The loss in Kazan last night has left Spurs needing to avoid defeat in their next two games against PAOK and Shamrock Rovers if they are to stand a chance of progressing to the next round of 32 and it raises an issue that has been burning since our Europa League qualification was assured.

The manager has never been shy in letting his feelings known about the validity of this competition and words such as annoyance and irritation are never far from his lips. As a result, Spurs have fielded a largely young side, with some older, fringe players thrown in to give some experience.

This has led to some mixed results and while some players have fared better than others, there have been some huge positives in the performances of youngsters such as Tom Carroll and Jake Livermore.

At times, Harry has thrown in first teamers such as Luka Modric from the bench in order to secure results but is it time now to field a starting XI that is top heavy with first team players in an attempt to guarantee our passage to the next stage?

There are probably more negatives than positives to this: On the one hand, the younger players can expect more game time in the next rounds as opposed to being loaned out to the Championship, while the best of them, Carroll included, would surely benefit from playing 90 minutes alongside the likes of Luka and Scott Parker.

Conversely, a long term injury to one of our best players while playing against Shamrock Rovers is unthinkable.

So what’s it to be – more of the same, or a stronger side in a bid to ensure qualification?



  1. I thought the only game that we had to put a decent side was Kazan away..I was surprised with the line up yesterday and not surprised by the result..bad judgement.

  2. With two wins and a draw going in, we could afford to chance a weakened side.We put out a young side in the hope of nicking a draw and it nearly worked.

    I would expect nearly the same starters for the next game, but perhaps a stronger bench to ensure a result. I don’t think Harry will risk results in the League to progress in Cup he clearly doesn’t care about.

  3. Not sure about risking ‘the big guns’ at this stage in the competition.

    However, as a supporter I do want to see some silverware and deep down I actually think Harry does too, as Bond hinted in some of his comments this week.

    It’s more of a case of injuries taking their toll at the moment.

    Had they been fit, the likes of Charlie, Thudd, Gio and Krancar would have played yesterday and we’d have most likely taken something from the game and be all but through.


  4. You seem to be labouring under the impression that anyone gives a shit about the uefa cup any more. who cares if spurs get thru the group or not? dont you realise that by the time the next round comes, you are getting right into the mix in the league. No club with a chance of real success in a major league, ie challenging for the league title or at least for a champs league place, would take a ’round of 32′ match seriously in the eufa cup. Remember the last time we were in it? The kids were sent out against some east European nobodies and we went out. Same with City last year. Even Aston Villa – Aston fking Villa! – didn’t bother
    putting out a first team.

    We play our reserves for a reason: it’s because we don’t give a shit about this awful, dismal, zombie competition. Sp why the fk would we play the first team now? To ensure we stay in a contest we don’t want to be in? Just in case aim being ambiguous, let me try to be clear on this


  5. Paul F, tell that to the brave few that travel to watch Spurs play away!! I wish had the finances and the understanding missus that would let me go to those away games. I don’t give a shit what tournament we are in I wanna see us win it!! CL or Europa doesn’t matter, it’s still a competition. I understand why Harry sees it as an inconvenience because some of the games a so far away. I love to watch Spurs play and I don’t give a toss how crappy the competition is. So bollocks some of us do do give a shit!!!!
    COYS, we are in it to win it !!!!

  6. Home against PAOK spurs can load up the bench in case of an emergency. Away to Shamrock isn’t a long flight and I don’t think they’ll need the extra fire power anyway. Getting out of the group isn’t a problem.


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