It’s not entirely clear why, but if you read the papers today it seems as if QPR are emerging as the front runners to sign Roman Pavlyuchenko when the transfer window reopens in January.

The Pav situation is getting a little tiresome and as our most vocal of players when he isn’t featuring in the first team squad, the Russian has been bemoaning his lack of first team action once again.

Speaking to the Russian press this time Pav said: :I don’t believe I can fight my way into the Tottenham starting line-up. Players can feel what the manager thinks about them, and I know that the manager doesn’t count on me these days.

“I don’t know whether Redknapp is telling the truth when he says he doesn’t want to lose me. I guess he is not telling the truth.

“Redknapp says I’m not playing because my pre-season wasn’t good. I can’t understand that.”

Perhaps the only reason QPR have emerged as ‘front runners’ involves their visit to White Hart Lane on Sunday. Whatever happens, while Roman remains a favourite for many fans, the talk starts to get tiresome and it is widely hoped that the forthcoming transfer window brings about a solution to the issue.



  1. He has been pathetic for us for a while now. He is soo lazy and and when he has played he skyed almost every shot. He brings nothing to the team at all. Get rid and get Damiao and either Cavani, lavezzi or Adebayor on a permanent deal.
    Pavlyuchenko is one of the worst strikers that i have seen at spurs, hsell and get dynamic clinical finishers who will work for the team too.

  2. We will never now how good he could be because with Harry you can score a cracker and get benched the next game. When he scored 8 goals the year we finished fourh he was outstanding but harry benched hum when he had one blank. Harry is scared of Van and shit scared of Ady he took him off against Arsenal and he was not Happy. I would bet any money if Pav and Defoe played because Van had a slight Hammy strain and they scored two goals each if he was fit for the next game he would drop them. Rememberer Wolves 3 Spurs 3 this was not Defoe and Pavs fault the scored 2 and he hit the post Pav scored the other both got dropped for the Ac Milan game for Van and Crouch. So if i was you i would not blame Pav unless he Harry hass given him a run in the team and he plays rubbish twice running and the same for Defoe . Just look at Defoe he started the season on fire scored when we had a settled team he and Ady looked razor sharp and our fans felt like we could beat any team Defoe was getting himself fit by extra training with Ian wrights ex trainer aged 70 and it was working. Then Tinkerman Harry started changing is team and he brought Van on the wing we beat Arsenal but Van was not comfortable on the wing and he helped song set up there equalizer by being lazy Walker rescued us and we won. The next game he dropped Defoe and he played in the Ufa then he sat on the bench at Newcastle Van scored a penalty but we where struggling too create many chances playing 4411 the Defoe came on and scored we conceded near the end Defoew reward the bench Van scored two goals but once again we struggled but we hung on too win Defoe got on from 88 mins and this my friends is why our strikers have wrecked heads because if PAV and Defoe score the get benched Van can score give a goal away yet play in the next game wake up Harry we are hanging on not wining classy 442 please. or 2-2 will happen or a shock defeat.4411 has stopped these from scoring Pav Ady and Defoeat the expence of this man excellent scorer Van but shit team player.


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