There may be some better news on the injury front ahead of this weekend’s game with QPR with both William Gallas and Steven Pienaar in possible contention for a place in the squad.

Spurs’ coach Clive Allen revealed that both are back in training this week as they battle to make their first appearances of the 2011-12 season.

Allen said: “We’re pretty much as we were at the weekend. There are one or two players coming back who are joining in.

“Steven Pienaar and William Gallas are back in training, which is good, so we’ll hopefully have one or two more to select from on Sunday.

“I don’t know if William will play but he could well be involved, he may make the bench. It just depends on the reaction to his training this week.”

With Bassong gaining praise for his efforts at Blackburn on Sunday it could well mean that Gallas eases his way back in via the bench. As for Pienaar, it’s hard to see him dislodging anyone in the current XI, so he too could be with the subs ahead of being ‘rewarded’ with a potential trip to Russia next week.



  1. …. and what a lovely reward that would be for Pienaar!
    Bassong scares me everytime he plays so Gallas coming back is great news. King should be back soon too.

  2. As a south african I realy hope steven pienaar can get a chansce..against qpr he can get a chance to get 60minutes!him and bale can switch between left and right wing with parker and modric in the middle

  3. I think Bassong should play this weekend and we should give Gallas another week to be ready. Even though QPR won last weekend, they were against 9 men for most of the half but nearly threw it away.

    I think we’ll be strong enough to beat them at home with Bassong, I know he’s not everyones favorite, but he played over 30 games in our CL qualifying season. Another 2 games (including the Russia trip, brrr!) will do him and us no harm

  4. No Idea why we signed Pienaar in the first place. He is not any better than Townsend or Rose and both of them have great speed and know how to defend. Bassong has been n over his head since he joined us, but with Caulkner on the horizon and maybe Cahill (or Samba if we ever decided to sign a defender who scares the crap out of the opposing defence) and the occasional King sighting, we should be good

    • I make you wrong mate, everyone needs to calm down about Townsend, he is no where near ready fror prem football… he’s OK against crap that he can just run passed but not even close to making good decisions when he plays. He loses the ball a lot… Anyway, main point being you wait for Pienaar to get a run of games, his passing a ball retention are unbelieveable, he’s a product of the Ajax academy thyat taught players passing a movement in the way we played in the late 50’s… he will be fantastic with Modders and VDV… the passing and moving,. triangles working up the left hand side will be great while Bale is out of form and learns that he has to be more intelligent than kick the ball hard up the line and chase…

  5. I like Samba too, he was a menace on Sunday, but with Cahills contract nearly up he would be the better deal financially, and we all know how our Danny loves to save a penny

  6. I’d leave Piennar and Gallas until after the internationals before starting(if they can get in) Because we have QPR followed be Rubin Kazan away(kids) and then fulham away up to the 21st of november, Bassong can handle those games. So give them a few friendly’s and get them ready. Aslo King will be back so we could start with King and Gallas at home against Villa

  7. What Pienaar gives us is grit, pace and experience on the left side of midfield. He’s there for the first 60 minutes of tough away games in a 5 man midfield and for when Bale is injured. Pienaar is also a goal threat. The youngsters have promise but they can’t be expected to deliver what the South African can. He was Everton’s player of the season last year and we got him for peanuts. Great piece of business.

    • excuse the pun (peanut being his nickname) – and agree 100% – people are so quick to form negative opinions on someone based on… well, it looks like it’s based purely onm the fact he has been injured… he’ll convince when he get’s games.

  8. Have never been a fan of Bassong for a while either and happy to see Gallas coming back. That said though, i do think that Bassong should start against QPR (he should be able to handle it) this weekend and Gallas could probably come on a bit later and then be given a run again in Russia.

    Bassong has just been getting praise from the management and players for his performance alongside Kaboul against Blackburn, we shouldnt re-pay him by dropping him the very next game. Gallas will be an option on the bench should Bassong not be coping so i say start him and bring Gallas on later in the game.


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