It may be due to the lull in news that always surrounds international week but reports are rife that Luka Modric is set to agree a new deal at Spurs very shortly. In fact, if you believe everything you read, the suggestion is that Luka is about to become Tottenham’s first £100k a week player.

According to the Evening Standard, the six figure sum will only be paid if Spurs reach the top four at the end of the season but even if they fall short, Modric will still become the club’s most highly paid player by some margin.

The report continues to suggest that the player has bought a new house in Hertfordshire and is much happier and more settled in training than he was at the start of the season.

Overall, this is the sort of sum that Luka could comfortably pick up at another side but is it sustainable as far as Spurs are concerned? The likes of Gareth Bale and Sandro could be next so is this the right move from the club’s point of view?



  1. Despite the ignorance of comment 1, I think he is worth it, in modern terms. He has been labelled as the best in the league by Joey Barton and he was the subject of a £40 million bid from Chelsea which would have made him their second most expensive signing ever. There are worse players earning more…

  2. Given that 100k is reportedly 50% higher than the next highest earner in our squad (excluding Adebayor of course), I would say no. But he does easily deserve to be our highest earner, yes. A unique talent, a consistent performer, disciplined, yet capable of the unexpected. Can attack from midfield, and can hold – and can play on the wing if needed. Priceless. Our mistake was not making him our highest earner before teams were bidding. We basically ripped him off. I do agree with Nikolay that there are worse players earning more than 100k – and lots of players worse than Modders earning more than his existing contract. As for Spurs, we should offer him 80k max. He does not seem overly money-motivated, so make the gesture, but don’t bankrupt the club in the process (others will want 100k too)

  3. worth every penny, is the best player in the league behind Silva when it comes to dictating tempo of play and passing to any area of the field effortlessly. this opens the door up for VDV and Bale but also means that we can sign top quality players from elsewhere. he is worth 40m to us if he signs that contract!!

    • No it does not open the door to signing top quality players. It closes the door. The money must come from somewhere. More on Modric means less on someone else. We are paying what we can afford.

      • Not when we streamline our squad. Lots of wages, jenas, keane, palacios, hutton etc etc have been freed up. Modric is worth 100,000 a week and tbh its a lil embarrassing on what we are paying him currently, although no one forced him to sign the contract.

    • And Modric dictates the play from the centre, which is a more impressive skill than Silva – who plays left or right. However, Silva is on fire right now.

  4. Of course he’s worth it. Watch the video on London24 (sorry tottenhamblog i think they snatched your poll) on newsnow, go to 3 minutes in and watch his double dummy. Never seen anyone do that before. I guess we’ll probably need to sell a midfielder or 4 (Bentley, Jenas, Huddlestone, Pav spring to mind) to keep him long term but he’s a matchwinner and rarely gets injured despite being a skinny runt

    • I’m fine with losing the rest of the players mentioned but Huddlestone deserves a place in our squad.
      He offers something different if we need to change tactics — great passing ability and his lack of pace is offset by playing him with Sandro.
      Judging him (and other players on the squad (Kranjcar)) when he’s out of form played so infrequently isn’t a fair assessment.

    • Just caught that double dummy ………….redic

      And that goal vs WB in CL last year………….fockin quality

      Bale and Modric should be a different level from a salary standpoint…….i have no problem w/ 100 large.

  5. The entire article is stupid. In order to retain your best players and indeed acquire the best players, you have to pay the going rate and this boy is worth every penny imo. Thats precisely why the oppo all want him end of.

  6. Based on his last two perform my answer is a big No. This is why in the premiership against second half surge in tempo he struggles and gives the ball away Tiote Murphy Sidwell all made him worth 50,000 a week. I will bet any money that Huddlestone fully fit with Ady and Defoe upfront Lennon and Bale also fully fit will win games more comfortably than we are now. This is why Modric has undoubted skill but with all the tempo rising in the second half we need a player like Hudds who can beat this by launching a pass any distance with speed and back spin and get us away from pressing teams. The problem with Modric he cant hit these passes with power and against Fulham and Parker suffering from Sodwells elbow he gave the ball away along with Kaboul Walker and Ekotto. Hudds offers height 6ft3 skil with both feet and thunderous shot and killer passes we can keep hanging on for 30 mins every game so Modric is not worth 100,000 and the states tell the tale last season he scored three goals and two assists in his defence he made 68 chances but i cant say how many he missed . This season he has scored one and assists i cant say yet but Bale and Lennon have made more goals and scored more . My wages are based on present form would be Parker 90 Ady 80 Modric 80 Lennon fully fit 80 Bale 90

  7. 100K a week would appear to be below market price. If a club cannot or will not pay market price for its best players it cannot expect to be successful for long. This is so obvious it hardly warrants discussion.

  8. Yes: It’s not really a question of whether he is worth £100k per week. It’s a question of what the going rate is.

    Make your own mind up on that, but I understand that Jokehole is paid £90k to keep the bench warm at Bindippers. I also understand that we pay Lucre, £40-50k per week.

  9. yes. if you want to compete at the top level, you have to start paying your players 100k and beyond! Champions League is so vital to Spurs so we can put our star players on these wages, and attract other players needed to improve. So yes, Luka is worth it

  10. He’s worth it in the current climate but I didn’t think we’d pay it until we got a 60,000 stadium. It will basically cost us a £30,000pw player, roughly, based on around £70,000 being our previous ceiling with the likes of Keane and Woody. But we seem to be shifting high-earning bench-warmers like Bentley and Jenas and have let other high earners go, buffing the squad with Rose, Walker, Livermore and Carroll, so, I think there’s a definite plan as to how we can afford it. Finance, it’s Levys’ field.


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