Depending on which report you read this morning, alleged Tottenham target Moussa Dembele has either issued a come and get me plea to Spurs or pledged his future to current employers Fulham.

Other areas of the press have suggested that it’s a U-turn on the part of a player who is increasingly being connected with a winter transfer across London.

The original quote in the Belgian Press has the player saying in response to the Spurs rumours,

“Yes, I heard that. Obviously it would be a step higher and that has always been my goal.”

That was enough to spark a whole host of new claims and it seems to have sparked Dembele into issuing something of a climb down,

“Yes I was asked about the links with Spurs, and I did respond that I was flattered by interest in me,” he went on to say.

“It means I am playing well, nothing more. However, I am happy at Fulham and I am under contract here.”

That hasn’t stopped the press persisting with the story however and the Daily Mail are insisting that Dembele is the man the club wants. It claims that two bids have already been turned down but Spurs will be back in January, undeterred.



  1. Not really sure about him, don’t think he is that special player we should be signing. I would love to have Berbatov back controversial i know but reckon he would be a great player for us again……

  2. leave all to levy and Harry, the best in the business at buying players.Three more is all we need, and the top is ours.STOP all the moaning,you SPURS fans. January buys and we are there trust me.RON.

  3. I have to agree about Berbatov. The thought of him linking with Modric, Bale, Lennon, VDV, Parker and of course Ade makes the mouth water. Then we’d see the Lillywhites teaching Ar5ena1 how to walk the ball into the net. I think he’d love to come back for his swansong – he was idolised here – as opposed to being whinned about at every opportunity by the Manc fans.

  4. Whilst I like the idea of Berba in reality he’s too old and these types of transfers are what has held spurs back in the past. Secondly Berba was hated here from a large section of fans. It was where all the “Sulk” issues came from, let alone him doing a sol campbell so to speak. truely many spurs fans do not appreciate great players, VDV for example is slated on a regular Basis, Moderic was in his early days. Delembe impressed me, but because he was a good fulham player. One game a great player doesn’t make. It’s also the wrong message to send to Moderic who has ambitions of winning trophies. Delembe is not going to take us that much nearer to those aims imo. Ade is not impressing me either, there’s a reason he’s not been a regular at other clubs. He’s too much like Anelka in the way he just isn’t consitent. Sure an improvement on what we have but we should already be looking at going past him to a better player who can give performances like moderic, parker and VDV week in week out. delembe, er no.


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