There is no news yet with regards to the severity of Rafael van der Vaart’s latest hamstring injury but the story was met with a depressing feeling of resignation among Spurs fans.

VDV has been at the heart of Tottenham’s great unbeaten run with six goals in five games but you always feel that the Dutchman’s next hamstring problem is just around the corner.

Netherland’s coach Bert van Marwijk suggested however that it may just be a mild issue.

‘It is probably a mild sprain, but the game against Germany will come too early’, van Marwijk is quoted as saying.

Van der Vaart recovered much earlier than expected after picking up a similar problem at the start of the season and most Spurs fans will be hoping that the longer than usual break until the Villa game will give him enough time to fully recover.



  1. Let’s hope he’s back sooner rather than later. The only good thing that could come out of this is a chance for Defoe to possibly get a start against Villa which he deserves.

  2. Love VDV and his goals to games ratio is to be admired.
    But i really want to see a 442 against Villa Defoe & Ade up front…. midfield Bale Parker Modders & Lennon,,, Back 4 and goalkeeper usual suspects, bring it on ! COYS !!!

  3. have to agree with Bobby – i love VDV but think JD definately needs a game up top with Ade. they are both on form and Ade definately needs a goal for his confidence

  4. VDV will be OK I bet. After an hour or so in a friendly he’d had enough I reckon, and decided he didn’t fancy the second match either. So he got “injured”.

    If I’m wrong he can have my grovelling apology.

  5. Yeh gutted for Sandro, this was my problem with signing Parker in the first place.

    Hear me out before you jump down my throat but based on current form in the games VS Fulham and QPR then Parker has to play as he was MOTM against QPR, Bale scored 3 goals in the 2 games, Lennon got 3 assists and 1 goal and VDVaart got a goal against QPR.

    Modric did nothing, hasnt looked great as of late and the last good game he had was against Liverpool a couple months back.

    Drop Modric bring in Sandro, it will address our problem of defending at set plays with Sandros height and physicality of bigger sides.

    Modric is no good without the ball, he needs a kick up the ass, why should we be loyal to him and stick with him even though those around him are performing better, after all this was the so called (my many) lil Rat who wanted to F OFF to Chelski in the summer.

    Player favouritism pisses me off lets pick players on form, same applies for Dawson when he returns

  6. Totally agree about bringing in Sandro, potentially just for Van Der Vaart. Next week we have Villa on Monday then West Brom on Saturday so surely Sandro should play and challenge Parker for a spot, or at least someone for a spot.

    Walker Kaboul King BAE
    Sandro Parker
    Lennon Modric Bale



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