It’s brave words indeed to suggest that Spurs will finally finish above Arsenal in the Premier League, particularly at this stage of the season.

After Tottenham inflicted a 2-1 Derby Day defeat over The Gunners, the win seems to have produced an unwanted reaction that has seen Wenger’s side climb the table and threaten the top four places once again.

After yesterday’s game however, Dutchman Rafael van der Vaart claims that Arsenal have ‘no chance’ of finishing above us.

“Can Arsenal finish above us? No. No chance,” he said. “We’re better. They’ve had some good results recently but we’ve also got six wins and one draw now. I’m not afraid of them. I think we are the better squad, we have a bigger squad. But it’s a long season.”

At this point in the campaign, it’s better to look at the teams above us than the ones below but when the season comes to an end, if Spurs have finished above their neighbours, Champions League football should be assured.



  1. Another false dawn I’m afraid for the Tiny Totts and a truly ridiculous comment from VDV who still suffers an inferiority complex that all the top teams in Europe snubbed him when Real wanted him out and he ended up at the Lane.

    Seriously, a club that are 51 years and counting to be Champions making grandeur statements like this will only make them look more stupid come May.

    The facts are simple – Arsenal have had their worst ever start to a League campaign for nearly 60 years – yet are just 3pts behind ‘Arry’s Army who have had one of their best ever starts.

    Still, this is why football is great, it gives hope when there is none, and by May, there will be none for the Spuddies.

    • Oh dear Jack, feeling a little bitter are we Jack? A little inferior maybe? Hurts does it?
      Apart from beating our 2nd\3rd string team in the carling cup last year (birmingham lmfao) when was the last time you beat us? Tottenham have been improving whilst ARSEnal are in decline, its there for all to see.
      When spurs get our 60.000 stadium we really will destroy your pathetic little club.
      I realise your predicament hurts Jack but you just have to get a fucking grip you joker gooner cunt.

      • whatever you are paying your psychiatrist it’s clearly not enough, guvnor. you are still delusional and your club pales into nothing when compared to the arsenal. only a moron would ever claim that the spuds are a bigger club than arsenal. go fuck yourself with van der fart’s limp cock.

      • Hahahahahahah a stupid spud supporter, every win against arsenal is like a champions leage final win. Spud shit will never be ahead of arsenal gooners will destroy spids at emirates

        • When exactly are spurs getting this 60000 seater stadium we keep hearing about? Your new stadium is not unlike saying you will finish above Arsenal, I will believe it when it happens, until then its just a pipe dream.

          • Regarding Jack’s comment, Arsenal are 3 points behind us, with us having a game in hand. Ha ha ha. So statistically, we are a better club, so unless you sad arsenal fans want to continue reading articles regarding our club on a blog based on our club, you clearly should sod off and go read articles based on your shit club heheheh

  2. You lot actually make me laugh mate. Isn’t this the same statement coming from one of your players every year. Last year i think it was Ekoto or something and before that Kabul. Get over it, first finish above arsenal and then talk. Were you playing champions league last season, and this season ?????? Made my day actually this article. Well funny.

        • ‘Fuktottenham’ what do you mean by ‘griends’? Sad arsenal fans with nothing better to do other than read tottenham blogs. What lives you have, blatantly!

  3. Van Persie is twice as good as Van der Faart. Although this man is far too good to be in your team. Lucky; after blowing so much cash you finally got a midfield. You will NEVER finish above Arsenal though until the day you die.

  4. All I’d have to say chaps is wait until May. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. One thing that is nice however is the fact that Levy had the swingers to hold onto Modric. Shame that Aresnal lost Nasri as soon as he wanted out. I feel that could make a huge difference between the two clubs. Wee kept our best creative player from the season before, and you lost yours.

  5. Sorry guys, big gay jack here, i didnt mention the games in hand spurs gave, you are superior, my boyfriend robin was shuving one up my arse at the time i was distracted.

  6. at least we aint been beaten 8-1 this season lol , so there 3 points between so what just look at the players in our squad we managed to keep our best players this season with out van persie who is a great player you will be in trouble lets hope he dont get injured eh .

  7. Jack is spot on. To not be afraid of a club you have never finished ahead of is utter lunacy. You Sp*rs will always be our annoying little brother.

  8. Finds it funny the goons come onto spurs sites, if we really were as bad as u say u wouldn’t care, but the fact is u lot are very nervous about what’s happening down the road

  9. Q. How many times have the Spuds won the title?
    A. Two

    Note: that’s the same number of times that Arsenal have won the title at White Hart Lane!

  10. well, there is a link to this article on Arsenal Newsnow so I don’t think it’s funny.

    forever in our shadow you will be
    your hearts to full with pain and jealousy
    oh tottnam
    oh tottnam
    will you ever win the Premier League?

  11. Oh tottenham are shit just shit, shit, shit, shit. They have a decent start then get a boner with their little cocks and say “we are better that our greatest ever always better than us rivals arsenal”. Well what i day is het back down to reality. Stop listning to that fat cunt and think when was the last time you have finished above us.

  12. Fuckin goons.. Listen jumped up bunch of goon cunts.. No one has said arse anal weren’t better than us but right now numb nuts u aren’t.. In the last 5 games we’ve beaten u 4 times n drawn 1.. So u tell ushow ur better than us now fuck of to ur own woolwich pikie goon site… Twats.. Future is bright it’s lilywhite

    • First of all, you offensive moron, change your name.

      Arsenal are better than you because you’ve NEVER finished above is in the Prem. N E V E R.

      And if you being 3 points ahead after 9 games really is cause for celebration and your sole basis of euphoria, well that says everything about how sad your tiny tiny club is.

      Champions League – your ‘avin a laff!

  13. Tottenham wake up your a micky mouse club and always will b in arsenals shadows! Van der fart must have been on the sauce when he said this! We r the best team in london!

  14. yidoo4brat,yidmiku,surag & govano, u floged us 4 times in 5 meetings abi? Then hw many times hav u been in top4 & hw many times have u won the prem legue. U beeta go & find a place sit down & stop coparing urself(totuhan) wit me(ARSENAL).

  15. The comment section on here is hilarious. Honestly what are we arguing about here, who comes 4th or 5th? I’m an Arsenal fan and I’m just happy to see the team together, yes te scum are playing better but it’s a long season so let’s at least get through January before we spout off VdV. Until the day come when St. Totteringhams day doesn’t happen, the message to the scum is simple and clear. Know your station.

      • Love it when arsenal fans have nothing better do to than think that they are owning tottenham fans on a tottenham blog. Clearly you lot are shit supporters, because if i were a sad gimp arsenal fan, like you, i’d be scrolling down the likes of an arsenal blog.

        And i don’t understand the term ‘just like on the football pitch lol’, as we clearly owned you the last time we played against you. Statistically, i am right.

  16. All the animosity aside , spurs did well to
    Hold onto modric and I reckon with Parker
    And probaly someone coming in the January window
    They’ll do alright , as for the gooners , even after our worst start for ages and selling 2 of our best players and our first
    Choice LB we are still only 3 points behind you and we are just beginning to gel ,

  17. Credit where it’s due.. This is the best spurs side in a number of years.. Watched them yesterday and they’d played some good stuff. That said we ve had a bad start.. But we ve bin to man u.. The chavs and shite heart lane.. And even with out bad Start we re top of out CL group.. QF of CC cup and 3 points off the top four?? We re still fav for a top 4 finish this group of players have bin there done it time and time again.. spurs haven’t I read small club in one of the comments above.. Ridiculous statement.. There’s no comparison.. We re one of the biggest clubs in WORLD football.. Spurs are top 8 in this country at best..

  18. It never ceases to amaze the constant obsession everyone to do with Spurs has with Arsenal. If Spurs get Top 4 & Arsenal don’t it won’t with regard to the standing in the game of the clubs move Spurs ahead of Arsenal. 51 years & counting alone is testament to that. The consistent difference between Arsenal & Spurs fans is that we would happily accept losing to Spurs if we were to win title but Spurs fans are opposite to that as beating Arsenal is all consuming. Spurs fans so need to remove their Arsenal chips on their shoulder.

  19. The difference is that arse anal have such high opionions of themselves that comes from a few yrs where they did ok and spurs were poor.. But apart from finishing in the top 4 for the last 7 yrs wat the fuck hav u done.. Ur a jumped up bunch of pikies.. Now fuck of back to that shite stadium which ur own fans complain about.. As to the twat u thinks the goons own a spurs site.. U fuckin muppet look at how many times we’ve owned ur stadiums.. Both of them quiet in the last few yrs… Pmsl mugs

    • Yidmike …….. It’s Top 4 for FOURTEEN Years in a row.
      What have we done whilst you brood on 51 years & counting ? ……. Well 3 ‘ Doubles ‘ , A unique unbeatables season, 6 League Titles including clinching one at Shite Hart Lane, 1st team to do FA Cup & League Cup Double. History has proven & even your legend Jimmy Greaves has said similar that Spurs are nowhere near the same stratosphere as Arsenal.


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