaign.

“There was a feeling that bringing in Scott, 31 years of age and with no sell-on value, could be a problem. I argued that it was what he could give us this year and next that could make the difference. Daniel backed me on that,” Harry said.

However, Parker himself has asserted that he has plenty of football left in him and that he can stay at the top for the whole of his four year deal.

Speaking in the Daily Express, Parker said: “I’ve signed for four years here and would like to think this is my last club. You’re thinking ’34?’ He won’t be able to run, but I honestly believe that players these days can go on for so much longer.”

Scott Parker faces one of his former clubs on Sunday and once again will have a pivotal role to play if Spurs are going to come away with a positive result.



  1. that’s unless Mourinho comes in after HR and sells you again Scotty LOL

    cant see that happening tho, so looking forward to many more games with Parker snapping at the heals of every CM in the Prem 🙂

  2. Age seems to affect certain types of players more than others. You have to think that Walcott won’t be playing in his mid 30’s since he relies on speed so much (Bale might be similar but he seems to be improving other parts of his game) while Modric uses guile and skill, neither of which would diminish over time (barring serious injury).
    I think Parker should be fine for several more years. He seems disciplined enough to keep his stamina up.

  3. Parker’s addition has been big both in attacking with his role to play and in showing the others what defense is supposed to look like. Nothing but upside for the team’s overall performance and a mentor to boot. He still pulls the occasional silly yellow, like this weekend on a player facing the touch and well out at 35 yards out, but he positions well on most assignments. I agree with Dan that age is not absolute but differs with each individual, and it is clear Scott is one of those that will retain the fire in the belly even while playing a very smooth game.


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